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  1. There are a few in the area. Ralph's Hobbies 5208 66th St N # D, St. Petersburg, FL 33709-3137 (727) 547-8607. ‎ Ralph's is a great place with a very model swap-kind of feel. Ralph is a super nice guy and very knowledgeable. Phil's Hobby Shop 6050 Park Blvd # 2, Pinellas Park, FL 33781-3230 (727) 545-1251 . Another great shop with a good selection of plastic and friendly staff. 10% off all plastic. Charlie's Discount Hobbies 7530 W Waters Ave # K, Tampa, FL 33615-1597 (813) 882-4007 ‎. Not too bad, descent selection and good supplies. The owner is a very nice, cigar-smoking fellow. Helpful and knowledgeable. House of Hobbies 37700 US Highway 19 N, Palm Harbor, FL 34684-102 (727) 943-5800 ‎.Tremendous plastic selection, Family can be a bit stand-offish but I have no issues. Dad is very anti-Obama, Mom likes to run, her dogs and her granddaughter, and just make the Daughter laugh and your in like Flynn. Modelers-Paradise 13355 Belcher Road S, Largo, FL 33773 (727) 388-4903 ‎. German owner, was once one of the best plastic shops around but he has really let the "shop" go. It's hard to find, no A/C and he uses the warehouse space to store his boat. Also sells firearms, knives, large-scale R/C and aquariums? Marchets Toys & Hobbies 2605 South Florida Avenue, Lakeland, FL 33803-3860 (863) 682-4312 ‎. Kind of a hike. Fair selection, some hard to find kits and books. Owner is a nice guy. We have two Hobbytowns - weak plastic selection but lots of paint. Hobbytown USA 11727 North Dale Mabry Highway, Tampa, FL 33618-350 (813) 964-5447 and 2464 West Brandon Boulevard, Brandon, FL 33511-4717 (813) 655-6366‎ Morris Kohl Enterprises 1202 West Waters Avenue, Tampa, FL 33604-2848 (813) 931-1626 ‎. Steer clear. Crotchety owner, little plastic more R/C. I think that covers the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas. Tom
  2. Hi Thomas, Sorry but I have neither kit in stock. I will be making an order with them but since resin has been moving so slowly it might a while till I'm able to make their minimum order. Joy Bummer.
  3. Hi Gang: While researching another project I came across a really nice build of a 1/35 Skoda and fell in love with this ugly son-of-a-B. I found Wespe Models out of Romania offers a resin kit. Any feed back on the company? Any local distributors or even another option of the Skoda in 1/35?
  4. Ditch the Alumilite and go with Smooth-On 305. It will give you at least a 7 minute working time. Their Mold Max 30 RTV is also excellent. http://www.smooth-on.com/Urethane-Plastic-...1209/index.html http://www.smooth-on.com/index.php?cPath=1135 I haven't head anything good about Micro Mark's stuff. Everyone I know uses Smooth-On. Burman Industries also makes great stuff; used it about 10 years ago but switched to Smooth on because they were less expensive, on my coast and sold small "Trial" sizes of their resin and silicone. Perfect for me as I don't do a lot of casting and unused resin will crystallize in about 6 month.
  5. Looks like the site was built in 1996...
  6. He was a local show and tried to tell me Revell of Germany was out of business in order to justify his high prices on the RoG Jaguar kit. After learning the news I asked around and no one else had heard about the collapse. Later in the day we email RoG and received a response reading something like, "We are not closing - just the opposite we are expanding." I would steer clear of this clown.
  7. THANKS! No insult my friend. I only recently learned what an M4A3 was! :) Really more of a German Armor and Aircraft and Sci-Fi kinda' guy. I don't even really care for Shermans, EXCEPT the Calliope, the one with the big honkin' mine-roller and the snorkels are cool too.
  8. Someone else mentioned the Tasca kit. They also wrote the Verlinden Calliope was crap? Are there any other options short of scratch building the rocket launcher for a good M4A3 Calliope model?
  9. I just purchased Verlinden's recently re-released Calliope and I was wondering what is the best 1/35 M4A3 Sherman on the face of the planet? :) THANKS!
  10. I also own both and they BOTH rock!
  11. Yawn...Might be cool if they included the tractor in the background. I'll pass.
  12. Ok, here goes: Dragon/Cyber-Hobby = T26E3 - older kit but is the best representation of the T26E3 Tamiya = M26 - better but more complicated and can be build as either a T26E3 or M26 version HobbyBoss = M26 - best kit but may be a Korean version with WWII markings. I've been reading up on the history of the early Pershing and understand it was originally designated the T26E3 and later M26. Were both designations used in late WWII or was the name changed after the war? What were the significant differences between the two. I'm thinking about recreating the illustration on the back of the Squadron publication showing a Pershing guarding a bridge.
  13. Hi Gents: At my wife's insistence I have decided to build an American WWII tank - too many German subjects for here taste I suppose. I like the unusual so right away I knew Shermans were out. Except maybe with that cool Verlinden mine roller or the snorkels or a Calliope...but I digress. I settled on a Pershing for two reasons: ) It's an unusual subject because it arrived late in WWII and 2) it is featured prominently in the PC Game, "Company of Heroes" I play from time to time. I have the old Dragon T26E3 version in my stash raring to go but I read recently that Tamiya's version has better details like cast numbers and an open exhaust. And just today I read a review of the HobbyBoss M26 version that stated it was superior to both Dragon's and Tamiya's kits. And of course HobbyBoss produces what, three versions of thing? Here are my questions: 1) Which is the better kit? 2) Of the available kits, which is a WWII Pershing? Thanks and I look forward to the discussion. Tom
  14. Wish I could help but maybe someone at one of the dedicated sci-fi model sites like starshipmodeler.com or resinilluminate.com could lend a hand.
  15. Tamiya makes decent figure kits BUT they are so static. Standing or walking , few depict any kind of action except maybe the WWII German Elite Infantryman. http://www.tamiya.com/english/products/lis...re/kit36301.htm
  16. You just don't see that kind of creativity from teens anymore. Too many video games and not enough imagination.
  17. That's a lot of plastic but I am forced to wonder how good are they? I'll probably catch some flak but the amount of built models doesn't impress me as much a hand full of beautiful builds.
  18. I have an PC in my hobby room. It's not connected to the net yet but it is connected to an ALPS 1000 printer. My main PC is set up in the family room; it's where I do my research and create the decal art.
  19. After our conversation with TankRats we decided to email RoG and here is the respose: From: tkoss@revell.de To: xxxxxxxxxx@hotmail.com Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2010 16:03:13 +0200 Dear Mr B Thanks for your question - but your information is not true. In fact we have increasing investments into the hobby business, more than 80 novelties in the year and we are not planning to decrease our efforts in the future. In fact we are developing some additional promising lines, have entered successfully the RC segment and therefore are looking optimistic to the next years. Best regards Thorsten Koss So there it is folks... direct from the horse's mouth.
  20. Your referring to the Hulf Hogan-looking fella? Nah, not him and to be the devil's advocate, he has always treated me fair. I am referring to John Michie of www.tankratsAFVdepot.com Vendors who overcharge just to make a quick buck chap my A$$. And did he really think he was fooling anyone? Seriously, if your going to an IPMS event your probably a scale model enthusiast and at least have an idea of what's going on in the industry. And the man ain't doing himself any favors either. If he had just sold the kit to me for $25, I may have even bought more from his site or at the next show. Instead, I have already posted on three boards about this hack and will never but from him again.
  21. Hi there: I attended the IPMS Region 11 show this past weekend over in Coco beach. While parousing the dealers room I came across RoG 1/35 Tank Destroyer Jaguar 1. Cool little piece of armor. I know it retails for about $30 so I asked the vendor (Tank Rats) what he was asking. He said $40. I assumed he was confusing the model with another so I pulled the box off the wall and showed it to him. He again said it was $40. I explained to him the model retails for $30 and you can get it for $25 on eBay. He explained to me that RoG was having financial difficulties and they recently closed their doors and another company (he told me but I can't recall) it acquiring their molds. He went on to tell me that the $30 Jaguar kit I was interested in was going for $60 online and he wouldn't sell his three for less than $40.00. He did try to show me these so-called exaggerated prices on eBay but discovered they kits were going for about $25. I was skeptical so I asked some of the other vendors at the show if they had heard the tale. It was news to them. When I got back to my room my club and I check online for any additional information and found none. RoG site is up and running, there are no articles that I can find online and I don't recall any talk of this on the major discussion boards and the vendor's we asked had not heard of this major development so I am thinking Tank Rats was blowing smoke up my skirt. I am posting this long winded tale to find out if there is any validity to what I was told. Is Revell of Germany out of business or was the dealer just trying to pull the styrene over my eyes?
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