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  1. So this is the Italeri Panther A that I started last year and just finished up yesterday. I did add some Aber PE screen and ring sight for the TC's AA MG, plus some Dnepro Models clear resin periscopes to fill the empty voids where they should be on this kit. Decals are the kit markings Stowage is from my spares bin, and the camouflage colors are Tamiya Dark Yellow, with Model Master enamels Red Brown and Olive Green. I based the paint scheme off of a couple of photos and some color profiles of Grossdeutschland Division Panthers during summer 1944 fighting in East Prussia and the Baltic States area. I left the hatches open, as I have some crew figures that I'm working on to place in those. I will take and post a few more photos when they are completed. Thanks for looking, comments and critiques are welcomed 😉
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