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  1. Eduard's new F4F-3 kit and it's pretty nice. Not too many fit issues and almost all the options to build any -3. The biggest issue I had, understanding that I'm an average modeler, was the engine to fuselage. There are just two tabs, one left and one right, and when you attach the engine it tends to swivel up & down. I added a third tab to help me out. The landing gear is a bit fragile so be careful removing it from the sprue. The windscreen did not fit right and needed some filing. If you plan on doing the 'Yellow wings' version you'll need to fill the two panel lines on either side of the cowl and scribe a line, one on each side, midway down the cowl. I'm kind of surprised Eduard missed that as they do give you the clips, in photo etch, for that cowl. I'm not a fan of Eduards new decals but what are ya gonna do. I used a mix of Eduard, CAM and YellowWings decals and Tamiya paints for the finish. All in all it's a great kit and since the F4F-3 is one of my favorites.....I picked up 3 more.
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