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  1. Well done, sir, well done. Now get you to the contest table, and tell the judges, let the PE be an inch thick, to this finish it must come; make them laugh at that seat belt.
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  2. For Highlamder: Alas poor OOB! I knew him well, David. A category of infinite problems, of most excellent confusion It hath borne me on the contest table a thousand times; and now, How grand in my imagination it is. Apologies to Sir William Pat D
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  3. "Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, And, by opposing, end them?” You know, as the quote continues, it becomes more apropos. I knew my undergrad degree in English Lit would come in handy sometime, somewhere. The question might have been asked: "Is a kit with PE in the box, not a BKB kit?" In almost all cases, the answer would be, "Yes, it is not a BKB kit; it is a regular category kit." As pointed out multiple times by multiple folks, the BKB concept is simple. But, this being IPMS, there has been an immediate reaction, boiling down to --"But I want to build it the way I want to build it". The reply is "Fine. Build it the way you want to build it. Then enter it into a regular category." The counter we hear is "But I don't want to enter it into a regular category; I want to enter it as a BKB. So, there should be a waiver to add/change/delete/modify/adjust the rules. These are my really good reasons: ________________" In a serious vein, I think part of this reaction is (again, already pointed out) due to our history with OOB ... where the slope became slippery and some slid down it. I predict that appeals for exemptions from the BKB rules will continue in the hope that exemptions will again be granted. And they will continue until the BKB rules are enforced and become routine, or BKB is modified and becomes OOB Mk 2, or until BKB is eliminated.
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  4. With all due respect I think if more IPMS members READ the rules carefully and the preamble to the rules defining BKB much of this self-inflicted confusion and frustration would go away. The rules are written in the King's English and are pretty cut and dried, trying to parse the meaning and find loopholes that are not there is a waste of time. If anything, the new BKB rules are much clearer than the OOB rules ever were. Basically, if it ain't there or on the instruction sheet you can't add it. Provisions were made for certain cases like some armor or motorcycle models where non-plastic media is used to support the structure or are needed to assemble it (screws & bolts, metal chassis). No offence intended to anyone, but this is not that hard to build and compete within these rules if one desires to do so. Pat D
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