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  1. As an individual, you can build and display whatever you want to in your home--if you want to depict the inside of an Auschwitz gas chamber or the gallows at Nuremberg, go for it. Incidentally, here is another dichotomy--would the latter be acceptable and the former not? Who's to say? Follow along... In a public setting, there are rules. Society has rules, IPMS/USA has rules. You don't follow the rules, you get asked to change your behavior or leave. Why is this such a difficult concept for people to understand? When a person cries "censorship" and "political correctness", this is nothing more than that person trying to project their values on everyone else, and just because an event is public in nature doesn't give one free rein to do whatever they wish, others be damned. Free speech and expression has limitations. Does Rule 5 have inconsistencies? Sure. No rule is perfect. But it is one of those rules we must obey at an IPMS-sanctioned show. As with all contest rules, you need to know them going in, and if you don't like them you need to either work to change the rule, change your behavior, or simply walk away from the game. For the record, not a lot of what I see on a contest table shocks me, because I know/understand the context behind the events in most cases and can use that to temper my reaction. But someone who only sees people being tortured or put to death without having that understanding might well be disgusted by the scene. And we have to play to that denominator--not everybody is hip to the jive, so to speak. And it doesn't cost anyone a cent to play along, follow the rules, and be a civil human being.
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