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    Well, it's been a slow week so there's only a small update this time. I did manage to get the photo etch on the Redstone capsule; these panels make it into the Friendship 7: Later I shot that black, even though it doesn't show well in this pic: Sorry about the blurriness in that pic; the camera had a difficult time focusing on that capsule. Now for a gloss coat and then decals. Moving on, I stopped working on the rocket to get going on the tank transporters I've had languishing while I worked on the Abrams and Paladin. First off, I added more details to the HEMMTT tank transporter chassis. This was starting to take shape: After that, I built the engine and added it to the chassis, along with the exhaust and other platform framework: Once I got done with that, I assembled the cab for this truck. In the process of holding it together, I got some glue under my finger and smeared it all over the windscreen: Yeah, that looked really bad. So I disassembled the cab, removed the windscreen and went to work trying to fix it. After some persistent and constant sanding and polishing with ever higher grit levels (from 600 to 12000) I dipped it in Future to try and clear it even more. The final result isn't as great as I had hoped, but there's at least no sign of glue smear: Time to move on with that. Before I put it aside for the day, I dry-fit everything together that I had done: Moving on from there, I finally assembled the cab for the M-1070 tractor: After that, I wanted to build up the chassis and suspension to mount that cab on, so I built the first two axle sub-assemblies 'A' and 'B': Then I got called away so I put them both aside before I left. A couple days later, I return to start on this again and sub-assembly 'B' is gone! I tore the room apart for hours looking for it and finally gave up. I assembled the last two axle sub-assemblies 'C' and 'D' and cemented all three to the chassis frame. So now this will be the "light" version of this truck until I either find that sub-assembly or buy a whole new kit to replace it: Later I cut off the fenders to add to the chassis. One of them flat out broke when I tried cutting it off: It's like that hole on the left half was inside waiting for the any pressure to be applied so it could break! I glued it back together and added it to the chassis: Later I added Mr. Surfacer 500 to that crack, but not before this pic was taken. Here is the whole chassis with most of the extra parts added to it: Later I dry fit the cab to this to see how it would fit: It's gonna take some finagling, but it'll fit well. After that I can build the winch platform. Until then, I moved on and started the new Japanese Type 73 tank transporter. First was the chassis and engine which went together very fast and easy: There's still more detail parts to add to that,, but not before I get the cab mounted on it. So, I started the cab; building the interior first: Naturally I get everything done on this except the steering wheel. When I tried cutting that from the sprue, it tumbled down to the floor and disappeared. After another hour of frustrating search; I finally decided that it would not be noticeable enough once the cab was closed so to hell with it; I'm moving on! Life is too short and I have too many models to build to screw around with extra tiny pieces that refuse to stay on the table. I then added the windows to the cab and popped the interior in to see if my premise was correct. It certainly does not show unless someone really looks hard: Onward we go from here to start assembly on the trailer: After that I was ready to get back to tanks. Since the Missing Lynx was running the Churchill Group Build, I pulled out two Churchills from Dragon to get started on. First was the Churchill III AVRE, starting with the turret: That petard mortar was a real pain to build, but I got it done. Then I added the five parts to the upper hull that are supposed to go on it and then added the turret for the pic: After that, I built the lower hull and roadwheels: Here's a test fit after all that was done: There's still a bit more to do on that, not least of which is to add the tracks. Until then, I started the Churchill IV AVRE; building the turret: By that time it was late so I stopped until I have more time to build later. Until then, thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.
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