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    In a thread on the FineScale Models forum posted yesterday it was postulated that Rustoleum was getting rid of all Testors. Responses asked for references and was denounced as fake news (ahh, a new term in the lexicon). Aaron Skinner, editor of FSM, went direct to Rustoleum and posted that they were stopping all international distribution of paints. Yes, Canada is international to the US. Yes, the product line is smaller than it once was. I liked Floquil, PollyS, and MM but there are other good options. I am evolving to the new world (and I now airbrush indoors without the solvent smells).
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    I think that particular problem has a two fold cause. First, we have all been conditioned...brainwashed...to consider ANY seam as undesirable. This, I suspect, goes back to the earlier days of injection molding when that was basically true. Second, a lack of familiarity with the subject or insufficient research as to the proper appearance of any given item, such as rubber tires.
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    Do we have any other Plasmo fans? David has a great YouTube channel, and he truly is a master in the art of modeling. I find his videos very relaxing. Any other fans?
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