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    Interesting to read the quite passionate differing posts in this thread.Judges at model competitions are 'Damned if they do and damned if they don't'. Some are very pernickety and others have a bit more of a liberal approach. Nothing wrong with either as far as I am concerned. Not keen on judges being encouraged to speak directly to modellers and give a verbal critique afterwards as (a) It can lead to unpleasantness (b) Judges give enough of their time to do the judging without having it prolonged by individual discussions afterwards. At the end of the day does it really matter that much whether your models win or not? I have placed models into competitions. You win a few and you lose a few because judging is subjective and it is just someone else's opinion after all. I certainly don't lose any sleep over a judge's decision about any of my models. A late very good friend of mine and past senior champion of many IPMS UK Nationals as they were back then had a nice philosophy about entering models into competitions. His take was 'No matter how your model is judged, it will be no better or no worse when you take your model off the table to when you placed it on the table'. Me? I am just a Serious Modeller Who Doesn't Take Himself Too Seriously.
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    Over the years...and decades...whenever I can get someone to listen to me, one point I make is one that I suspect most of us never really focus on. At least we don't in a way that non-modelers or parents of potential modelers will remember for five minutes. And that is that modelbuilding...no matter the subject...is the greatest general education you'll ever find. Promotion of the modelbuilding hobby (or business) can be done in many ways and the General Education angle is just one more way. What most people don't realize...and this is basically what I tell them...is that modelbuilding teaches without you realizing you're learning. Some of us learn to translate foreign language captions, others wind up using portions of advanced math without knowing they're doing it, manual dexterity improves, communication skills improve, photographic skills develop, design analysis that is necessary for scratchbuilding and conversions are developed and refined, then there's color analysis, color mixing, how to make your own decals, chemistry and on and on. Bottom line is that...if you pursue the modelbuilding hobby long enough...modelbuilding is essentially a community college degree in a capsule.
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