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    Staying with the sculpts of John Dennett, I picked up his new release in the form of Ebeneezer Scrooge. This is the Alastair Sim portrayal from the 1951 film. The kit comes in just 2 parts ~ the bust and the base. The first decision was whether to do the figure in B&W or color. Despite the box art being in color the movie was in B&W. I spoke with the sculptor, who sent 2 colorized pics at the same time I found my own. This is the one I went with - Starting to add color - Then once again, I got into a groove painting the facial features and forgot to take WIP pics. I used a splatter technique on the base and then applied the woodland Scenics snow with a few layers of PVA. Thanks for looking.
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    Some food for thought. IPMS has about 4000 members down from a high of 7000 about 20 years ago. The general modeling population of US alone, based on numbers from Revell is about 50-60,000. So while we may talk about the rules and craftsmanship, we are a minority of the model builders in the US. If we want to grow, we need all parts- craftsman and fun builders. For me, I have seen people take out micrometers and measure the two wingtips of a plane and disqualify based on the fact they are a millimeter off. That does no one any good. In either case, IPMS supports all of it. 220 plus clubs with IPMS members and many not. Contests open to everyone except the Nats. It is all good Dave
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    Most of my attention for this build has been directed at the "victim" B-17 - Because of the windows, the interior was painted. When closed up you can't see in...🙄 More damage Zinc chromate color has been added as an undercoat in prep of the hair spray and salt techniques. A tube was added to act as a brace for the rod connecting it to the base/ Olive drab color added
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    Like all Air Force pilots of the era, T-38 was the fastest. Loved that bird. From there went to KC-135A's -- Big jets
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