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    Hey Gang, I picked up this bust a few years ago at a JerseyFest (or was it Resintopia). Anyway, he hung around the shelf just in primer long enuff. I did the squiggles for under the skin, and a few stripes later I called it done. Thanks for looking.
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    Very nice response modelers ! After only 2 days of the survey being live on our website we have already received over 50 completed surveys for the most popular military sets YOU want to see manufactured for the IPMS National Convention to be held August 1-4 in Phoenix, AZ. Keep up the good work ! The survey will remain on the website until May 18th. That is the LAST DAY we will take surveys into account for development of the sets. If you missed the survey website address, here it is again : The website address for survey is : trucolorpaint.com/trucolor-paint-release-survey/ Your input matters - we will produce only those first 6 sets which garner the most votes in the survey. How about that, a manufacturer who listens to their customers. After the convention we will add more sets to the product line, but following what is most wanted. Looking forward to your votes and comments on the survey. Martin Cohen, PhD Tru-Color Paint
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    It is a shame that you are doing this in 48th scale, as all of those planes are available in 72nd scale and VTANG markings are available for most, if not all of them. (I love ANG aircraft.)
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