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    Last night at my IPMS club meeting, I picked up this little jewel in the raffle: There's a lot more P/E in this tiny model that I expected! It's gonna be a bit of a challenge...
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    I used a small 4"X5" flag. The cheap kind mounted on a straw. It is a thin nylon material. I sprayed it with the olive drab on both sides then cut out the shapes. I tried to cut shapes first but the threads started falling apart easily. The paint holds the threads together. For mounting them I placed a paint brush across the seats to give them a slight sag while I glued the front edge down.
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    This just came in. Believe it or not, I ordered this from Publisher's Clearinghouse: This looks like it'll be a fun one!
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    Those are some awesome scores Kevin! They will be fun to watch. Well, the final Christmas presents finally arrived and here they are. I had some Christmas money to spend so I went to Harbor Freight and picked up the following. I gotta go back for more: I had received an Amazon Gift Card so I ordered these which arrived a couple days ago: One of three versions of M-109's I wanted: I'd been looking for one of these for a couple years; there are two in this box: I've already started one of the Mitsubishis.
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