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    Gary and Jim are both mostly correct. But if it was personal risk only, it is a relatively simple ethical calculus. But when you consider the chance of also infecting others, (at the Convention or subsequently at home) you are in a sense asking them to take on the possible health consequences of a decision they were not involved in making. Each of us, when we risk exposure, are not just choosing for ourselves, but for everyone with whom we come in contact. And, to the observation: ‘But that means we need to avoid ANY non-essential contact and practice social distancing until there is a vaccine’ I would reply: ‘ Well, Yeah!’ This resilient organization has weathered at least one financial disaster ( when Treasurer absconded with the treasury many years ago). I have no doubt we will survive this, as well, if we want IPMS to go on. I know I do. Nick
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    Hi, A few points and I will be quick. My comments are as a Modeler, IPMS Member, and a Vendor. Postpone the convention until 2023. Getting the already bought items like shirts, awards, etc for this years convention in 2023 would be a unique way to remember this time. So, all of it can be used and we all will have a great story to tell. Who here wants to take responsibility for someone healthy coming to the convention, getting the bug and either having the virus themselves or worse spreading it when they get home. Sure, some of you want to play fast and loose with it but until there is a therapy and/or a vaccine, it is a medical risk for everyone. In reality, while we all love to come to the NATS for the various reasons, it is not required to attend...it is for enjoyment. Yes there are many risky enjoyments that Many of us participate in. None of us will go flying without a preflight and none of us would go skydiving without checking the gear. If someone, with expertise told you there may be a hidden problem somewhere with the Plane or the chute rig, would you chance it?? No, no sane individual would. My wife and I are not in any of the risk categories for COVID-19, but our Doctors, including our Daughter who is a US Navy Doctor, say unnecessary exposure to others is to be avoided....period. To do otherwise is to take unnecessary risk.......and its is with your life people! Gary,GT Resin
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    Another idea: Instead of trying to change three convention dates and contracts, just change one. Leave Vegas and Omaha as they are. If 2020 gets cancelled, move it to 2023. If the hotel is forced to cancel 2020, that gets us off the hook in San Marcos. That “ get out of contract free” card is only applicable this year, so can’t be played in 2021 and 2022. We keep those dates and contracts, and are free to sign a new one in 2023.
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    I saw a description of pandemic relief as a three legged stool. Leg one is self quarinitine and social distancing to reduce spread. Leg two was an effective treatment after someone developes it. Leg three of the stool is a vacine to prevent people from getting it. Right now we only have one leg(distancing) and the hint of a second leg(treatments that are showing promise but aren't a sure thing). It is very difficult to stand on such a stool with confidance. I have had three heart procudures since March(the last one in a covid restricted hospital) and much as I would like to attend(had my reservations already) I am not going to sit on that stool this year. Hope to see you all in Vegas
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    Hi Guys, I am not a Doctor but I trust them with my life every time I have surgery to put my broken body back together, 28 to be exact . I had three more procedures scheduled for this year, two carpel tunnel and a new left shoulder. All of the doctors involved in these procedures, several who are personal friends, have told me to not plan on having any of these done until there is a vaccination or other medical development to affectively deal with the virus presents itself. And of course as friends they tell me to suck it up and deal with it!! LOL Be Safe, Gary
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    Listen guys, this organization may be imaginary, but they've got standards! 🤣 Gotta love Star Trek, and the Reliant is one of my favorite ships. I really hope you changed that prefix code!
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    Excellent looking model of a lesser known variant! I've always felt the Hurricane overall gets the short shrift most of the time in the tall shadow of the more storied Spitfire. That's a great tribute to the harder working Hurricane for your collection! Gil
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    Thanks Peter for the input. Problem solved. Christopher
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    I picked up one of these from the Small Shop and I like it. It allows me to get very close cuts so I don't have much of a nub to remove. For what nubs I do have, I generally use a diamond file and in a few swipes it's clean. If the part is especially small or hard to file, I'll put the part in a parts bender on the flat side and clamp it down so it doesn't !!PING!! and get eaten by the carpet monster. Just my two pennies!
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    Nicolas, For me it depends on the piece in question. When dealing with the really small stuff, the object is to not have a stub to trim. If I can gain access to the desired part without damaging anything, a pair of opthomology scissors does a great job. They also are useful for trimming pieces you can actually hold that have stubs that need trimming. Another approach is to hold the fret down on a hard surface such as a piece of ceramic tile, then use a new blade to cut the stub next to the part. Result? No stub. Be sure to cover at least part of the desired piece with your thumb or finger so it doesn't fly off into never never land when you cut it free. Another possibility is to put the fret down onto a piece of low tack tape, sticky side up, then cut close to the part so that there's no stub. Keep in mind that another factor is that all photoetch isn't the same thickness or the same material, so you will have to adjust your approach accordingly. Hope some of this helps. Richard
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    As of today, Monday, May 25th, the IPMS/USA 2020 National Convention is still very much a go. I am in contact with the Embassy Suites and they are gearing up to get their staff back in place not just for our convention but others in June…well over a month before ours. The guidance that we are following is from the state of Texas: https://gov.texas.gov/organization/opentexas. Right now, the state is in the process of slowly “opening up” and we fully expect, while things will not be back to the “old normal”, they will be of a condition that we will be able to hold a convention. Tours: The two tours we were offering: one to San Antonio and The Alamo and the other the Fredericksburg, TX, are now cancelled. There is too much uncertainty with the destinations of the tours and along with poor ticket sales, have forced us to make this decision. While we have a fairly certain control over the convention venue the same cannot be said for the tour destinations…especially The Alamo as it remains closed with no opening date announced. For those that have purchased tickets we have started the refund process with the IPMS/USA Home Office and you will see refunds soon. I have taken the links to purchase tour tickets down from the Nats 2020 website and the same has been done in the IPMS/USA web-store. Vendors: while we have received a few vendor cancellations we still have a healthy vendor attendance with 77 unique vendors and 291 tables paid for or reserved. I fully recognize many of the overseas vendors are in more of a pickle to decide whether to come or not…we will honor refunds for their tables if they decide that the trip is too challenging in the next couple of months. My authority (knowledge-wise) on who is coming and who isn’t is with our team’s vendor coordinator, Craig Gregory. Our website was updated today by me with all the current attending vendors as well as an updated vendor floor-plan. Registration: We are extending pre-registration (a discount of $10) to the right with a new deadline of June 30th. This will give the convention registration team, led by Dick Montgomery, time to sort out all the pre-registrants and ensure their packets are good to go by the start of the convention. Awards: We now have several special awards listed on the Nats 2020 website. These can be viewed here: www.nats2020.com/contest_pages/theme.html. As with past conventions these are judged outside of the normal IPMS NCC judging that occurs Friday night. If you have a special award that you or your chapter would like to present please get with our awards coordinator, Rob Booth: [email protected] We are still seeking award sponsors. Each category is $88 to sponsor and can be purchased via the IPMS web-store: https://www.shopipmsusa.org/product-p/natsreg-2020-award-category.htm. Choose you or your club’s top 3 choices and state this in the comment box in the web-store item. A list of the contest categories with purchased sponsorships (i.e., those already claimed) can be viewed here: http://www.nats2020.com/contest_pages/categories.html. If you see a mistake on this page please reach out to me at [email protected] and I will get with our awards coordinator, Rob Booth, and fix the issue. I urge any of you that have not purchased pre-registrations or banquet tickets (if you intend to attend the banquet) to please do so at your nearest convenience. This will help the convention planning team determine numbers regarding large, important purchases (pins, decals, etc.) that we have to make in June in order to make sure everything is in-place by late July. As I have mentioned in my last update, everything related to the convention is refundable from IPMS/USA in the event we are forced to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances (re-imposed government restrictions, for example) in the next couple of months. As usual, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have: [email protected] Len Pilhofer IPMS# 49932 Director, IPMS/USA National Convention 2020
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    For my next build I will be building Hasegawa’s 1/48 F-104C Starfighter. This will be detailed with the Eduard photo etch. For the scheme I am building it as a Viet Nam aircraft. Caracal decals has a nice set (#CD48102) that includes 9 different markings. Three of them are the typical silver version that were part of the initial deployment and 6 of them have the Viet Nam camouflage scheme. I will be doing the camouflage version of the “Nancy J / Snoopy Sniper” (Aircraft 56-0891) that was stationed at Udorn Royal Thai Air Force Base in Thailand in 1966. Starting off with the ejection seat, the only part of the kit seat being used is the bottom of the seat. The rest of it is all photo etch. The photo etch includes all the seat belts and side harnesses. Once assembled it fit into the cockpit tub without any problems. The main landing gear bay then was assembled and detailed with some wires and hoses. The instrument panel was then built up and detailed. The fuselage was then fitted together with the cockpit tub and main gear bay. This is where I need to mention an issue with the kit instructions. Step 6 of the instructions has you install the cockpit and main gear bays then the fuselage is put together. The problem is in step 7 they have you install the instrument panel with the HUD section. You cannot put the instrument panel into the fuselage. I ended up cutting the front section of the fuselage apart so I could put it in. While it was not too difficult, it would have been better to install the instrument panel at the same time as the cockpit tub. Next I will be working on the landing gear and exhaust. You can see more photos and follow along in my build log at https://davidsscalemodels.com/build-log/1-48-f-104c-starfighter-snoopy-sniper-1966/
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    Do we have dates yet for Las Vegas?
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    I feel like being in isolation I should bet getting more done, but real life is not respectful of how dedicated I am to my hobby. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Here're two more WIP photos where it actually starts looking like a plane.
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    Thinking about masking that canopy to get the framing as nice as you did has made my eye start to twitch uncontrollably. 🤪
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    I’m going to let someone else take this one!🙄🤔😬 Nick
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    According to the IPMS Las Vegas website, the dates are 18-21 August, 2021. Regards, Nick
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    My library is not deep in “ Luftwaffe ‘46” sources. However, one book I do have is “German Jet Genesis” by David Masters (Jane’s Publishing Company, Limited, 1982). Page 97 covers the Ju EF 126 and 127. This reference states that a full-scale mock-up of the 126 was built by the Germans during the war, but the aircraft did not fly during the war. It goes on to say that the Russians built an unpowered prototype which crash landed. The 127, according to this reference was discontinued due to inadequate endurance of the rocket motor that was to have powered it. So, where to place this model? Theoretically, if you knew how the unpowered Russian example of the 126 was marked, you could indeed put it in the regular category in those markings- without engines! Any other depiction of the aircraft in any other markings would be hypothetical and place the model in the hypothetical category. I suppose you could build it as the German mock-up, but who knows what that looked like? ( Frequently, mock-ups do not even represent the entire proposed airframe.) Furthermore, a model of a mock-up, not being a representation of an actual functional aircraft, might have to go in the miscellaneous category. The 127 obviously was never built in any form at all, and, regardless of markings, it would go in the hypothetical category. The general rule to keep in mind is: actual aircraft + actual markings= regular category. If one of the two (or both) are missing, the entry would go to the hypothetical category. I hope this helps. ( I look forward to the inevitable hair- splitting and the Jesuitical debate that I always enjoy!) Regards, Nick Filippone, Senior National Judge.
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    The B7A2 “Grace” is now complete! This was a very nice kit to build. Everything fit together nicely. The instructions were laid out well t make the build go smoothly. The decals went on well. Just a couple of things about the decals, First the dark green outline on the fuselage and upper wings are an identical match to the Tamiya XF11 J.N. Green paint so they blend in too well, and the insignia’s are two part decals. Getting them line up requires careful alignment. I would recommend applying the base decal first and let it dry then place the top red one. This will keep the bottom from shifting while centering the top. If you are looking for a nice WWII Japanese aircraft that was unique I would recommend this kit. Thanks for following along. You can see this build with photos and details from the start at https://davidsscalemodels.com/build-log/1-48-aichi-b7a2-grace-attack-aircraft/
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    Great looking 109 James! Those American marking really add a splash of color not normally seen. Thanks for posting! Gil
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    Tamiya 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf-109G-6, as flown by Constantin “Bazu” Cantacuzino during the LCOL James Gunn rescue mission. You can read the whole crazy story at https://www.historynet.com/pilot-prince-rescue.htm Additions include: Eduard Seat Harness. Eduard LooK instrument panel. Bare Metal Foil to hydraulic oleo struts. “Invisible” thread aerial. Exito decals. Erla Haube canopy sourced from EDU82111X overtree kit. Radio Aerial cone fashioned from plasticard.
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    The kit had a few issues that needed some attention. EJECTOR PIN MARKS in some of the worst places.. Starting from the front, moving back, these are some of the modifications I made. 1.The propeller. I sanded both the leading, and trailing edges of each blade. They were so thick on the edges, it was funny. 2. The engine. I used Eduard photo etch to detail it. The Ignition wires took some time, but it was well worth the effort. 3. The cockpit. I used Eduard photo etch here to. 4.The landing gear. I used Bare Metal Foil on the Oleo's, and photo etch on the torque links. 5. The gun bay. I used scrap photo etch to detail the inside of each panel that was posed open. I cut open all the latched on each panel, and made new ones. I used plastic sheet, that I put rivet lines on, to line the inside of the bay. The .50 Cals were kit supplied. 6. The intakes on each wing root. I used photo etch screen to replace the kit version, and made new intake vanes. 7. The drop tanks. These were both void of any real detail. One of the big flaws, was no filler caps. I used online photos as a reference to scratch build what I needed.8. I used EZ line for the antennas. 9. The figures were Ultracast, and Blackdog models. 10. The cowl flaps. These bad boys took some engineering to make them work. I used Eduard photo etch for the Tamiya kit to dress them up. I also used EZ line to simulate cables for the pulley systems to open and close the flaps. All in all, an interesting build. Had a chance to try some new weathering techniques. The Model was painted with Testors Model Master Enamels (Insignia Blue FS35044). Any questions, comments, or critiques are welcome. Christopher
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    That is so cool! Outstanding story too! Beautiful. I'm gonna have to try that on one of my 1/72 scale planes.
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    Beautiful work ! I never knew a BF 109 flown during WWII could look so good in those colors. You might just start a "What If " trend for Axis aircraft
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    The 2020 Astronomical League Convention (ALCON) was also to be held in Albuquerque this summer. It has been moved to 2021. But that was relatively easy. First, there had been no bidder for a 2021 convention, so the Astronomical League was very happy to fill that gap. Second, the Embassy Suites was cooperative, especially in light of the force majeure clause in the contract. Our exposure was $76K, but the exposure was the League's, not the local club's. And third, our financial analysis indicated that we would loose our shirt, pants, and cowboy hats if we pressed on. Registrations had simply stopped; vendors refused to commit, and speakers were bailing out. HST, I was the Registrar for ALCON, but have bowed out for 2021. Although about 80% of our registration team's preparatory work had been done, I wasn't willing to add another year to the already year and a half's work (hundreds of hours) which had blown my 2020 summer to shreds. Our club bailed out over two months ago; and it has become clear that we made the correct decision.
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    The build of this kit is going well. With the cockpit assembled I installed into the fuselage. The fuselage fit together very well with only some minor putty in the seams. I then painted and detailed the engine. The photo etch set provides the ignition wiring so this was added. I mounted the engine, cowl, and the propeller hub. The hub is very large and hides most of the view of the engine. The wings were assembled and the landing gear added. I base coated the underside and then started work on the torpedo details. The plastic fins and propellers were replaced with the photo etch replacements. The torpedo was painted and then mounted with photo etch straps. I then painted the upper areas and added some more details like the ammo belt for the rear gun. I weathered the fuselage with some minor staining on the wings and exhaust. To finish up this week’s work I painted the canopy sections and used some EZ-line to run the antenna cable from the equipment thru the canopy to the top of the mast. This will run to the top of the rudder when installed. Next will be decals and final weathering. Check out more photos and details of this build from the start at https://davidsscalemodels.com/build-log/1-48-aichi-b7a2-grace-attack-aircraft/
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    Gary Nope not mad at all. I just take issues with a few of your points that's all. I'm sorry if you think I came across as ugly but again i was just making my points. I'll copy and paste your comments and answer them from the 1st post, then the second. Your first post> A few points and I will be quick. My comments are as a Modeler, IPMS Member, and a Vendor. Postpone the convention until 2023. Getting the already bought items like shirts, awards, etc for this years convention in 2023 would be a unique way to remember this time. So, all of it can be used and we all will have a great story to tell. Who here wants to take responsibility for someone healthy coming to the convention, getting the bug and either having the virus themselves or worse spreading it when they get home. Sure, some of you want to play fast and loose with it but until there is a therapy and/or a vaccine, it is a medical risk for everyone. In reality, while we all love to come to the NATS for the various reasons, it is not required to attend...it is for enjoyment. Yes there are many risky enjoyments that Many of us participate in. None of us will go flying without a preflight and none of us would go skydiving without checking the gear. If someone, with expertise told you there may be a hidden problem somewhere with the Plane or the chute rig, would you chance it?? No, no sane individual would. My wife and I are not in any of the risk categories for COVID-19, but our Doctors, including our Daughter who is a US Navy Doctor, say unnecessary exposure to others is to be avoided....period. To do otherwise is to take unnecessary risk.......and its is with your life people! Ok, Point one, What will people recieve? T-shirts already bought? Ok fair enough but you can't hand out already purchased and constructed awards. A decal sheet that may or may not have been produced? as well as programs that now would be useless. Also how would you distribute them? mailing would cost money and I would venture a bet that most people haven't registered for the convention yet and they would be the only ones to fairly receive them so now in essence you have maybe 700 to 1000 registration packs with how many registrants right now? and how many would register given the fact it may still be cancelled? So in reality there are not any "already bought items" save for whatever items the planning committee is selling. Point two, Not being mean here just reality, no one is ultimately responsible except for themselves. If you have a fear of contracting something then stay home, or if you fall into one of the associated groups that need to stay home then by all means stay home and do what is right for you. But what may be right for you isn't necessarily right for everyone. So that's when i take exception to your "Fast and Loose" comment. There is currently a vaccine for the flu and how many die of the flu every year? As I said we don't live in a sterile world, we all take chances. Point three, Experts can't agree on this let alone try to fix it as they have done with the flu, yes the flu that kills how many each year? And I agreed with you with on this being a required event, it's not. But my point is everyone is not in the same boat. So when you say Someone with expertise says not to go and I may feel otherwise then, (I'm not sane), or (playing fast and loose) And then finally (And it is with your life people) Those are inflammatory comments with the implication that those who disagree are all the things you just called them. Your second post> I have waited to respond until I had a free few minutes, as you are obviously mad and I wanted to try an understand why. First this is a friendly conversation and no need to get ugly. Second you need to read what I wrote, not what you think I wrote. If you don't like it address it, but be better than accusing me of writing something I did not about character. What does concern me is a 6 figure contact being signed with no legal consultation, and the fact that no contract insurance was purchased. I would be willing to bet though, that if the committee did sat down for a meaningful discussion with the facility, that a deal could be worked out for rescheduling the event until 2023 with minimal if any additional costs, given the current world environment. Cancelling the event completely, or going forward with a very small event that looses money are not in either parties best interests. I guess I would feel better if NATS Committee had a conversation to explore possible rescheduling until 2023 vs acting like we have no way out. So far all we have been told is that the convention center has been receptive to re-negotiation if there is a problem. I say that such a problem is here right now. You're correct it's supposed to be friendly conversation but I think I have already addressed the ugliness with your comments about being insane, playing fast and loose, and it is your life people comments. A 6 figure contract was signed 2 years ago without any thought to a pandemic occurring . I would venture that they probably didn't take into account a possible meteor strike either. Contract insurance, good question, i have no idea if it was bought but would take a guess that if purchased the insurance company would balk as they have with numerous travel insurance plans have balked at people trying to get out of and get money back for lost trips. They weren't covered because they were "Acts of god". So I'm not real confident on how insurance would help in this case. Now betting on the venue rebooking is a BIG assumption and we all know about assumptions. Not saying it couldn't be done or shouldn't tried but don't put all your eggs in that basket because the venue like everyone else needs to recoup lost revenue for the past two months. Letting IPMS off the hook when the city is open for business would be something I don't see happening. I could be wrong, wouldn't be the first time and won't be the last. The planning staff may be acting like there is no way out because there is no way out. The convention committee are the boots on the ground there and know the in's and out's of these issues better than any of us. You may say there is a problem now but the venue may not see a problem now especially as the city is opening for business . That's why I'm very sceptical of getting out of or re-negotiating a contract. Jim
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    Nick, perhaps you can answer a medical question about this virus. In the absence of a workable vaccine which does not appear near it seems the only way for a population to deal with this thing is by physical distancing or the hope(?) that a "herd immunity" will develop which certainly will take time and a human cost. I know this a tad off topic but I am curious, Is this assessment correct? Hoping to be able to see you in San Marcos... Stay safe, Pat D
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    This is another nice little bust I saw on the New Announcements group on FB. It's approximately 200mm and sculpted by Joaquin Palacios for Epica Tales. The model comes in three resin pieces - the bust, the arm, and the column base. You need to supply your own rod connecting the bust to the base. She also comes with her own sticker. It's an excellent sculpt and cast with no bubbles or seams apparent. Thinking Middle eastern I used a flesh that was a little darker than normal. I also gave her dark hair. One other thing is I goofed while drilled the hole for the rod. The bottom cut is a lot more steep than other busts, and in a Aves and a second try. It was right at this point of the build when one morning I heard a bang coming from the attic. I went up to investigate to find somehow a Starling had gotten in. Of course it flew around and landed on the desk knocking the model over and of course breaking the little knife she's holding off. A bird in the house must be bad luck as I don't know whether the bird or the carpet monster ate it, but it's never been seen again. I'll have a cut another out of sheet styrene. I've seen some that give her an almost completely transparent top. I wanted to try something close (never done it before), but maybe not as far as some others take it. I started out by covering all the surrounding skin with Silly Putty. Where the cloth pulled tight I only misted the off white color, and gave a little more coverage by her neck and waist. I added pure white at the tops of the wrinkles, and then lightly brushed on some of the pearlizing paint on the top and bottom for a little extra shine. The part that was the skirt got full coverage. On a different project I noticed that Green Stuff World's metallic paint behaved badly if put on top of a gloss black. But gave a terrific two tone metallic if painted over white. So I painted all the jewelry with white and then used a blue and red. The effect turned out pretty well. The parts that I wanted to be gold got the usual gloss black coating. I painted her lips with V's Cavalry Brown which is a dark red, added a highlight then to match up some of the metallic green I used elsewhere on the model, I gave her green eyes. A little eye shadow and blush from pastels finished off her face. Then I painted up the column base with V's Dark Sand, and pulled out my Mummy bust to remind myself of what I did with that base, then more of less copied it. The column looked a little thin so I found a 40mm plastic base. I glued the column on, and then filled around it with V's ground texture. A wash of Sepia on the sand, and painted the rim a black brown and I was done. Thanks for looking.
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    Looks sharp to me! My only suggestion would be that after you matte everything, go back and add a drop of Future or Micro-Clear to each of the dials on the main panel. Staying tuned for more! Gil
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    All My .02 cents for what it's worth. RC Boater hit the nail on the head. If it does get cancelled then move it to 23. But provided it gets cancelled by the hotel or local authorities. Now here is another no win factor for IPMS. Attendance, Vendors may and have pulled out, pre reg and actual walkins I would bet would be down due to fear and also genuine concerns of quite a few of our embers being up their in age and risk factors . So even if the facility goes ahead and lets it continue does IPMS have an out in the contract with these genuine concerns of loosing big bucks due to low attendance. Either way its a no win for us as an organization. Cancel and loose the convention, or hold hit and loose $$$$$. Jim
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    Apparently, things have changed in even the past two months. Our local HobbyTown (Columbia, SC) was informed in March that the only Testors products that would be available were the square bottle enamels (in boxed sets only), generic aerosols, and the glues. Think back to 1975, and that's what they were laying out as their "new" lansdcape for 2020. As I've posted on several other forums, this may seem a shock, but there is precious little Testors produced that can not be found elsewhere. Do you like enamels? Humbrol is still available, as is Xtracolour. Also, True North Precision Paints makes an alkyd enamel that, from reports I've read, are as good as the Testors Model Master line. Lacquer fans abandoned Testors years ago when they squashed the original Floquil line. Now, we have Mr. Color, MRP, and Tru-Color. Acrylics users never really liked the Acyl line (I must be one of 50 people who got good results with few problems). Today, just look around--Vallejo, Mig, Lifecolour, AK Interactive, Mission Models Paints... Putties? Testors putty has always been the shop vac of suck anyway, and most people steer well clear of it. Brushes? There are literally dozens of places to buy paint brushes equal to or superior than Testors. Glues and cements? The last time I used Testors tube glue, I was still buying Monogram model kits for a dollar. The last time I used their liquid was to thin Squadron Green Putty (the old stuff, $1.98 a tube!) to a brushable consistency. Since then, I have used (in no particular order of appearance) Weld-On #3, Weld-On #4, Plastruct Plastic Weld, Ambroid, Tamiya Extra Thin. All are still available (the Weld-On products in quantity through Tap Plastics). See where this is going? Even the specialty products like flocking (which has been gone for a few years) can be found elsewhere. Metalizers have competition from Alclad, AK, and Vallejo. The only products I have heard lament for (outside the Model Master enamels) are the bottled Glosscote and Dullcote. I might add the Metalizer Sealer to the list, as it was a superb, near-bulletproof clear gloss. But even those have equivalent products available. You just might have to order them. And there is the rub--more on that later. What makes it a shock is that we lose a long-time, well-recognized, name branded product that was available in most any hobby shop and arts and crafts store--and, before that, drug stores, dime stores, discount stores, department stores, hardware stores, convenience stores, toy stores... As much as it pains me to say this, in all but a very few cases the brick-and-mortar hobby ship is on life support. I'm finding that I have to get more and more hobby stuff online. I do buy from the local shops when I see it, and I try to have things ordered through them when I can, but because they can't get everything, I have to do what I must. Look at the short list I gave above--those places also used to carry model kits... By the way, Rustoleum, contrary to what people seem to believe, does NOT own Testors (despite the Rustoleum logo on the recent bottles). Testors (and Floquil/Polly-S, and, later, Pactra) were acquired in the 1980's by Republic Powdered Metals, now RPM International. RPM also owns Rustoleum, Zinser, Bondo, and several other related companies.
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    Hey Gil, maybe the propeller had just gotten changed out for a better, less damaged one. I'd go with that...
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    Thanks very much, Gil! Reading John Lundstrom's outstanding book, The First Team, many yeas ago, I knew I wanted to build a model of Rawie's aircraft. It took about 20 years, but I finally did it.
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    That would be great Nick. I will check that out. From the photos I have, it appears that the RAF chose large “buzz” or serial numbers for the Tempests and other aircraft at the end of WW II. The ones I have are too small and were left over from past projects. A photo example of what I’m looking for is illustrated below. Many thanks! Mark
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    I agree, I always like the Soviet light tanks. Your build looks great.
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    Took this kit out of the pile as it's something different. I don't have any Mad Max on my shelves...until now. This is a 1/4 scale Gyro Captain from Sean Kyle Studios. It came signed and with a numbered certificate of authenticity. Mine is #6. It comes in about 5 parts. There are a bubble or two. But all in all a nicely done kit. One thing tho - there looks like a little blob of flash in the bag of parts. DON'T throw it out! It's actually his cigar!! LOL. If I have to find one thing to critique it would be the auto-gyro's propeller. It looks to be cut out of thin sheet styrene. The cutting was a little uneven, but the main problem was I couldn't straighten it out. It had a little bend it it that was there to stay. It was no problem at all to cut a new one out of slightly thicker styrene, making both blades the same. The sculpt is a very good likeness of the actor Bruce Spence. I started out by priming, and then started laying in the base coat. There were a few images online that I thought made him have a pasty appearance. So the paint went on a little light. Later on I saw other images that showed him with more "color." I'll address that later. While that was drying, I turned my attention to the propeller. As was said it was shaped a little wonky, but the big problem was the curve in the styrene. I was no problem to draw and cut out another. Turning back to the bust I added a little more depth to the colors, tanned him up and gave the engine base a metallic shine. Then I decided that the craft would have minimal care, and after seeing a how to about busted up metal I tried that on the engine. The other thing I was going to do was paint a nice wood grain on the propeller. But I found one image that showed it well, and no wood grain. It was colored black and a dark red. So that's the way I went. A little gloss to the goggles, and eyes and I was done. Thanks for looking.
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    Is there any chance it could simply be postponed until next year? This what the Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society have done. Their 2020 convention, which was to have been held in Albuquerque in late June, will now be held there next year. I note too, that IPMS North Central Texas has cancelled ScaleFest, which was to have been June 6.
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    I'm a big fan of Alclad's metallics - they get a really good shine without that grainy look of, say, a Tamiya Chrome Silver or something. Maybe grainy isn't the right word, but it's all I can come up with at the moment. Gil's right - put on a black gloss primer and make sure it's super smooth and shiny for best results. I haven't had any issues with the Alclad black primer. You may need to polish the primer coat a bit to get it nice and even, but the effect is worth it. I did some candy paint on a sci-fi model I built not too long ago, and the Alclad chrome really made the final color pop.
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    Well done, sir! I like the colors you used. The Deep Red brings out the greens very well. Bill
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    She is Nocturna, from appropriately Nocturna Models, a stunning 30mm model with excellent detail. Sadly, she's currently OOP. This resin model came in two parts - the figure/base and the top of the cross. Here's the model all primed up. Here I'm starting to work on some base coating. After numerous highlights in the skin, dress and hair. I'm just about done with this one. I bought a few plinths from GreenStuff World, so she'll be glued on to a simple one next session. I also used the smallest grass tufts I had to fill in the ground a bit. All finished with this little mini. It was highly detailed kit and really challenged my steady hands - even with my magnifiers. Thanks for looking. And... my obligatory soda can shot... :lol:
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    After recuperating from my surgery, I finally got to my hobby desk and the last figure I was working on was the Cary Cooper Beau Geste bust. the kit was produced by Norbert Ossner and sculpted by Alejandro Lopez Ramirez The kit is in 3 resin pieces - the bust, base, and frame for the movie poster. The movie poster printout is also added. Following the movie poster printout and a colorized photo, I added the base colors: During today's session, I put the finishing touches on Gary Cooper. For the base I put down some glue and then dusted it with Chinchilla Dust. This is stuff you can buy at a good pet store. Evidently Chinchillas don't use water so they take dust baths. This dust is incredible fine, and works well in many scales. I bought the 3lb jug, and it'll last more than a lifetime. When it's all dry I painted it with V's Dark Sand. To give a highlight I added a little Ivory to the Sand color. Then I thought it needed a little something, and made a few bullet holes with a drill bit. Filled in the divot with Vs Orange Brown, but that didn't stand out enough, so I added some black pastels to the holes. Don't know if that would ever happen, but... what the heck. From there I made the wooden frame for the movie poster looked bleached out and again added more glue and dust to make it look like sand blew onto the bottom of the frame. Then looking at the poster it seemed too new, so I mist coated it with matte clear coat to protect the ink, and then aged it with Citadel's Sepia. From there I added a few dust streaks with a pastel that matched the Dark Sand. I glued the poster to the frame, the frame to the wall and I was done. Thanks for looking.
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    This is another beauty kit from Gillman Productions. Any horror fan will recognize Fr. Merrin as Max Von Sidow, one of the two exorcists who came to help the possessed Regan. This is a 3 part, 1:4 kit, in flawless resin. There is a minor seam-line you can detect through the hair, that is done away with in no time at all. As usual I started out with black primer, and a highlight of light gray. When dry I added Beige Red for the first skin tone. Since the Holy Water bottle isn't quite correct (the one on the movie was made of glass) I decided to make this one gold. So to get that done, I added gloss black to the vial. My usual MO is to go from dark to light. With that I painted Merrin's hair a medium brown knowing it would be going to gray. Remembering back to, I think, part 2, the younger Merrin first encountered the demon in the desert dig site. So I turned the gray rocks brown with a number of lighter dry brushes. Merrin's clothes started out with V's Black Gray, with highlight's going to German Gray, and the shadows with Nuln Oil. It's here when the eyes were painted black. This session began with Merrin's hair getting it's first highlight. It was now time to paint the demon. I had to look it up. I haven't seen this movie in years and in doing a little reading I was surprised that the face was only seen momentarily. I also found out the the demon was played by a woman, Eileen Dietz. Also read that she was a little annoyed the four other actresses that also "played" Regan weren't credited. The producers wanted to viewers to believe it was all Linda Blair. Anyway, back to painting... To finish the model off Merrin got two more highlights in the hair - a gray and then an ivory color. The priest's stole was painted purple. It's received one highlight and one shadow color. The Holy Water vial needed a little something so I painted the cap and the cross white His eyes were painted, and then everything that needed to be glossed was done. With that I was done. Thanks for looking.
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    Another excellent sculpt from John Dennett and Moondevil Studios. The 1:5th bust was cast in a light green odorless resin. The kit comes in 2 parts - the bust and the base. After washing with warm soapy water, and giving it a coat of primer I wanted to make Jacob the ghost he was when seen in his scene of A Christmas Carol. I had used Citadel's Nihilakh Oxide on the Ghost Lighthouse Keeper and decided Jacob needed the same treatment. But first he needed his earthly colors. As this movie (1952 film) was in B&W, I was free to use whatever I want. So I decided on a white shirt, black jacket, and maroon tie, pale flesh and auburn hair. Ol' Ebenezer looking on favorably From there I started his ghostly change - The purple is masking fluid to protect painted eyes I went back and forth with Jacob adding and subtracting the green and white, until I got a look I liked. The base was painted, and I added a little snow. Done. Thanks for looking.
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    This is a kit by Good Fellas Resin, designed to pay tribute to an artwork by Max Dunbar. It's an adult, post apocalyptic, Charlie Brown and Snoopy - It was a well engineered kit, and a pleasure to build and paint. Thanks for looking.
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    This what a PRUSA printer is capable of producing ,over 100 PLA parts. Still had to assemble and airbrush no different than polystyrene kit. 1/8 scale Little Boy from CGtrader.com.
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    Nothing like a fascinating conversation where definitions are determined by individual perception. Noel, creating something from raw materials is modelmaking and it doesn't matter what the raw materials are or how you create the end creation. In fact, most if not all modelbuilders are also modelmakers. If that sounds strange, consider this: When you take a model kit and then superdetail parts of it using raw materials....or as close to raw materials as most of us get...you are both a modelbuilder and modelmaker. For example, take a model with a basic landing gear and no detail in the gear wells. Build the kit stock and you are a modelbuilder since you add nothing to the kit parts that were provided by the kit manufacturer. However, when you add detailing to that landing gear and/or gear wells by using minute pieces of wire, bits of scrap plastic, etc, then you are a modelmaker. Rusty uses skills developed in the creation of patterns from conventional material. That definitely makes him a scratchbuilder and modelmaker. But when he complements those learned skills with additional skills required for the use of new technology, you would say that he is not a modelmaker. I would suggest that a rethink is required due to the fact resin or whatever material is used by a 3D printer still qualifies as raw material because it has to be changed to create the desired form. And it would not know how to change into that form unless the creative person using the new technology had the scratchbuilding experience to create the program that the 3D printer used to instruct the raw material...resin or whatever...to become the final form. It's really not that different from me creating a pattern from wood of a desired part, then building a mold box, pouring RTV over it and...after it cures...removing the original pattern. Now I pour liquid resin into the RTV mold and when the resin hardens, I remove it. Result? I have a copy of the original pattern. I have combined my skill at scratchbuilding with those needed to use a different technology to create a part that can be reproduced repeatedly and sold to anyone who would like one. Now, here's where it gets to be fun. While, as I have described, Rusty and I would both have legitimate claims to being a modelmaker. But if someone buys that part and uses it as instructed to a kit they are building...without any other detail beyond the commercially manufactured part...they are a modelbuilder, but are NOT a modelmaker unless they add detail of some kind that begins with some type of scratchbuilding material. Bottom line is this: Creativity resides in the mind. Without that spark, all the technology in the world won't help you. It doesn't matter whether you use a block of wood, scalpel & sandpaper or a computer, CAD program & 3D printer. When you have that God given spark or talent, you are a modelbuilder and as soon as you start adding detail created from raw material, you're a modelmaker. You're also an artist, but that's a discussion for another day. Richard
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    Ok, Rusty! You have simultaneously shamed me and challenged me. You are right. I need to get over the hump, screw up my courage and cast it. I have done a lot of vacu-forming but it has its limitations. I do want to get into resin casting and your metaphorical glove across the cheek may be just what was called for. Thanks- I needed that! Regards, Nick
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