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  2. Thanks a lot John for that correction. That’s something that can be easily fixed. I want things to be as accurate as possible. Regards Christopher
  3. Super build, very nicely done. I would comment on only one thing, and that is the propeller stand. The root of the propeller blade is the most highly stressed area and it is unusual to see a propeller resting on any part of the blade. The usual method is to use a spline that matches the one on the engine and mount it to the top of the stand to hold the propeller hub.
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  5. Every chance I get but with my income, I'm lucky to attend the western ones when they come out here. The furthest east I attended was Columbus, but my brother lived there so I saved a bundle on lodging, making it easier to go. Chattanooga will be the furthest east I attend without family to fall back on; that is if I make it. The cost and logistics will be very challenging for me but I'm working the problem now.
  6. Thanks very much for the kind comments Mark! I really appreciate it. Would love to make it to the Nationals . Looks like a fantastic time. How often do you try and attend? Regards Christopher
  7. This publication is one from a series of books covering the Mercedes Benz SL series by Veloce Publishing. It is a 208 page hardcover book, printed in 25cm x 25cm (9.75" x 9.75") format. Publication date was February, 2015. Other publications in this series are: Mercedes Benz SL R130 Series 1989-2001 Mercedes Benz SL & SLC 107 Series 1971-1989 Mercedes Benz SLK R170 Series 1996-2004 read more View the full article
  8. David Doyle's latest book is one of the latest entries in the 'Legends of Warfare' series with entries in Ground, Naval, and Aviation. The first Ground book focused on the Panzerkampfwagen IV, the first Naval book was on the USS Yorktown (CV-5), and the first two Aviation books were are on the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk (#4) and Douglas TBD Devastator (#3). This tome is the ninth release in the Legends of Warfare - Ground series. read more View the full article
  9. Background Originally conceived and developed as a carrier-based fighter for the United States Navy, the F4U Corsair was initially adopted by the US Marine Corps as a dependable and extremely lethal land-based fighter-bomber. The Corsair's unique and innovative configuration incorporated engine oil coolers in the inboard wing sections, with the resulting airflow through them making an unmistakable whistling sound, audible over the sound of the engine and firing of its guns. So predominant and unnerving was this sound to the Japanese forces on the receiving end of Corsair wrath that they dubbed the Corsair "Whistling Death." Designed and manufactured by Chance Vought under the designation F4U and license built by Goodyear as FG-1, Corsairs became the staple of Marine Corps fighter units in the Pacific Theatre from 1942 until the end of World War II in 1945. Rugged, fast, dependable, and robustly armed, Corsairs continued service as fighter-bombers into the jet age through the Korean War. read more View the full article
  10. When I was around 10-11 years old, I got into a small-scale armor kick. The local shop carried Airfix kits and I built a lot of their kits at the time. The first time I built the M3 Half Track it was an MPC release in their Battle of the Bulge Historama kit. Fast forward 45, cough, years later and Airfix is rereleasing many of their kits under their Vintage Classics range. The kit appears to be the exact same plastic first released in 1966 including the 1 Ton Trailer. The kit includes 54 parts molded in an OD plastic. There is a bit of flash but what would you expect from a set of molds almost older than me. The kit includes some nice detail, a driver and one of the nicest small scale .50 caliber machine guns. Decals are included for a M3A1 during Operation Overlord. More about them later. The color scheme is shown in full color in the instructions. Other than that change, the instructions look like they did when I first built it. read more View the full article
  11. With the development of the Panther and the Tiger 1 the Germans came to the realization that they needed an armored recovery vehicle that could handle the weight of these larger vehicles. MAN was originally tasked converting Panther Ds for use in this capacity. The vehicles selected for conversion had the turret removed and replaced with a central 40-ton winch and a large rear spade to dig the vehicle in. A wooden work platform was built over the winch and a light crane (1500 kgs capacity) was installed on the rear deck. For armament, a 2cm KwK-30 cannon was mounted on the front along with the standard machine gun. This new kit from Meng is the first new modern kit of this interesting vehicle and the first release of this vehicle since the old Italeri kit from the mid-1990s. read more View the full article
  12. Last week
  13. Glad to have you here with us Thom! Hope you do find a local group soon, as that should add to the fun even more. GIL
  14. Thom, Welcome to IPMS USA! If you want to find a "local" group, you can go to the IPMS USA Home page. At the top is a blue bar. Click on "ABOUT". A menu should appear Click on "Chapter Map". Enter Region 5 and Illinois. There's also a meeting listing for the current month. I could also send you a copy (PDF) of a couple of the Chicago area chapters. If you're interested, email me at IPMS-Q@ipmsusa.org Jim Pearsall
  15. My regular First Order TIE fighter arrived. It looks as nice as the Special Forces one. I wonder if they make Rylo Ren's TIE from the second movie? I know Revell did the lights one, but Bandai's would be much better.
  16. The Hawker Tempest Mk V was a follow-on fighter from the Typhoon. It proved to be a superb mid to low level fighter and ground attack aeroplane. This is Eduard's brand new mold of the Tempest and effectively puts their older (but still very acceptable) model, Cat 1169, out to pasture. This is the ProfiPACK which includes color photo etch, masks for the canopy, wheels, lights and walkways, as well as a nice in register decal sheet and a high quality paper instruction book. The ProfiPACK provides the modeler with just about everything needed to build a very nice model out of the box. For this build review, I also used Eduard's resin wheels, exhaust pipes, "Look" instrument panel, steel seat belts and gun bays. For whatever reason, several parts had separated from the sprue trees and some were separated or broken. I have other Eduard kits where everything was intact, so this damage may have occurred in transit somewhere with the extra mailing of the review kit. Everything was repairable. read more View the full article
  17. Hi Thom: Welcome. I love Chicago (except the traffic). Dave
  18. Continuing onward this week I am working on the main landing gear bays. After locating reference photos on Google, I started by drilling many, many holes to install the numerous hydraulic lines. Using a .09 drill bit I drilled out the many locations where the lines go to. I then took 32 awg wire and ran the individual lines. I then added the electrical cables and routed them. Still have a couple of more lines to run then need to do all the yellow and blue connections and holders on the lines. Then I can weather and highlight the bays. See all the photos from start at https://davidsscalemodels.com/build-log/1-48-f-22-raptor/
  19. Welcome to the festivities. I just joined a couple of months ago.
  20. The GSL show is almost upon us. A good opportunity for all those unpaid MC M authors to have a face to face confrontation with Gregg Hutchings if he has the front to go there!
  21. Roktman

    Stubo II

    Thanks guys! Gil: Stubo is short for Sturzbomber or dive-bomber . I would have been used to carry one 1000kg bomb. There was a stubbier one - Stubo I - that would have carried a 500kg bomb.
  22. Thank you. Please send list. Email is thommiles01@gmail.com
  23. Thanks Thom. What I can do first is send you a list of my books and if you're further interested, we can go from there. How about that?
  24. Hi Patrick, I buy all types of titles, including those for aircraft. I probably due to more sales on aircraft titles, actually. I'm more of an armor guy myself, always messed up the aircraft canopies with glue as a kid so kinda hard to get past that! If you're interested I could definitely swing by and take a look at your books, no obligation or anything. I'm new to IPMS so would be great to meet another local member, too.
  25. Thank you Bradley! I'm glad I can finally call this done!
  26. Mark Deliduka

    Stubo II

    Sensational work Kevin! That is indeed one funky looking craft! You did magnificent!
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