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  2. Christopher / Mark / Gil - Wanted to thank you for your comments; I really enjoyed the build. It got me so interested in aircraft used during the Spanish Civil War, I bought a Russian I-15 that I will paint with Republican markings, and early model Bf-109 and Heinkel He-51 that I will paint in Nationalist markings. That's what I love about our hobby, it combines my passion for history with my love of the airplane. Hope to see you all at the Nationals in Chattanooga!
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  4. Hi Oliver! I'm hoping one of the NCC Head Judges will chime in here soon to give a definitive answer. However, in my opinion as a national IPMS judge for 25yrs, If I understand you correctly, the answer will be no. The rules state that an entry must be the entire work of a single builder. If you enter a diorama where someone else besides yourself painted the figures in the diorama, then the diorama (as a whole, and that is how it is judged, on the "whole") is the work of you AND another. That, by definition means it's NOT the work of a single builder, and thus should be disqualified. Keep in mind that the reason and the "spirit" behind the rule is to keep a builder with a weak area (such as painting figures, in your case) from getting "expert help" in order to get a better result than they could achieve all by themselves. Thus, letting someone else paint the figures for your dio, especially in order to get better looking figures than you could do yourself, wouldn't be fair to everyone else who had to do all of the work on their own dios all by themselves. GIL
  5. WOW! Welcome Oliver! That is some stunning detailing you've got going there, and you're obviously not even done. Glad to have you here with us and looking forward to seeing more of your craftsmanship! GIL
  6. Welcome Howard! Glad to have you here with us. Sounds like you're already a part of a first class local club! By the way...did you mean new "glass" for the helo model (instead of class)? GIL
  7. Hi Chris I started this project 5 years ago. I used spraycan with texture mixed in. glad to hear u like it Oliver
  8. Hi all Grumbling_dwarf ( Howard) name from 25 years a go. I am from Maine Building models kid on and off stady for last 10 years. I build from all kinds of stuff. Right now building a Revell Marine uh-34d Helicopter. If any one Know where i can find new class for it Let me know thank you in advance I am in Southern Maine Scale Modelers/Imps club and Region 1 Chapter of the Year Thank all
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  10. Wow!! very impressive work, can't wait to see more.
  11. Just curious Oliver, how much time do you have in this project so far? The level of detail and scratch building simply blows my mind. Your use of washes is top notch. What did you use to simulate the texture on the flight deck? Regards Christopher
  12. Truly amazing work Oliver. I look forward to seeing more of this.
  13. My name is Oliver. I am a new member. Heres what i working on. Happy to be part of the IPMS forum family. Oliver
  14. My name is Oliver. I am a new member. Heres what i working on. Happy to be part of the IPMS forum family. Oliver
  15. Hi My Name is Oliver, i mostly build helicopters in 1/35 scale. I have moved towards dioramas but sadly i do not paint figures yet. I am in the process of finishing an US Navy helicopter diorama with 8 figures. My question is: Can i compete in an IPMS event under the diorama section if i did not paint the figures (the rest of the work is all mine) ?. I have read IPMS rule book but it is unclear to me. Thanks Oliver
  16. Very cool camo scheme and a great looking build! I had to go back and look before I realized it was only 1/72. Sweet! GIL
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  18. Ed, thank you very much! I did take my time on this because for at least a year; I was trying to find a way to add the tiles underneath in a way that did not take years to accomplish. After being unsuccessful there; I just decided to complete it and get it off the bench. It was a difficult build indeed, especially after having to scratchbuild the upper brace. And yes, I'll need another Dora-type "baby coffin" as my friend Carlos calls it!
  19. That is magnificent! It looks like a larger scale aircraft! Congrats on doing such an incredible job!
  20. Me it's a Tamiya M16 multi gun halftrack, bought it with a book on halftracks while stationed in Japan 1977.
  21. Revell released the "Space Station" kit in the late 50's/early 60's. I bought the kit in the gift shop of the Seattle Space Needle in the summer of 1962 and finished it that same year. The kit survived several relocations, from Great Falls, Montana, to Taylor, Tx, then Austin, Tx, and then to several apartments/dwellings in San Antonio. By 2004 the model was in a very poor state, so I chose to restore it. Many parts had gone missing and they were replaced with scratchbuilt duplicates. I do not remember where I manufactured my own decals (after many hours on the computer) and away I went. Having completed the restoration in 2004, the Space Station has occupied a prominent location, in its own custom-built display case, and is NEVER moved without extreme caution and care.
  22. F/S two World War II U.S. Navy amphibians You will get 1. Minicraft PBM-5 Mariner sealed 2. Monogram 6837 HU-16B Albatross. Open some parts off sprues put into ziplock. 40.00 plus shipping takes em both. I take PayPal or will also take money order or personal check for those still wishing to use those methods. check must clear before kit is shipped. Please contact me via email do not use the p.m. function here, please oh please.... Contact licin (at) comcast.net Thanks Max Bryant Illinois
  23. Like Dave M. The oldest thing I am trying to save is Me! Now kit wise I guess it would be an old Lindberg Flying Saucer. The one they used in Plan 9 From Outer Space as the FX model... Max Bryant
  24. Thank you very much Gil. Regards Christopher
  25. Amazing paint job John. This is one interesting build too. Regards Christopher
  26. My model is the Italeri 1/72 scale Fiat CR-32 Chirri." It represents an aircraft assigned to XXIII Grupo Caccia, Aviazione Legionaria. The unit was led by Lieutenant Colonel Andrea Zotti and based at Puig Moreno, Spain, June-July 1938. The unit formed part of the Italian contingent fighting for the Nationalist cause during the Spanish Civil War. I used the Osprey Fiat CR-32 Aces of the Spanish Civil War (Aircraft of the Aces 94) for inspiration; profile 28. I wanted to model Zotti's aircraft; he flew "3-4", but I only had the decals for "3-6". The model was built out-of-the-box except for the rigging. Took me 3-months to figure out I can't paint Italian camouflage with an airbrush freehand and another 3-months and a lot of Tamiya tape to manage that effort. I enjoyed the build; never worked harder to complete a model...
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