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  2. Just wondering if anyone has received their new Journal yet. I was thinking it was due this month. I could be mistaken though. Thanks Rocky
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  4. Noel (and all): I totally agree with you, and IPMSUSA has JUST begun to try to step us in the direction of de-emphasizing the contest. They've recently mandated that beginning this year and at all future conventions the host MUST have as many Display Only tables as their venue can provide. Of course that is AFTER they've taken care of the contest area first, so it will vary from show to show. Still, up til now, "display" has been only an occasional afterthought. Now IPMSUSA is going to encourage guys who don't want to compete to bring their stuff to display. Personally, I've reserved 2 display tables for ANYONE that'll be dedicated vacuform and resin models. There are two major differences here in the USA as compared to the UK and Telford. First and foremost, our Nats is the way it is because it started out with a competition format and has steadily grown from there. It's a VERY successful show, and the old adage "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" applies to a great degree. Would it be as big and successful with less of a contest here in the USA? Perhaps.....but I'm not sure any host wants to take that financial risk since the current format is a "money maker". In other words, we're sort of stuck with what we have because it's what we've always done and it works well! The second difference, as I mentioned before, is our vast distances to our shows. Anyone in the UK is a day's drive from Telford. Even a lot of Europe can be there in a single day's travel time WITHOUT having to hop on a plane. That makes the transport of models and stuff needed for booths much more practical. I consider the upcoming Chattanooga show to be an easy drive, and it'll be close to 7hrs. I plan to drive to the Texas show in 2020, and that will involve two days of driving and probably no less than 20hrs travel time. The rest of the shows involve airplanes where you're lucky if you can carry more than one model on, not to mention the hassle of TSA security checks! Only in the eastern US, or possibly southern CA, where there's a greater density of clubs per state, could we possibly have what Telford has with club booths...but with no tradition of doing that, the "clubs" never really consider it. Rick Jackson NAILED IT in his post above. Just bring your models, put them on the contest tables and go enjoy the show for the sake of the show and don't worry about winning or losing! GIL
  5. That looks awesome!
  6. Just finished the MiniArt T-54B. The figure is from DEF.
  7. How is being competitive in model building any different than soccer, golf, tennis or horse racing? The only difference is modeling building tends to be a personally creative and people tend to feel personally hurt or offended when others don't reward their work. Human beings are by nature competitive. Competition breeds innovation. There is no doubt the desire to win has improved the art of model building and help drive manufactures to make better models. Is all competition good, certainly not. Some take it too seriously and that requires more and new rules every year. Everything has certain inherent standards which some ignore or refuse to acknowledge. For example, a guy I know steadfastly refuses to address seams. He either leaves them open or filled with globs of glue. Otherwise he does basically good work. Yet, he doesn't understand why IPMS puts so much importance on filling seams. I have explained it to him, but he doesn't think it should matter. Dak
  8. Ralph's comment to a certain extent may be passionate about how he feels. But has competition got to be the be all and end all for IPMS? Telford is an example of how competition and exhibition can go hand in hand without people feeling that they have to compete. Many Modellers are not bothered one jot about competition, yet the models they enjoy just exhibiting would do well in competition! There is room for both within IPMS. We have to ask ourselves if we are a modelling society promoting the hobby or a modelling competition society? Everyone was a novice to start with, and we should be reaching out to those people as well as more established hobbyists. I fear that IPMS is in danger of taking itself a bit too seriously at times.
  9. That's a beautiful plane and a wonderful tribute! My brother went to school in Steubenville. I'm thrilled to see this honoring someone from there.
  10. I haven't seen one yet. Usually Mark Aldritch supervises the photographers but if he's not attending the Nats, I would like to know who will be doing that.
  11. Good questions Gil, I'd love to know that too.
  12. Models are still "arts and crafts" but if they feel we aren't important than they are cutting off more than they believe.
  13. Thanks Mike. Have been lucky enough to avoid them so far but think you are correct. The bus is probably cheaper but takes over an hour to make the trip.
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  15. That's one pretty P-38! Love the NMF and the markings. Did you paint the d-Day stripes o the bottom, or are they decals? Congrats Bill, and thanks for sharing! GIL
  16. Model built for a Local Boy Scout Troop to Honor a local pilots service. P-38J from 394th FS of the 367 FG. Pilot perished in the channel on July 20 1944. Pilot was 1st Lt William L Mushrush from Steubenville OH Minecraft 1/48th P-38J with True Details interior, Eduard tires and Karaya gun barrels.The Aftermarket stuff way surpassed the Minicraft kit. Uschi Lines for antenna into a filament spring( Which you really can't see🙃) Alclad Polished Aluminum over Gloss Black Thanks for Looking Regards Bill D.
  17. BryanKrueger

    Takom SMK

    One was built. Immobilized by a mine during trials against Finland. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SMK_tank
  18. This was a bust I found on one of the announcement pages on FB. It's by Grimm. I tried looking for his info for this write up, but after an hr., I could find it. If I do I will make an edit and add it. The kit is one piece sculpt, very well done, in a gray resin - no bubbles, or seam marks. The figured reminded me of one of the villains in a Scooby-Doo cartoon, so decided to make him a ghost. Started with the black primer, and then was working on his navy colored coat. Then added a dark gray drybrush to the face, then added color to the barnicles, seeweed, and sweater. Another lighter gray - I want to make the glow coming from his face and OCL lighting on parts of the beard and coat. A little highlight to the coat and cap. I thought I took a pic of the ghostly glow, but didn't. The bluish,green glow color was made by drybrushing Citadel's Nihilakh Oxide where I needed it. I then highlighted that with V's Foundation White. I touch the Nihilakh Oxide and White to the rips in his coat to make it look like glow was coming out of them, and for a little added color. Thanks for looking.
  19. RGronovius

    Takom SMK

    what an interesting and odd looking tank. Did this exist or was it a paper panzer?
  20. BryanKrueger


    Detail painting and first filters and wash. There is still a lot to do.
  21. Let me re-make a point here. Where is it written that a person MUST care if they win or lose at the contest? I know several people who attend, put the model on the table, and enjoy the rest of the convention without another thought about the contest. They enjoy looking at a roomful of models without it impacting their self-worth. Winning an award is gravy.
  22. BryanKrueger

    Takom SMK

    Well SMK my ass! Built mostly OOB. I didn't like the fender stowage wooden boxes and tools so I added boxes from the spares. Easy build. I worked on and off for about 5 weeks in between other projects. Wads of blue tack mask the wheel mounts. I always have better luck with gluing tracks to wheels at the start. When I leave rigid plastic tracks off and try to install last, I always run into fit issues because of paint layer build up.
  23. Has anyone issued a request for photographers yet and I just missed it?
  24. Move the emphasis from competition to exhibition. No contest, no "winner", no "losers", just a room full of models and modelers.
  25. Giving it away? More like answering to the stockholders. They're moving away from scale models and on to the crafts world.
  26. I learnt recent!y that Gerald Wingrove"s wife Phyllis is still alive and well, having moved back to the UK.
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