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  2. Thank you. Please send list. Email is thommiles01@gmail.com
  3. Thanks Thom. What I can do first is send you a list of my books and if you're further interested, we can go from there. How about that?
  4. Hi Patrick, I buy all types of titles, including those for aircraft. I probably due to more sales on aircraft titles, actually. I'm more of an armor guy myself, always messed up the aircraft canopies with glue as a kid so kinda hard to get past that! If you're interested I could definitely swing by and take a look at your books, no obligation or anything. I'm new to IPMS so would be great to meet another local member, too.
  5. Thank you Bradley! I'm glad I can finally call this done!
  6. Mark Deliduka

    Stubo II

    Sensational work Kevin! That is indeed one funky looking craft! You did magnificent!
  7. Wow! What a phenomenal job! I am overwhelmed here. I do hope you bring that to a Nationals; I believe you're a contender here!
  8. Thom, welcome to the IPMS USA Forums and I encourage you to get in with a local club. I am also thrilled to see you building 1/72 scale armor; it is my chosen scale for armor as well. Your Sherman looks fantastic, great job on the dusting of snow. I'm feeling the chill already. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work, feel free to post as much as you like. Welcome once again!
  9. Looking for the 1/48 Hasegawa/Minicraft kit of the Emery Express Citation jet Please contact me at 615-479-7737
  10. I am not sure what this statement has to do with the conversation. It is not about the quality of their work, but about why they hate IPMS. They are oblivious to their personality problems and how they effected others in the group. These "haters" tend to lash out at anyone that doesn't want to play their way or takes exception to their actions and they are incapable of grasping their social awkwardness. Dak
  11. David, I don't disagree with you basic remarks, but I was speaking in more general terms. Explaining it to a head judge is easy, because he is experienced and understands your reasoning. Explaining it to an angry, self-absorbed, belligerent, contestant is a different matter. "That doesn't matter" is their favorite phrase. Unpainted plastic, it doesn't matter. Crooked parts, that shouldn't matter. They often start extolling how the model we didn't like won numerous awards at other contests all the time ignoring the words "other contests".On the other end, explaining why three guys picked the Ferrari over the Mustang to a hard core Mustang guy is a headache. Telling a modeler you bumped him down because of a small fleck of hard to see dust is ridiculous. I have lots of friends who look at my stuff long before it gets to a contest. They are more than willing to point out all the problems in extreme detail. If it is something I can fix, I will, but if it is unfixable without rebuilding the model, I will take the hit and just accept it. I simply don't want to hear what the judges thought, because form past experience, they will not help me and I don't really think they help anyone else. There are countless sites and magazines showing of models and techniques which show what most consider good models. Why does anyone need to ask a contest judge after the event? Dak
  12. Thom. Are you also looking for titles covering aircraft? Btw, I do have a bunch of armor books as well. I am in the Chicago area too
  13. Hi all, As both a modeller and a bookseller, I have a special interest in acquiring (for resale) military modelling/history related books. Typically, I am looking for buys of a hundred plus books or more (for some higher end titles I can be flexible on that). I am in the greater Chicagoland area so typically would be looking for books within, say 50 miles of Chicago; however, for the right collection I would be willing to travel further. Reply to this thread if interested in discussing further. Thanks much! Best, Thom
  14. Hi all, Just joined IPMS. I do not belong to a local group yet, but should be making that happen soon. I build 1/72 scale armor, typically trying to add at least a bit of scratch built detail into each kit. It's been awhile since my last build. One of the reasons I joined was to try to get myself back to it. Best, Thom
  15. Actually, you have to be able to explain your choice to someone ... the head category judge, for example. I offer that no two models are equal and that an experienced judge can note and cite differences between them. I have yet to see the perfect model. The challenge is not, IMHO, when discriminating between two very good models, but between 2 or 3 or 4 models with multiple problems. The best of best is relatively easy, the best of the worst is tough.
  16. Well, I guess this settles it. I suppose one could discern these traits from the models they constructed.
  17. Finally finished. This by far, was the best kit I've EVER built. My hat goes off to all the folks at Tamiya for putting together a fantastic kit. The fit of all the parts was simply amazing. If you like Mustangs like I do, you need to go out and pick up this kit. Regards Christopher.
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  19. 👍👍👍👍👍
  20. Bradley25mm

    Stubo II

    I’ve never seen this aircraft before. Looks great. Your base is awesome. Regards Christopher
  21. Here's my latest scores I got. I got these at my local So Cal AMPS meeting where they were having their semi-annual kit auction. This was the first one I'd been to and of course, I was flat broke! Still a friend offered to buy me what I wanted and I'd pay him back from the proceeds of my latest job that I just finished. These are the items I wanted to buy that he got for me. First was a paint rack. Here it is all assembled: I don't have much in the way of Vallejo paints, but I'll make this work. The only model that really screamed at me was this one: Modelcollect's 1/72 scale BMP-3 that I'd had on my list for awhile. Finally I got one: Now here's where it gets interesting. These So Cal AMPS guys are the best around! Three other AMPS members also purchased a number of 1/72 scale kits that they then passed on to me as gifts! Here is the haul from all these generous people! First is these two boxes. They both contain two complete helicopter kits inside each box: One of each will be made into alternate helicopters for the "In Another World" campaign on the Modeler's Alliance.... Next were these three kits, a Revell and two ancient ESCI kits: Finally there were all these Airfix and Matchbox kits: The M-19 will be made Israeli, and the Monty's Caravan truck will be converted to a cargo truck since I already have the whole Monty's Caravan set already built.... with a full interior! I have a few other ideas for all the rest as well. Thanks again to all the generous AMPS guys in my club! What a magnificent group they are!
  22. Here she is, my latest model finished this month. This is the Monogram 1/72 scale Space Shuttle with Boosters finally completed. I did her up as the Columbia: This model is over two feet tall. I placed a 12" ruler next to this model to show how big this is: This thing had been a problem sitting on my workbench for the longest time. I'm so thrilled to have finished it! Now I have a different problem: Where am I gonna put this?
  23. I have a tapatalk account and have been a regular on Hyperscale. I posted as late as yesterday with no issues. Today, however, it's a different story. Not even my email address is recognized.
  24. Thanks Kevin! I appreciate that. Thanks to some sharp-eyed members on here and another Forums who noticed a major mistake I'd made, I took some time to get this fixed. Here is the corrected model all finished... properly now: Now that this is truly done, I'll be making arrangements for delivery here. Thanks again everyone!
  25. It's been a slow week for me so here's a small update on what I got done at Hobby Day. I'll start with my armor. The Italian Trattore had a missing cab which I finally found. I quickly got this glued into place on the chassis before I lost it again: Later I'll be adding the windows and gloss coat for decals. Moving on, I got the last resin parts added to the M-51 turret: I then added all the resin stowage parts to the left side of the tank: Had to wait for that to dry before I could go do the other side.... Since I was doing an Israeli vehicle, the next project I worked on was the Nagmachon. I got all the suspension parts on as well as some other detail parts. I had also started to fill those crazy gaps: Gonna refine those fills later. Meanwhile, I pulled out my Centurion tank and added all the photo-etch on the hull: I also finished all the detail parts and the turret stowage basket on the Italian Centauro: Now this one is ready for all the photo etch parts. After this, I started two more small vehicles; hoping to get a few more 'easy' projects done. This first one is the T-Models M-1114 armored HUMVEE. The suspension was finally done after several puzzling test fits on each of the 20+ parts just to figure out what the instructions were trying to tell me: That was so difficult I stopped there; reminiscing on the simplicity of the Dragon suspension assembly! The next project I started was another of the ACE Digital design kits: the V-100 armored car. They had me start with the tiny turret. I placed an Exacto blade next to it so you could see how tiny this is: Next was the sparse interior which wasn't going to be seen anyway: After that, I turned it over to add the suspension: With all that done, there was nothing left to do but close up the hull: Finally the last thing I worked on was the Space Shuttle Shelf Queen. I started out with what I felt was the hardest part: scratchbuilding a forward bracket for the front of the Shuttle. I tried to make this in such a way that the Shuttle would be able to 'snap' into place so I could remove it from the fuel tank for transport. This is also why I made it a bit longer than the lower one: Also, the vertical tail comes off for transport. Now it fits in one of my flat tubs. With a little finagling, I was successful with that forward bracket; this beastie snaps into place well. After that, I finished painting and detailing the exhaust bells and then mounted them on the shuttle. They actually have more steel-colored metal showing which the pic does not reflect. The copper colored appearance was my attempt to make these look like they'd been weathered/burned in a previous launch: Finally, I unmasked the windscreen and upper windows and touched up the edges: I could finally call this Shelf Queen done! Eventually, I will finish the payloads that came with this model so I can lay them out as a display around the base of this shuttle. Okay, that's completes this tour of the plant! Thanks all for coming in, comments are always welcome.
  26. ghodges

    Stubo II

    That's a sharp looking build of an absolutely odd-ball aircraft! What was it supposed to be used for, if it had gone into production? Congrats. and thanks for sharing! GIL
  27. Was everything ok over the last couple of days when you went there? If so, then I don't know why the sudden problem. I jst went there with no problems myself. But, IF you haven't been there in a month or more, Brett switched to TAPATALK for his servers (no more Network 54) a few months back, and just about 2 weeks ago Tapatalk essentially took the people they "knew about" (those signed in regularly) and assigned them new accounts. They had been asking everyone to set up a new account with them for a month or more, but those who didn't (like myself) were evidently simply grandfathered in under our old account names. HOWEVER, they did post that if for some reason your user name and/or password was already taken, you'd have to create a new account with them. Also, I believe if you were not active there when they actually made the final account changes, then perhaps you were overlooked. If all else fails, try creating a new account with Tapatalk and see if they solves things. Hope this helps! GIL
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