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  2. Welcome Howard! Glad to see you here with us. I'm looking forward to seeing your latest work.
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    Final details and ready for primer. The busted wheel and spare track stowage are based on ref photos. The damaged headlight is the kit part carefully thinned with a motor tool cutter, softened with liquid cement and dented with a finger nail.
  4. CMK, Czech Master Kits, has released several resin seats designed to fit their numerous P-40 kits. This one is designed for their new P-40N. The set includes 1 part, the seat. This is a direct replacement for the kit part. The detail is crisp and it should look nice settled in the cockpit. There are no seatbelts molded onto the seat so you can easily use your favorite option. This is another quick and simple addition to your P-40N. Thanks to Special Hobby and IPMS/USA for the review kit. View the full article
  5. Czech Master Kits, known as CMK, is one of the prolific model companies out of the Czech Republic releasing full kits and aftermarket parts for aircraft, AFVs, ships, figures, and more. This includes a series of brass chains which are listed as Fine (72ndscale), Medium (48th) and Coarse (35th). This review covers the Fine version of these products as I build mostly 1/72ndscale kits. What you get is a very nice chain in brass that is 30cm long (almost 12 inches). The links are 2mm long and 1.2mm wide. The quality is high. You can either use the chain at its full length or cut it into smaller sizes for different uses. read more View the full article
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  7. For Sale. Revell Germany easy kit #06690 X Wing Fighter. This kit is reportedly 1/29th to 1/30th scale. I've also seen a review on the RPF where a gentleman states he measured it against published dimensions and it comes out closer to 131.5 scale. So fits in to a 1/32 collection Anyway this kit is as close as you're going to c ome to a studio scale kit in a mainstream injection molded plastic model! Yes it is a snaptite and pre-finished but the canvas is there to take it to the nth degree of detailing. These retailed for close to $100 when they were available and Revell Germany is slated to re-release this kit and I can only imagine it will still be in that same price range licensing aint cheap folks... Gotta get some funds so gotta let go.... This kit is complete and unstarted box in very good condition I did open it to inspect. Inner bags all sealed. 40.00 plus shipping Contact licin@comcast (dot) net I accept PayPal for those who still do things the way we used to, I will take a personal check or money order. Cheers Max Bryant Illinois
  8. It may be enterable in the Group Build category. There is no limitation on the numbers of participants in a group. Participants should, however, be members of IPMS. I have seen single group build entries, particularly in cars, where one person paints the body, another details the engine, another the interior, etc. The spread of the scope of work was equivalent. Your entry may be limited as the bulk of the scope of work is one person while a second’s contribution is minimal. Ed Grune NCC Ship Judge
  9. All: There is 154 page thread of details at Large Scale Planes here: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/52716-mh-60-academy-seahawk-135-scale/ Definitely a great read Looks like it was started in 2014 Dave
  10. Here's another nifty little "add on" or "fix-it" for your 1/144th Spitfire. The envelope contains 18 main wheels for Spitfires. I had to look closely, but there are 3 different types of tires in the envelope. There are 6 with no tread, 6 with a tread that runs around the tire, and 6 with a diamond tread. When I said I looked closely, I had to use the headband magnifier to see the tread. But they are there. As far as using these wheels, they're slightly better in quality than the wheels in the newer Spitfire kits such as Eduard or Mark 1 so you may want to replace the kit items. But if you're looking at one of the "older" kits (Crown/Revell/Academy), the Brengun wheels are far superior. And then there's another need for wheels. The wheels are sometimes knocked off the landing gear, or they just get lost. These are the wheels you need. read more View the full article
  11. Gil, Thanks i appreciate the reply, it makes perfect sense. Sounds like "display Only" . Someone had mention at my club that the dio could be entered as Join venture. Oliver
  12. Christopher / Mark / Gil - Wanted to thank you for your comments; I really enjoyed the build. It got me so interested in aircraft used during the Spanish Civil War, I bought a Russian I-15 that I will paint with Republican markings, and early model Bf-109 and Heinkel He-51 that I will paint in Nationalist markings. That's what I love about our hobby, it combines my passion for history with my love of the airplane. Hope to see you all at the Nationals in Chattanooga!
  13. Hi Oliver! I'm hoping one of the NCC Head Judges will chime in here soon to give a definitive answer. However, in my opinion as a national IPMS judge for 25yrs, If I understand you correctly, the answer will be no. The rules state that an entry must be the entire work of a single builder. If you enter a diorama where someone else besides yourself painted the figures in the diorama, then the diorama (as a whole, and that is how it is judged, on the "whole") is the work of you AND another. That, by definition means it's NOT the work of a single builder, and thus should be disqualified. Keep in mind that the reason and the "spirit" behind the rule is to keep a builder with a weak area (such as painting figures, in your case) from getting "expert help" in order to get a better result than they could achieve all by themselves. Thus, letting someone else paint the figures for your dio, especially in order to get better looking figures than you could do yourself, wouldn't be fair to everyone else who had to do all of the work on their own dios all by themselves. GIL
  14. WOW! Welcome Oliver! That is some stunning detailing you've got going there, and you're obviously not even done. Glad to have you here with us and looking forward to seeing more of your craftsmanship! GIL
  15. Welcome Howard! Glad to have you here with us. Sounds like you're already a part of a first class local club! By the way...did you mean new "glass" for the helo model (instead of class)? GIL
  16. Hi Chris I started this project 5 years ago. I used spraycan with texture mixed in. glad to hear u like it Oliver
  17. Hi all Grumbling_dwarf ( Howard) name from 25 years a go. I am from Maine Building models kid on and off stady for last 10 years. I build from all kinds of stuff. Right now building a Revell Marine uh-34d Helicopter. If any one Know where i can find new class for it Let me know thank you in advance I am in Southern Maine Scale Modelers/Imps club and Region 1 Chapter of the Year Thank all
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  19. Wow!! very impressive work, can't wait to see more.
  20. Just curious Oliver, how much time do you have in this project so far? The level of detail and scratch building simply blows my mind. Your use of washes is top notch. What did you use to simulate the texture on the flight deck? Regards Christopher
  21. Truly amazing work Oliver. I look forward to seeing more of this.
  22. My name is Oliver. I am a new member. Heres what i working on. Happy to be part of the IPMS forum family. Oliver
  23. My name is Oliver. I am a new member. Heres what i working on. Happy to be part of the IPMS forum family. Oliver
  24. Hi My Name is Oliver, i mostly build helicopters in 1/35 scale. I have moved towards dioramas but sadly i do not paint figures yet. I am in the process of finishing an US Navy helicopter diorama with 8 figures. My question is: Can i compete in an IPMS event under the diorama section if i did not paint the figures (the rest of the work is all mine) ?. I have read IPMS rule book but it is unclear to me. Thanks Oliver
  25. Very cool camo scheme and a great looking build! I had to go back and look before I realized it was only 1/72. Sweet! GIL
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