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  2. And the BIG winners.... BEST JUNIOR MODEL went to Robert Morgan....however, he (and his entry) had to leave early, so no pic of him or his very nice diorama "Crossroads".... Most Popular AND JUDGE'S GRAND AWARD went to George Arnan for his Viking Ship.... Gil
  3. And the 7 Division Best Ofs.... David Neely's 1/48 I-16 Rata won Best Aircraft Best Armor went to John Grenot for his M1A1 Abrams tank Best Automotive went to Mathew Cunningham for his 1/24 '57 Ford Custom Best Nautical went to George Arnan for his Viking Ship Best Figure went to Mark Sprayberry for his 1/35 Spartan Hoplite figure (no figure pic yet) Best Space/Sci-Fi model went to Butch Bryan for his USS Shayu Best Diorama went to Steve Arthur for his 1/16 Tiger 1 (late) "Viller's Bocage" diorama Finishing with the BIG winners below.... Gil
  4. Ok....Starting with the 4 Specials and the Theme award.... Rick Scott won Best Gloss Finish for his /49 Merc Custom Best Camouflaged Model was won by David Neely for his I-16 Rata... Best Natural Metal Finish went to Ken Friend for his 1/32 F-86 D (sorry no model pic yet...) Best Detailed Model went to wayne Stevens for his '70 ProMod 'Cuda Best 50 Shades of Modeling Blues 2020 theme award went to Bill Giles (no pic of him, he left early) for his "Just Needs Paint" pickup truck Best Of's to follow.... GIL
  5. I'll use this block to list the Golf Medal winners....unfortunately, time didn't allow us to get pics of all of them; something we hope to remedy next year! 1) David Neely- 1/48 I-16 type 10 Rata 2) Junior, Robert Morgan- “1/72 Crossroads Diorama 3) Junior, Jackson Sellers- 1/35 Leopard 1 tank 4) John Bishop- 1/72 DO-17 5) Andy Mason- 1/48 A-4 Skyhawk collection 6) Stuart Kane- 1/35 “Vehicles of the IDF” collection 7) Tom White- 1/24 1930 Model Coupe 😎 Butch Bryan- Star Trek ship USS Shayu 9) Steve Arthur- 1/16 Tiger 1 (late) diorama 10) Randy Riley (2)- “Stranger Sounds” diorama & 1/35 Col. Mike Kirby figure 11) Bill Cruz- 1/700 IJN Sub Chaser 12) Doug Hamilton- 1/350 Steam Packet Boat 13) Mark Alkas- 1/350 RN Destroyer 14) Roger Page- 1/350 BB Montana 15) Lorenzo Vallebono- 1/350 Italian Sub 16) George Arnas- 1/24 Viking Ship 17) Erin Lantz (2)- “Jesta” fighting Suit & Char Kick diorama 18)-Mark Sprayberry (3)- Boudica; Spartan Hoplite; Beggars figures 19) Mathew Cunningham (2)- 1/24 ’57 Ford Custom & 1/24 ’47 Chevy 20) James Marshall (2)- 1/24 ’66 VW Beetle & ’66 Chevy Fleetside 21) Jim liquor- 1/35 Mekava 3 22) Jason Grenot- 1/35 King Tiger 23) Wayne Stevens- 1/24 Peterbuilt Rollback truck 24) Speedy Gonzalez- 1/24 ’72 Can AM Racer 25) Rick Scott-1/24 ’49 Mercury 26) David Stankel- 1/48 F-4J Phantom diorama 27) Ken Hamilton- 1/24 School Bus Camper diorama 28) John Grenot- 1/35 M1A1 Abrams I'll post the Specials and Best Ofs below.... GIL
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  7. Well, you know what Benjamin Disraeli said about statistics: ‘There are three degrees of falsehoods- lies, damn lies and statistics.’ (Often credited to Mark Twain, but Lord Beaconsfield said it first!) Regards, Nick
  8. If anyone in the Dallas area wishes to attend Mike Quan’s funeral, it will be held Monday, February 24th, 10:00 am at Rest Haven Funeral Home, Rockwall, Texas.
  9. Nick I disagree with your interpretation of the “GSB / 123 “ survey The survey was only a question regarding methodologies. There was nothing that implicated “drastic change”. The distribution of results was virtually 50/50. Apparently interest is equally strong on both sides of the issue. The number of survey responses (~500) was greater than the number of votes received by most officers in the last E-board election. ( * )Should we now interpret what that means regarding interests ? I will not pretend to be an interpreter of the ~4000 members of IPMS or their voting interests. I disagree adamantly that the results were “predictable”. I am hoping people were done kicking this on the forum where debate has been accomplished "ad infinitem". The last posts on these topics were back in October 2019. The subject in this posting is "Placing of notifications during the IPMS Nationals". Could we please stay on subject? Let’s move forward. Bill
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  11. David, it'll be great to meet you there in Vegas!
  12. I had the greatest respect for Mike, and he was a friend. He approached scale modeling from an engineer's perspective - yet was always anxious to try new tools, technics and kits. He was a superb builder, and very knowledgeable. Mike gave me kudos on my latest build, just 2 weeks ago. IMPS-NCT is greatly saddened at his loss, and will feel the loss for a long time. Blue Skies Mike!
  13. Wow! What a great read. I feel IPMS/USA is alive and well. As for shows I have to say I miss those parts of the Society the most. Living in Hawaii the shows are very far away and talk about expense of getting there - over the top. However, I am really looking forward to the 2021 Nationals in Las Vegas as Las Vegas is known as the ninth island here in Hawaii and there are a lot of flights from here to there so I will be there and hopefully with a couple of models to show off. Keep building. David Von Almen, Gentleman modeler (in paradise)
  14. Having been involved in the creation of the GSB vs. 123 poll from beginning to end, I was impressed by the intellectual honesty and spirit of cooperation with which the E-Board and the National Contest Committee oversaw the process. I have absolute faith in their integrity and results of the tally. I might add that the result of that poll, while perhaps disappointing to some, were in fact predictable ( both in terms of the absolute number of votes cast and the distribution of those votes between the two choices)- at the present time there just is not enough interest in such a drastic change. Nick
  15. Very sad. Condolences to his family. Was a very ncie guy and a great modeler Dave
  16. Oh, no! Terrible news. Mike was a great guy in addition to being a terrific and prolific modeler. He will be missed.
  17. Are you saying so few indulged to vote, in reference to the low submitted responses at the 2019 Nationals? After the first day of the 2019 Nationals the poll was removed from the registration process. I was told that they (IPMS) didn't want members voting twice. Potentially once at the show and once through the journal. Many people were wondering where it went. Additionally, I was under the impression only the Journal votes were counted in the poll.
  18. Mike was undoubtedly blessed with zoom vision. I say that because I always marveled at his 1/144th aircraft cockpits! An exemplary modeler and gentleman, he always carried a quiet dignity and humor wherever he went. He will be missed.
  19. It is with deep sadness that long time IPMS and North Central Texas member, Mike Quan, has passed away on February 16th from colon cancer. Mike’s knowledge of aircraft, ships, cars, history were legend and his abilities as a former engineer and modeler were exemplary. Those of us who have known Mike for the last 40 years can testify. He will be sorely missed. Godspeed Mike. Mark
  20. I’ve never seen this aircraft before. Probably one of the coolest kits I’ve seen. Amazing job, as always. Your attention to detail blows my mind on all of your builds. The different shades of green on the wings really stands out Chris
  21. Your work is well worth the wait Gil, take your time.
  22. Wow! Stunning work man, those landing lights are wicked cool!
  23. Selling the last released (February 2019) detailing sets of Metallic Details: - Antennas for aircraft model C-5B Galaxy (Roden, 1/144) - $9.00 Set contains resin and photoetched parts for detailing of antennas for aircraft model. - Detailing set for aircraft model B-2 Spirit (AMP, 1/144) - $13.45 Set contains photoetched parts for detailing of exterior, bomb bay and landing gears for aircraft model. - Detailing set for aircraft model KhAI-3 (MikroMir, 1/72) - $4.40 Set contains photoetched parts for detailing of exterior for aircraft model. - Landing gears for aircraft model Su-27 (Academy, 1/48) - $29.70 Set contains resin and photoetched parts for detailing wheel bays and landing gears of the aircraft model. - Exterior for aircraft model Su-27 (Academy, 1/48) - $25.30 Set contains photoetched parts for detailing exterior and air intakes of the aircraft model. - Exterior for aircraft model MiG-29 (Great Wall Hobby, 1/48) - $12.10 Set contains photoetched parts for detailing of exterior, landing gears, air intakes and cockpit for aircraft model. - Rotating propeller 56-66 mm (1/48) - $19.80 Photoetched part simulating a rotating propeller (airscrew) of aircraft. Designed for propellers with diameter of 56-66 mm (the part is cut to the required diameter). - Bomb bay for aircraft model S-3A/B Viking (Italeri, 1/48) - $55.00 Set contains resin and photoetched parts for detailing wiring, bomb bay, 4 torpedoes Mk-46, torpedo holders of aircraft model. - Nose cone for aircraft model SR-71A Blackbird (Italeri, 1/48) - $29.70 Set contains resin parts for detailing of nose cone for aircraft model. - USN loading cart, torpedoes Mk-46 and Mk-54 (1/48): * U.S. Navy torpedo loading cart - $13.20 * Torpedoes Mk-46 - $13.20 * Torpedoes Mk-46 for helicopters - $13.20 * Torpedoes Mk-54 - $13.20 * Torpedoes Mk-54 for helicopters - $13.20 * USN loading cart with torpedo Mk-46 - $14.40 Kits contain resin and photoetched parts for assembly of U.S. Navy torpedo loading cart and torpedoes Mk-46 and Mk-54.
  24. Two points (1) I first suggested the idea of creating the 123/GSB survey on this Forum, shortly after the 2018 Nationals, although my original idea was to poll registrants at the 2019 Nationals as part of the registration process.(2) Maybe so few indulged because, like the 123v. GSB exchange, so few find it constructive or necessary. Nick Filippone, Senior National Judge.
  25. Thank You Rusty. That will be my Course of Action. I never had any intention on 2020. Appreciate the constructive exchange ,sad so few indulged. Regards Bill
  26. This week’s update on the PZL-23B covers the fuselage and wing details. I assembled the wings and then added the photo etch details like the entry steps and hand holds, wing joint covers, and aiming scales to the nose. The engine was then mounted. I needed to paint the base coat on the fuselage prior to mounting the exhaust as it runs along the fuselage. The underside was painted using light blue and the top was painted olive drab. The two color reference photos depicted a panel pattern on the wings. I duplicated this by adding a little green drab to the paint and painted the alternating panels on the wing tops. The main landing gear shrouds house landing lights. The kit provided the clear covers for them but no details behind them. It was just an open hole. I used a clear sprue from my scrap bin that was fit into the hole. I trimmed it flush then drilled into it with a drill bit to make the reflector. Then a smaller drill bit to make the bulb area and finally a tiny one to simulate the filament of the bulb. Stay tuned as next week as I apply the decals and final paint to finish this unique Polish aircraft. You can see all the details and photos from the start in my build log at https://davidsscalemodels.com/build-log/1-48-pzl-23b-karas/
  27. Ahhh....I could not have when you originally posted that....but picked up the HK 1/48 B-17G at Jaxcon and can try to make a few comparisons between the old and the new.....stay tuned, though it may be a week or so since I'm trying to finish up Jaxcon paperwork (and actually started building another model!). GIL
  28. Thanks Bob! I think you are worthy; my work is simple and OOB. First question: the Coke van is actually 1/24 scale, made by AMT if I recall. I would love to do one in 1/72 scale but finding a vehicle like this in that scale is beyond difficult. I just like the look of this van and the Coke logos so I'm building it. Second question: It is possible to do a softer edge camouflage with the Silly Putty, but that involved lifting the edge and spraying from a different angle to allow overspray under the lifted edge. I just laid it down as thin as possible without thinning it too much and then shot straight down, giving me a harder edge. Yes, it was planned. All Israeli aircraft that I've seen had a hard edge camouflage. I have attempted a softer edge before but I'm not that good at it. Still need more practice on a paint mule.
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