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  2. Glad to have you here with us Thom! Hope you do find a local group soon, as that should add to the fun even more. GIL
  3. Thom, Welcome to IPMS USA! If you want to find a "local" group, you can go to the IPMS USA Home page. At the top is a blue bar. Click on "ABOUT". A menu should appear Click on "Chapter Map". Enter Region 5 and Illinois. There's also a meeting listing for the current month. I could also send you a copy (PDF) of a couple of the Chicago area chapters. If you're interested, email me at IPMS-Q@ipmsusa.org Jim Pearsall
  4. My regular First Order TIE fighter arrived. It looks as nice as the Special Forces one. I wonder if they make Rylo Ren's TIE from the second movie? I know Revell did the lights one, but Bandai's would be much better.
  5. Hi Thom: Welcome. I love Chicago (except the traffic). Dave
  6. Continuing onward this week I am working on the main landing gear bays. After locating reference photos on Google, I started by drilling many, many holes to install the numerous hydraulic lines. Using a .09 drill bit I drilled out the many locations where the lines go to. I then took 32 awg wire and ran the individual lines. I then added the electrical cables and routed them. Still have a couple of more lines to run then need to do all the yellow and blue connections and holders on the lines. Then I can weather and highlight the bays. See all the photos from start at https://davidsscalemodels.com/build-log/1-48-f-22-raptor/
  7. Welcome to the festivities. I just joined a couple of months ago.
  8. The GSL show is almost upon us. A good opportunity for all those unpaid MC M authors to have a face to face confrontation with Gregg Hutchings if he has the front to go there!
  9. Roktman

    Stubo II

    Thanks guys! Gil: Stubo is short for Sturzbomber or dive-bomber . I would have been used to carry one 1000kg bomb. There was a stubbier one - Stubo I - that would have carried a 500kg bomb.
  10. Last week
  11. Thank you. Please send list. Email is thommiles01@gmail.com
  12. Thanks Thom. What I can do first is send you a list of my books and if you're further interested, we can go from there. How about that?
  13. Hi Patrick, I buy all types of titles, including those for aircraft. I probably due to more sales on aircraft titles, actually. I'm more of an armor guy myself, always messed up the aircraft canopies with glue as a kid so kinda hard to get past that! If you're interested I could definitely swing by and take a look at your books, no obligation or anything. I'm new to IPMS so would be great to meet another local member, too.
  14. Thank you Bradley! I'm glad I can finally call this done!
  15. Mark Deliduka

    Stubo II

    Sensational work Kevin! That is indeed one funky looking craft! You did magnificent!
  16. Wow! What a phenomenal job! I am overwhelmed here. I do hope you bring that to a Nationals; I believe you're a contender here!
  17. Thom, welcome to the IPMS USA Forums and I encourage you to get in with a local club. I am also thrilled to see you building 1/72 scale armor; it is my chosen scale for armor as well. Your Sherman looks fantastic, great job on the dusting of snow. I'm feeling the chill already. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work, feel free to post as much as you like. Welcome once again!
  18. Looking for the 1/48 Hasegawa/Minicraft kit of the Emery Express Citation jet´╗┐ Please contact me at 615-479-7737
  19. I am not sure what this statement has to do with the conversation. It is not about the quality of their work, but about why they hate IPMS. They are oblivious to their personality problems and how they effected others in the group. These "haters" tend to lash out at anyone that doesn't want to play their way or takes exception to their actions and they are incapable of grasping their social awkwardness. Dak
  20. David, I don't disagree with you basic remarks, but I was speaking in more general terms. Explaining it to a head judge is easy, because he is experienced and understands your reasoning. Explaining it to an angry, self-absorbed, belligerent, contestant is a different matter. "That doesn't matter" is their favorite phrase. Unpainted plastic, it doesn't matter. Crooked parts, that shouldn't matter. They often start extolling how the model we didn't like won numerous awards at other contests all the time ignoring the words "other contests".On the other end, explaining why three guys picked the Ferrari over the Mustang to a hard core Mustang guy is a headache. Telling a modeler you bumped him down because of a small fleck of hard to see dust is ridiculous. I have lots of friends who look at my stuff long before it gets to a contest. They are more than willing to point out all the problems in extreme detail. If it is something I can fix, I will, but if it is unfixable without rebuilding the model, I will take the hit and just accept it. I simply don't want to hear what the judges thought, because form past experience, they will not help me and I don't really think they help anyone else. There are countless sites and magazines showing of models and techniques which show what most consider good models. Why does anyone need to ask a contest judge after the event? Dak
  21. Thom. Are you also looking for titles covering aircraft? Btw, I do have a bunch of armor books as well. I am in the Chicago area too
  22. Hi all, As both a modeller and a bookseller, I have a special interest in acquiring (for resale) military modelling/history related books. Typically, I am looking for buys of a hundred plus books or more (for some higher end titles I can be flexible on that). I am in the greater Chicagoland area so typically would be looking for books within, say 50 miles of Chicago; however, for the right collection I would be willing to travel further. Reply to this thread if interested in discussing further. Thanks much! Best, Thom
  23. Hi all, Just joined IPMS. I do not belong to a local group yet, but should be making that happen soon. I build 1/72 scale armor, typically trying to add at least a bit of scratch built detail into each kit. It's been awhile since my last build. One of the reasons I joined was to try to get myself back to it. Best, Thom
  24. Actually, you have to be able to explain your choice to someone ... the head category judge, for example. I offer that no two models are equal and that an experienced judge can note and cite differences between them. I have yet to see the perfect model. The challenge is not, IMHO, when discriminating between two very good models, but between 2 or 3 or 4 models with multiple problems. The best of best is relatively easy, the best of the worst is tough.
  25. Well, I guess this settles it. I suppose one could discern these traits from the models they constructed.
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