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  2. Additional pics.... The kit is in my possession. I'm thinking that the transporter trailer may actually be from a different kit but the fit between the Snark and the trailer are perfect. There's a locating pin/hole combo on the underside of the Snark that matches precisely with a pin on the trailer.
  3. I recently scored a kit with an MSRP of $169.99 for under $15 delivered. Guys from my model club in Louisville posted about some deep discounts on Dragon kits at Dragon USA. While the kit they were discussing was a 1/6th scale Panzer II normally $350 for $16 and discounted to $10 after using their Father's Day code, I searched other mistakenly discounted kits. I found the Dragon Iron Man Age of Ultron Mark XLIII kit listed for $10 and change; $7.18 after the 35% off discount code. With shipping, a whopping $14.82 delivered. Others tried to order the giant tank and one guy tried to order Iron Man, but their orders were cancelled. By the time they posted their orders were cancelled, I got a shipping notice. It arrived a two days later. By the time it arrived, the price had risen to $101.99. http://www.dragonusaonline.com/item_detail.aspx?ItemCode=DRA38155
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  5. Here's a few acquisitions that I got from the recent San Diego Model Contest. First a couple purchases... This was something I got from a guy selling all these rare things. I got them for $2.50 each; does anyone remember the Snap-a-roos: I already started building one. Some of them are close enough to 1/72 scale that I could use them. I got this from the Rare Plane Detective: That was five bucks. In addition, he gave me these two which he was going to toss out if they weren't claimed. So, I claimed them: It's hard to see what that is but it's a resin kit of what I think is an 0-1 Bird Dog. Not real sure though. The other one was the Widgeon that I already started: This next item I got much later; it had just come in a couple days ago. This is the cross I got to replace the anemic thing given in the Italeri Church Kit: Now my church looks very Irish. I like it! These following kits are all raffle prizes I got from San Diego: That one above comes with a pre-painted body that I think is die cast: Another Testor's Quick Build: Finally, I somehow managed to win the last Grand Prize: Trumpeter's 1/16 scale T-34/85 model! Here it is: Of course, everyone had to mention to me that it isn't in my scale, So, I replied that maybe I would build it anyway and hinge the hull so I could use it as a carrying case for all my small scale models that I bring to a show. LOL! That's all I have for now. Enjoy!
  6. I've got a house full of grandkids for the next several hours but when time permits I'll shoot a few additional pics. The kit is in my possession. I acquired it when I handled an estate sale many years ago. I'm thinking that the transporter trailer may actually be from a different kit but the fit between the Snark and the trailer are perfect. There's a locating pin/hole combo on the underside of the Snark that matches precisely with a pin on the trailer.
  7. I googled “ plastic Snark kits.” I found two more. ( They may both be from the same mold. They are both the same scale- 1/135.) Comet and Kleerware are the brands. Kleerware apparently had a reputation for re-issuing others companies kits. But the kits are very simple- at least based on the pictures of them. They consist of just the missile and a very simple launch cradle. The plot thickens. Dick, is this a photo of a kit in your possession or a photo of someone else’s? Could we see additional images? Could it be a scratch built trailer? Perhaps a trailer modified from another kit?
  8. It is, indeed, a mystery. If needed, I can provide additional images.
  9. It’s not the Lindbergh kit. The trailer is not the same. Most obviously, it doesn’t have enough wheels. For the same reasons, it is not the Monogram kit. The Revell kit is not mounted on wheeled trailer. (This can easily be checked by googling these kits if you do not have them in your stash.) It would appear to be a kit unknown to us all. I will check my plastic kit directory tonight. I love these mystery detective adventures in our hobby. I offer a first prize/ no prize to the first person to solve this. Nick Filippone
  10. Thanks Ron. My initial "research" (a 4 minute shallow dive into Lake Google) indicated it was most likely Lindberg.
  11. Dick, If it's 1/48, it's probably the one by Lindberg. On the internet, the kit goes for around $30-$50 bucks, or at least that's what they ask. Who knows what they actually get. Revell had one but it was on the launcher and was 1/72 or there-a-bouts.
  12. Looking good there, Gil. I have 1 in my stash planning to mark it as a bird from Heavy 7. Just ordered the Nautilus support set. May have to move the Vigilante up in my build order.
  13. Fantastic looking model as always Gil. Love the paint scheme.
  14. Finished the Trumpy Vigi this evening. The build was more enjoyable than I anticipated, with the fit being a little better than expected. I used the Nautilus laser-cut wood re-enforcement set for the interior, since Trumpeter designed it with the traditional left/right half fuselages, which leaves the top and bottom center seams weak if not beefed up somehow. I also used a Black Box resin interior I had for it. It fit almost like a glove. The only adjustment to it was to make it mesh properly with the Trumpeter nose gear well, which had to be removed from the kit cockpit structure. The wing fold is a kit option, as are the deflected leading and trailing edge flaps. One of the major drawbacks to the kit is a lack of intake trunking....Trumpeter provides two complete engines, but they just "sit" in the fuselage interior with nothing leading into each of the engine fronts. I left the engines out and added plastic card intake covers. That meant I had to do so cutting and fitting of the engines to install the rear halves of the engine exhausts so they'd fit within the Nautilus supports; but that wasn't difficult, and also allowed me to paint and add the burner cans at the end of the build. I used MM enamels for the gloss white and 36440 Gull Gray. The metal leading edges were done with Alclad. The weathering was done with a wash made from Mig pigments dissolved in water with a drop of dish washing soap. The panel lines were done with a brown colored pencil. I used some Two Bobs decals that came with the very first issue of Aerospace Modeler magazine back in 2005. The markings are for a Vigilante based out of Albany, Ga @1970; just a few years before I lived there. Rumor had it that the Vigilante pilots would take back to back tours of sea duty just to avoid going back to small town "Allbenny"....Anyway....on to the pics! Now I have the recce RA-5C to go along with my A-5A Viglante bomber conversion I did years ago. Questions, comments, and critiques welcome as always. Cheers! GIL
  15. Anyone know which manufacturer produced this Snark? Note that the "base" is actually a transport trailer and not the launch pad, itself. Any help is appreciated.
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  17. I have filled out the questionaire to post info on our show next April and each time I hit SAVE I get an Error message and all of the data I just filled in is lost. I have completed the questionaire three times and the same thing happens each time. What's going on with this? Boyd Waechter IPMS Houston Secretary
  18. Didn't know were to put this bit over the weekend and now I have noticed that the website is extremely slow loading and changing from screen to screen. Several times I have given up on it and moved on. If it is just me, fine, but if not, perhaps the administrator can look at it.
  19. THANX for that! Light Ghost Gray it is! Am a fellow enamels holdout: "Cold Dead Hands" and all that. Will prob'ly put down Dark Ghost Gray first, to force the shadows a bit. The flight deck started as Panzer Gray, with the kit's decals & homemade deck numbers, all blended with a mist of Gunship Gray, before I hit the exhaust-crud areas with a black/brown mix. Might have overdone the exhaust crud, but I wanted the deck markings subdued, rather than fresh looking. Still needs details, like the dark metal catapults. Cheers!
  20. HMS Submarine M.1 was an innovative but ill-fated attempt to overcome the poor performance and high per-shot cost of contemporary torpedoes. The unique solution was to add a 12-inch Mark IX gun, initially intended for battleship use. The gun was to be fired at a flat trajectory on the surface, or even at periscope depth (!) through use of a simple bead gunsight. 3 of the 4 M-class vessels that were ordered were actually completed, but operational results were poor at best. To reload, the sub had to surface, and it has been reported that the Royal Navy was reluctant to risk the possibility of German replication of this concept. M1, the first in the class, did not see wartime service, and sadly was lost in a collision with a Swedish transport vessel in 1925, and was discovered again in 1999, reported in a BBC television documentary airing the next year. read more View the full article
  21. This is volume one in a three volume set to cover the SAAF in WWII. This volume covers the East African Campaign with the following two volumes to cover North Africa and Malta as well as Sicily, Italy and the Balkans! The SAAF was sent to protect the Sudan and Kenya early on in the war from the Italians and their 200,000 troops and some 400 aircraft. The SAAF 1, 2 and 3 squadrons were equipped with mostly obsolete bi-plane aircraft such as the Gauntlet, Gladiator and Fury with which to counter any Italian attack. These were augmented by a few fabric winged and wooden propeller equipped Hurricane Mk Is. Later on these units joined by 4 Squadron that brought its Curtiss Mohawk fighters and Gladiators. read more View the full article
  22. Scale Aircraft Conversions has been providing replacement gear for a wide range of aircraft models for some time now, and the quality of their products is, by now, unquestioned. This new product for the Kitty Hawk Range of F-5E Tiger II models in 1/32nd scale is no exception. Comprised of ten pieces in cleanly-molded white metal, this kit is designed to directly replace most of the major components of all three landing gear, including hydraulic rams and oleo scissors. Examining the pieces next to the kit-provided gear, they appear to be exacting replicas of the originals, although some of the finicky assembly work of the plastic items has already been done for you, as well as the filling in of a few rather awkward pin marks. read more View the full article
  23. Bob, First, thanks for the kind remarks - I do appreciate them! The paints I used on this build were all enamels - I do have acrylics, but I'm not too sure I'll stick with them on my PENNSY build in the future, although a few parts I've already created for that build are done with them. Most of the paints were Testor Model Master enamels and the "haze grey" I used was, in fact, Light Ghost Gray (FS36375) which is only available in bottle. On the deck/flat surfaces I used Gunship Gray (FS36118) which IS available in rattle can, as well. In addition, the hull was painted with a flat gray primer paint that was actually a lacquer - Mr. Color 601 - but the actual # of the bottle I don't have - all my modeling stuff is packed up and the paint with it. This paint went on well using vertical strokes with an artist's fan brush and was damn near identical (if not actually) to the Testor Lt. Ghost Gray. Good luck with your CONNY - I was aboard KITTY HAWK in 1966 taking air sea pilot rescue training prior to our destroyer's 66-67 Westpac cruise. Very similar to CONNY - esp. the paint scheme. Hank
  24. Brengun has released a few different kits of the Ohka and in several scales. This is the latest which is the Model 22 and in 1/72 scale. This was a purpose built rocket powered Kamikaze attack aircraft. It was used against allied ships towards the end of world war two. In the box is; 1 x light grey Sprues 1 x clear Sprue 1 x Decal sheet 11 x Resin parts 1x Instruction booklet The sprue is well molded with very little flash and great detail. The resin parts are to allow you to make the three aircraft wooden stands used to support the aircraft ready for fitting to the carrier aircraft. Construction First is the construction of the cockpit the one half of the fuselage which is well detailed for the scale. I did add some more detail to the instrument panel as it needs some to give it more realism. read more View the full article
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  26. Joisey is lookin' SWEET! A truly magnificent piece of work and a great reference, if just for inspiration! Seems like this is the place to ask: What are the hobby paint colors you've matched to the Vietnam-era Haze Gray & decks? Reason for the quextion: Am doing a 1/800 (sic) CVA-64 for a relative who served aboard Connie for her last(?) Vietnam cruise and her first Tomcat cruise in the early-mid 1970s. Having scoured online, in books, etc for contemporary pix, it appears the Arii kit is the only one that properly represents Connie - and without the 1980s CWIS mod; started this before the Trumpeter existed. To my eye, the period color pix of Haze Gray look alot like Light Ghost Gray (I normally build airplanes), given varying paint specs & batches, tropical weathering, camera filters...blah, blah, blah...and the Chiefs' prerogative. Am not hesitant to play the 'artistic license' card, but I'm hoping for an initial gouge from somebody who really knows. Your thoughts? (Here's a quick look in a crappy phone photo. The only thing done is painting the flight deck. Lots of PE in her future. And yes, the superstructure is crooked; not to be glued on til' much much later.)
  27. DON'T GIVE UP THE SHIP (model)! Strongly suggest doing the spars (and masts) of these in real wood, or even brass, vs. plastic. Time-consuming, yes, but 1000% more structurally sound and forgiving during the rigging process. You will never go back. There is a set of random sized wood spars available for this kind of thing (Micro-Mark?). If you can't find that, send me a PM and the sizes you need. I'll check my stash...sketchy odds there.
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