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  2. I'm still at it with these old Aurora WW I biplanes. Found this one at a local show and it's bit rarer than others so I snapped it up. It's the Monogram boxing, so the decal locators were removed from the molds, which made life a lot easier. The only thing I did was add a basic interior and drill out the exhaust pipes and Lewis guns. The kit has a four bladed prop, which was only used on Brisfits with a particular engine. In addition, it has a dual Lewis gun mount, which the gunners did not like as it was bulkier and heavier and more difficult to bring to bear on a target. Anyhoo, here 'tis.
  3. Nick, I think that when anyone enters a competition it is just fundamental that there will be winners and losers, and everyone entering accepts this! Your last remark in your last post about build better models for competition in order not to be disappointed does not take into account that everyone can only develop their modelling skills up to a certain level beyond which they cannot go. I have placed models into competitions just to support the competition knowing that they will be also rans and won with others. Unfortunately your last remark could come across as a bit arrogant, although I am absolutely sure it was not intended to be. I have been judging at Telford and at local level for many years and would not want to discourage any one of any ability from entering a competition. We may be in danger of losing focus that this should be an enjoyable hobby and taking ourselves way too seriously. Otherwise IPMS will be perceived wrongly as a bunch of nerds and boffins instead of an inclusive model making society. Goodness knows, the hobby has retracted a lot from the halcyon days due to outside pressures from computer games and social media being taken up by youngsters instead of model making.
  4. The "press release" on the Mig website states, "In this special issue of The Weathering Magazine, we present a collection of the best articles about weathering techniques for model trains available. Through each inspiring page of 14 excellent chapters, you will learn how to use weathering products with the guidance of some of the world's best railway modelers. Create all kinds of wear and dirt effects on locomotives of all eras, as well as on freight cars, coaches, tank cars, and more. Upon turning through the pages of this book, you will quickly realize how entertaining and easy transforming your stock train models into hyper-realistic wonders is. You can bring any rail subject to life by applying any type of weathering effect you choose including rust, chipping, streaking, dust, accumulated dirt, soot, fuel stains, and much more, you'll even learn how paint the most intricate graffiti!" read more View the full article
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  6. HISTORY The Vickers Vildebeeste design originated as a result of Air Ministry Specification 24/25 for a land based torpedo bomber to replace the Hawker Horsley, with the first prototype flying in April, 1928. The plane was of all metal construction with mainly fabric cover. Power was provided by a Bristol Jupiter VIII radial engine. Development continued, with the first production models flying in 1932. The design was upgraded over the years, with 9 Mk. I's (Bristol Pegasus), 30 Mk. II's (Bristol Pegasus IIM3), 150 Mk. III's (A Mk. II with provision for a third crew member) and 18 Mk. IV's, (825 hp. Bristol Perseus radial enclosed in a NACA cowling). In 1931, Vickers developed a modified Vildebeeste as a general purpose type to replace the Westland Wapiti, and this aircraft, which was essentially similar to the Vildebeeste Mk. II, emerged as the Vincent, with additional fuel replacing the torpedo equipment. read more View the full article
  7. Roktman

    King Brian

    King Brian is a character from the 1959 Disney movie Darby O'Gill and the Little People. From IMDB.com : The kit was sculpted Joe Laudati and came in 4 parts - His head, body, cape and base. While the figure is cast in resin, the base was cast in plaster. My guess is to give the base some weight, and the figure is dancing, and all the weight is on one foot. Looking at King Brian's costume, the main colors are 3 different shades of green, and then an orange tan for the vest. The shoes looked black, but I thought a very dark brown worked as well. The coins (and crown) were painted gloss black in prep for painting them with Vallejo Metallics Gold. The face was next, and it was impossible for me to find out the actors eye color, so I just defaulted for brown. Most all the colors were painted and when I went to glue on the cape, there was some filling needed. So I broke out the Aves and blended it in. To attach Brian to the base I added a rod thru his heel into the base. To save some weight the cater made part of the base hollow. No worries - the rod will still hold. Thanks Joe for autographing this. For safety, I added a rare earth magnet to his sole and the base. A few tries and it worked fine... until I added the cape. With the cape in place, the balance was lost and wanted to tip over backward. I figured I needed another rod, and to play it safe I thought that I should fill the void in the base with resin, and then add that rod. Check back for the conclusion. Thanks for looking.
  8. Very cool job. Nice vignette too.
  9. Hello guys These are the things I've been working on lately, as my hands shake more and more with the passing of the years I'm dedicating more time to the 3d designing and some less to the "real" plastic things. Anyway these designs are later 3d printed so I can see them built and painted in the finished models. I hope you like them.
  10. A newer addition to Scale Aircraft Conversions large line of metal landing gear is this set for the Wingnut Wings Junkers D.1. Like most of SAC's sets, this is meant as a drop-fit replacement for the kit's plastic landing gear. The set comprises of both main gear legs, the landing gear "wing" between the legs, and the main axle. All are made of sturdy, white metal. I could see no appreciable difference in the detail between the kit items and those in this set. They look to be almost the same. If anything, I believe the SAC details were a bit softer than the kit items. The "wing" had a bit of a molding mishap and there is some excess metal on the top port side (see the photos). I think this will be a bit challenging to clean up and retain the details of the rivets and corrugation. The axle came slightly bent (which I know is common with white metal pieces, but still annoying). read more View the full article
  11. Yet another addition to Scale Aircraft Conversions large line of metal landing gear is this set for the Wingnut Wings Sopwith Triplane. Like most of SAC's sets, this is meant as a drop-fit replacement for the kit's plastic landing gear. The set comprises of both main gear legs, the landing gear "wing" between the legs, main axle, tail skid, and tail skid adjusting piston. All are made of sturdy, white metal. read more View the full article
  12. Two Bobs Aviation Graphics is one of leaders in aviation decals with an impressive variety in 1/32, 1/48 and 1/72 scale. This latest release, which has very large amount of markings, fifteen to be exact! Each of the fifteen subjects of the 494th Fighter Squadron have colorful nose art that are real attention getters like "Dead Pool" "Texas Ranger" and one of the markings, "2-Oh-40oz" which has an image of a red tail P-51D dropping bombs. The aircraft and nose are included is: 00-3001 "Jenny"; 00-3002 "Devils Darlin"; 00-3003 ""Gears of War"; 00-3004 "Bulls Eye"; 01-2000 "Valkyrie; 91-1311 "Lady Liberty"; 91-1313 "Texas Ranger"; 91-1314 "Chief"; 91-1324 " White Walrus"; 91-1326 "Ravage"; 91-1329 ""Deadpool"; 91-1335 "Megalodon"; 96-1602 "A-Bombinator"; 96-0201 "Firebird" and 96-0204 ""2-Oh-40oz". read more View the full article
  13. I am using the Glue Looper. It is an awesome tool to apply CA glue. I have used it for applying Tamiya thin glue as well. For CA glue I place a small pool in an aluminum dish and dip the tip of the tool into the glue. Just touch the edge and the glue flows under the PE and there is no excess to be seen. Gives me a very clean looking bond. I use to use dental picks but this tool works a lot better and is very precise. Especially when glue very small PE parts. https://davidsscalemodels.com/tips-and-tricks/photo-etch-tools/
  14. The De Havilland (English Electric) Vampire was conceived in 1941 and first took to the sky in 1943. According to Wikipedia it was used by over 30 nations and was last flown operationally by Rhodesia in 1979. Given the longevity of the Vampire, and its interesting twin boom look I took on the challenge of this build and review. read more View the full article
  15. This release is Vol. 2 in the Legends of Warfare-Aviation series and covers the B-24 G to the B-24M in nine chapters. There are hundreds of photographs (actually 291 color and b/w photos) in this 128-page publication. The photographs coverage of the B-24 (and derivatives) inside and out. Those who wish to build a highly detailed model of the B-24 will find this publication an excellent and comprehensive resource. The stunning images are accompanied by a few paragraphs that describe the distinct features of the B-24 variants that are covered (see those variants lists in the Table of Contents below), and with informative captions for each image. read more View the full article
  16. Very neat looking job! Assuming you're using superglue, what tool are you using to apply it in such a precise manner? GIL
  17. This week’s update on the F-22 is a small one. Between my oldest son’s graduation from college and life getting in the way I was not able to spend a lot of time on the bench. However I was able to complete the main weapons bay doors. The small doors had 14 parts and the larger doors had 50 parts each. The braces are 1mm X 1mm styrene stock and the hinge shaft is 28awg wire. Next I will be assembling the photo etch replacement missile bay doors and then priming all the doors for paint.
  18. Gregg Hutchings did make an appearance at the GSL somehow finding a return air ticket from Hawaii to Salt Lake City plus Hotel despite Model Cars Magazine appearing to be struggling just to survive? Heard the latest? He is offering life subscriptions to Model Cars Magazine! Is this a move to prop up the magazine taken out of sheer desparation? The people I will feel sorry for are those trusting folks who take out those subscriptions if the whole thing goes under at I believe 150 iUS dollars a pop and 300 if living abroad including Canada. I suspect that most will pass on this 'offer'?
  19. Cutting up a 1.350 Polar Lights Enterprise kit to make a Lynch Class light destroyer. My first attempt at lighting a kit as well, hope to have it ready for Wonderfest and then the Nats!
  20. Military History has always fascinated Bouko de Groot. He earned a BA in Art History and an MA in Egyptology from Leiden University. Bouko de Groot served in the Dutch Army and has authored a number of academic, popular scientific, and business journalistic articles. He spent at least eight years working in Shanghai for IHS Fairplay, publishing daily online maritime news, along with weekly and monthly magazines. He is Dutch and currently lives in Germany. Peter Bull graduated from art college in 1979 and has worked as a freelance illustrator for over 25 years. He has created both traditional and digital art for publishers worldwide. Peter also runs the Peter Bull Art Studio, based in East Sussex, UK, which he founded in 1975. read more View the full article
  21. The U-2 is one of those historic planes that many people have heard of whether they are fans of planes or not. From the shooting down of Francis Gary Powers to its long service of gathering intelligence, it has always interested me. AVF Club has issued their first kit of this iconic plane as the U-2A Dragon Lady. Inside the box, there are eight grey sprues with petit panel lines and no flash, easily the equivalent of top-flight manufacturers. One crystal clear sprue is provided along with a large decal sheet and a nice picture of the box art. There are three options in the box for markings: read more View the full article
  22. Last week
  23. Comments that are critical of ‘finding the flaws’ and ‘ignoring the bigger picture of what the model actually represents’ ( I don’t even know what that means) frustrate me as an experienced and scrupulously objective judge. As long as we as judges are required to identify three winners and X numbers of losers in a finite amount time, we will need a system that is efficient while also is able to be fairly applied to all entries. While theoretically you could compile all the things done correctly on each entry, that would be too time consuming. So efficient knowledgeable judges will start be looking for where most builders make common mistakes. These are craftsmanship competitions NOT an assessment of how much enthusiasm the modeler has for his or her subject. Likewise, the judges are not trying to answer the question: ‘What is the artist trying to say?’ In modeling contests, as in war, the winner is often the one who makes the fewest mistakes. There is a very simple way for the builder to get past this first cut of common faults. Read the Competition Handbook and do what it tells you to do. Despite this, the common errors appear with predictable frequency- admittedly more at the lower level shows than at the Nationals- but they are always there. Most categories will thankfully contain the gross misalignments, the wide-open seams, sloppy paint work, the silvered decals. Once these are out of the running, the really hard work in a 1,2,3 system begins. Now comes the necessary nit-picking. Now some of the virtues of a G,S,B system become apparent. But under either system, there are going to be disappointed entrants. If you do not want to be one of them, you have two choices: build better models or keep your models on the display-only table. Nick Filippone, Senior National Judge
  24. Looking for the Furball Aero 48010 1/48 A-4 Skyhawk, Lo Viz Devil Dog Scooters decal set. I need the VMA-214 decals specifically. Thank you.
  25. My apologies Ed; I was going by a category used in a couple contests here. Perhaps someone in the Ships Judges can adjust the description of Category 405; or the other category that has 1/350 carriers and battleships to say "All Ships: 1/350 Scale" so commercial ships can be added back in. Otherwise he'll probably have to enter it into the Miscellaneous category.
  26. dhamilton

    Color question

    Thanks Brian!! I was able to figure out what I needed. I'll be using colors from the AK line of paints that match the color guide well. Not ready to apply any paint yet, but I have them!!!
  27. Before starting this review, I was un-aware of RES KIT and now that I am aware, I will certainly keep an eye open for some of their other accessories. They supply modelers with resin ordnance, weapons, wheels, engines, intakes as well as figures. Check them out! Currently on my workbench is an Airfix B-25C/D and I thought I might give the wheels from RES KIT a try on the model when it is finished. For a very reasonable amount of money, RES KIT provides you with a very nicely set of detailed wheels for any B-25 Mitchell. (Also available in 1/ 48 scale.) RES KIT supplies you with nicely molded set of wheels molded in dark grey resin. The wheels are molded separately from the hubs which really saves a bunch of time NOT having to mask the wheels for painting. read more View the full article
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