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  2. Now for my latest work I did at Hobby Day this past weekend. All this is armor and at least three of these are brand new models started during Hobby Day. The one model I continued to work on was the twin 128mm AA guns that go with the Austratt turret. I did get the first of two barrels built: After doing the second one the same way, I then assembled the whole gun. It took awhile and had me highly frustrated due to the way the instructions aren't clear and the steps they tell you to do only make the assembly more difficult. I finally got most of this beastie completed: This gun is almost ready for paint after a few more fiddly bits get installed. After that I decided to try something different... hey, who left this engine lying around? Okay, that above is the V-12 engine that goes to my Bereg Coastal Defense gun. There were fifteen parts on that I had to assemble to get that to this point. By this time, I was tired of tiny pieces so I jumped ahead and built the command and control cabin for this as well as the turret. Here is the turret all assembled. You can see the gun that goes on this in the background: Here it is lined up behind the C&C cabin as it will be when installed on the chassis: Next I pulled out the ACE BTR-3K and started on it. First I assembled the lower hull. There are five pieces that make this up: Then came the upper hull. Three more pieces: Here's the top sitting on the bottom. Putting these together will be interesting: Finally I started another car; this one a Type 770 Cabriolet. I started of course, with the chassis. This was tough as the connection points were not clear in the instructions: After that I built the interior and the upper body. Here it is all together: Later I realized that the stance was not correct so I had to pull the front suspension off and rebuild it properly. I don't have pics of that, but this little car is almost ready for paint. That's all I managed to get done on Hobby Day Friday and Saturday. I was surprised at how well I did given everything that was going on both those days. This will probably be the last update for a couple weeks due to the start of a fairly large job so enjoy! Thanks for looking in; comments are welcome.
  3. I do not disagree, but it is not realistic and counts heavily (or should) against the builder when it comes to a contest. If I didn't want to do seatbelts in an airplane because I found it difficult, people would not be sympathetic. Dak
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  5. Dave, I suspect that happens because the builder wants to use a built piece of armor without having to take the suspension apart to make it work on an uneven surface. JMO
  6. Here is a recently completed build. I'm not a very prolific figure builder but I still like to dabble in them with the hopes that each next build might be better than the last. This is a Hi-tech Miniatures item of the Viking god Odinn. It's meant to be a gaming piece but I simply like them as display items.
  7. That's all fine, but it doesn't guaranty the models are truly anonymous. Nor does it prove there is a need for this function. It serves to only add another layer of work for the contest staff just when people are getting tired. There are plenty of safe guards to prevent merely voting the builder's name. If the general public has no idea how we judge (or even cares) and the contest entrants do know how we do it and also know one another, then hiding the name has no valuable function. All it does is make things more difficult for the judges and the contest staff. If you do not know the person named on the form, that person is in effect anonymous. If you recoqnize the models, it is not anonymous. If you do know the name, then you probably already know the builder and what he has entered. Additionally, many models have been entered and placed in other contests, further eroding the anonymity. Can anyone dispute this is true? Keeping the builder's name hidden does nothing but help isolate us even more us in a solitary hobby. We should be opening up and inspiring communication between members instead of putting up meaningless walls. Dak
  8. Greetings All, As expected, the Embassy Suites room block sold out very quickly…in about 4 hours to be exact. There are still rooms available at the overflow properties: Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, and Candlewood Suites. I am having problems with the link Haven Management (owner of all 4 overflow properties) gave me for the Country Inns and Suites. I have a note into their room block manager to get back with me on these issues. So, for the time-being, I am not activating this link on the Nats 2020 webpage. I will activate it as soon as the issues are resolved. As a reminder, we will be running a shuttle service between the four overflow hotels and the Embassy Suites during the entire time of the convention. We envision it running between 8 AM and 8PM daily during all 4 days of the show. Other stops will include downtown San Marcos as well as the Premium and Tanger Outlet Malls just to the south of the Embassy Suites and San Marcos Conf Center. As we get closer to convention time next summer, I will put details on the website pertaining to the shuttle schedule and specific stop locations. Our group rooms coordinator that is managing the Embassy Suites room block for our convention will be sending me weekly reports between now and next July on the number of rooms available at the end of each week. More specifically, as those of you that have reservations and then need to cancel because of various reasons, I will see those rooms at the end of each week. For this reason, I am starting a stand-by list for those of you who could not get an Embassy Suites room but still wish to have one come convention time. If you wish to be on this list, please send me an e-mail (director.nats2020@gmail.com) with the subject: “Embassy Suites Stand-by List” and I will add you to my spreadsheet (name and e-mail). I will then send this spreadsheet to our group rooms coordinator at the Embassy Suites at the end of every week. If you are in need of cancelling your reservation at the Embassy Suites please send me an e-mail first (director.nats2020@gmail.com) before you cancel online and I will immediately pass your cancellation request to our group rooms coordinator at the Embassy Suites. She will in-turn send you an e-mail with your cancellation confirmation number and then take the next name off of the IPMS supplied spreadsheet and send that next person an e-mail with a reservation number as well as a phone number to call to link your credit card with the reservation number in order to hold the room. For those of you reading this e-mail/post I ask that you spread the word with other members in your chapters so that if they do have a room and are not on my distro or read the IPMS forum, they know to e-mail me if they wish to cancel. As usual, please send me any questions you may have and I’ll do my best to find you and answer. Best Regards, Len Pilhofer
  9. Total number of parts: 25 each package. As I'm scratch building a 1/16 scale PT boat, when I saw these neat little shells and cartridges I was curious. What arrived was 4 small packages which included 25 shells or cartridges each in both .50 caliber and .30 caliber. For a large scale I was surprised at how small they were. I was able to compare the .50 caliber ones with a real .50 caliber cartridge and shells, and there is a gigantic difference in size. read more View the full article
  10. At SMW Telford all competition models have to be pre registered by a certain date and are issued a competition number that is logged on to a computer with the builders name. Only the entry number appears on each entry card on the table, so the person"s name remains anonymous even to the judges. When the awards are given it is a simple matter for the Competitions Secretary to cross reference the entry number and match it to the entrants name on the computer.
  11. I've been looking for WWII (although stocks were used until the 1960's) AMN66 2000 lb bombs in 1/72 scale. As far as I can find, no one makes any, nor do I know of a kit where any have been provided. I was wandering whether anyone out there might know of a near-sized smaller type bomb in 1/48 or 1/32 scale? As near as I can find, the bomb I'm looking for would have an L.O.A. of real 90.4", which in 1/72 works out to 1-7/16" or 34.5mm. The length of the bomb body only is 70.00" in real life, or 1-1/8" or 21.5mm. The diameter of the bomb body is 23.3 inches in real life or just a hair over 5/16" or 8.5mm or thereabouts. What I am trying to do is substitute on of the larger scales' smaller bombs for the 1/72 2000 pounder. It looks like this (not to scale): I'm wondering if anyone out there knows of a 1/48 or 1/32 scale smaller poundage bom that looks like this at is fairly close to the dimensions given above, that I could substitute for 1/72 2000 pounders. Appreciate any ideas or leads, as I need two of these... Ed
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  13. Or, if no black decal paper, print again on white or clear and paint it black- with apologies to The Rolling Stones. Nick
  14. Ok, this is gonna sound crazy, but hear me out. And I concede I have never tried it. Since the markings you are trying to make are symmetrical in all axes, in theory, you could find some printed source for them and copy them on a copier where you can adjust the size. Then copy them on to the back or carrier paper side of white decal paper. Cut them out and you will have the white outline you need in white decal. Then, copy them again on the back of black decal paper and cut out the black only. Apply as a two part decal. Did that make any sense? Nick
  15. Nice idea, if you have a printer that could do that, which I don't. But thanks anyway.
  16. Since when did abdominal laparotomy sponges become a household item? 😳 Does the Health Department know about this? 😀 Nick Filippone
  17. Maybe scale up some 1/72 ones, and print out on white decal paper??
  18. Abdominal laparotomy sponges. Fantastic for wiping out the color cup of your airbrush. And for polishing gloss finishes. And wiping off paint brushes. Also, for waxing/polishing your actual car.
  19. This next build is Hasegawa’s 1/48 scale F-8E Crusader. I chose this so that I can add it to the F-4B, F-14A and the F-5E that I built previously where they all represent the VF-111 Sundowners squadron. I will be using the VF-111 “Mig Killers” decal set from Cutting Edge and the Ares resin cockpit set to complete the details. Starting with the cockpit tub I started with the few photo etch parts then moved on to the detail painting of the fine details. Then the side walls were detail painted. The ejection seat was detailed with photo etch accessories and painted. The dashboard was built from the photo etch and attached to the resin hood. The cockpit was then all assembled. I compared the resin cockpit to the fuselage and started trimming the fuselage to accommodate the new resin cockpit. More photos in my build log at https://davidsscalemodels.com/build-log/1-48-f-8e-crusader-from-vf-111/
  20. thanks for the clarification; helpful in that I can put the conversation in context.
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  22. Per the hotel website, they have 283 rooms, so a 260 room block is a decent set-aside
  23. According to Len Pilhofer’s post on this thread on Monday at 1:52 P.M., there were 260 rooms in our block. Nick
  24. Out of curiosity, how many rooms were included in the block for the convention? Mark
  25. So I forgot to check for the time reservations would be opening for the convention hotel. Tried to make a reservation on Friday, 13 Sept. Went on-line and then by phone only to be disappointed the block has sold out for the Embassy Suites! It never stops to amaze me how fast the main hotel sells out nowadays. I guess this is to be expected. Unfortunately, a number of those making reservations will not be attending the Nats in 2020 for whatever reason and will end up cancelling their reservation. I guess I should have been quicker! Booked at one of the overflow hotels. This will be the first time in the past 15+ Nats I haven't stayed at the primary hotel. Oh well, rant off !!! Mark
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