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  2. If registering online, do I put family members in the checkout notes? --David
  3. The Beeb advertising clips for this drama seems to have gone very quiet of late. Perhaps it will be out for this Christmas instead of last as I thought or possibly in the Autumn / Fall. Maybe the production company have some technical issues and taking a bit longer than anticipated with the CGI or something in post production. Who knows?
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  5. Thanks Gil! I have so many going right now, I do need to finish some. I am hoping to do that very soon. I was fortunate that the guns on the Austratt turret didn't need counterweights. They just needed the holes in the trunnions tightened up. Everything works perfectly now! Stay tuned, more to come.
  6. Looking forward to seeing pics of your work.
  7. Best give up on Academy altogether if their service is that bad. But, you have exposed the risks of buying second hand kits in general. If you are still looking to make the Cutty Sark look for the ones by Airfix and Revell.
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  9. Here's a link to a build review on our IPMS forum; it talks about the fit of the wings and other items....:http://www.ipmsusa.org/reviews/Kits/Aircraft/trumpeter_32_su-27/trumpeter_32_su-27.htm GIL
  10. Thanks for the feedback Nick. I had an idea that is what might happen. Kind regards Noel
  11. https://www.tested.com/art/makers/876367-adam-savages-one-day-builds-scratch-built-spaceship/
  12. Best in Class Awards and Best in Show would continue to be chosen as they are now. Team leaders would nominate candidates (obviously Gold Medal recipients ) from the categories they have judged and a vote would be taken. The Judge’s Best in Show would be chosen by vote from these winners. Nick Filippone, Senior National Judge
  13. As a UK IPMS member and SMW judge this discussion has made very interesting reading. If the GSB system is adopted, how will the senior national champion be selected? Will an extra layer be introduced in the judging system to decide on what will be top model from the gold awards in each overall subject category (e.g. Aircraft, AFV, Automotive etc) to decide on the eventual overall senior/junior national champions? Or will these titles be ditched altogether under the Gold, Silver and Bronze system? I understand that this survey is just for feed back at present to see what.members feel and not a proposal. It will be interesting to see what eventually develops from the survey.
  14. All, Was curious if anyone out there has built this kit? If so, did you encounter any fit issues with the wings to the fuselage? I just started it. It’s MASSIVE. Thanks in advance. Christopher
  15. Flagship Models' new web page is alive and open for business! Way better and easier to navigate around than our 15 year old one was. Also featured is multiple ways to pay and up-to-date shipping program. Check it out at the usual place: https://flagshipmodels.com/
  16. As for me, I'm always overwhelmed by the amount of projects you have going at once! I can barely keep one or two organized! That turret does look amazing.....I was going to suggest counter-weighting the back of the guns to offset the weight of the barrels, but it seems you elegantly solved the problem! GIL
  17. I must say, Ron, that I am always impressed with (and not a little jealous of) the results you achieve with these venerable kits. Well done. Nick
  18. IPMS/USA again thanks Eduard for supporting the IPMS USA reviewer corps with one more of many monthly releases, in this case a new PE instrument panel for Revell's 1/32 FW-190A8/R11 NachtJager. If you have never used these panels, I recommend you try them and become hooked like me. I cannot paint to this level of detail. The kit provides impressive instrument panel and bezel detail, and the lower cockpit side panels can be painted for a realistic look; but they will never have the fine details and legible numbers, placards, and detail work exhibited by Eduard PE sets. In this scale the overall colors and additions add so much to the panel areas that it truly impresses even the jaded flashlight and mirror contest lovers out there. read more View the full article
  19. A couple days ago, I went to a Brewer Brothers sale to sell some of my models that I know I won't build or aren't in my preferred scale. While there, I received three gifts from my friend who was selling on the tables next to me. This first one is a FROG kit of the Swordfish in 1/72 scale. He gave this to me since I had never built a Swordfish yet: It was also because it had no top so most likely wouldn't sell anyway. Another model he gave me that intrigued me was this Eastern European model from a company I have no clue about. The box was also beat up quite a bit so he gave this to me. I'm happy because it is a Soviet troop carrying glider: Finally, I also got this book from him since he knew I love naval ships: That's all for now.
  20. I seem to have overwhelmed everyone again with my quantity since I've had no replies! LOL! That sounds better to me than nobody looking in because these are all just OOB.... Just joking guys! NO need to take me seriously, after all my wife doesn't so why should you right? LOL! Anyway, here's a small update where I started two models and moved forward on several more. I'll start with one of my two models I started. This is a 1/24 scale 1929 Coca Cola Delivery Van that I got some time back. On another Forums I jumped into a mini Group Build with two other guys building the same thing. It got me motivated to get started on this. Of course, I started with the little four-banger motor: I then started on the chassis which needed to be assembled en toto and included eight pieces besides the engine itself. Here it is all assembled: The wheel hubs are just tightly fastened onto the metal axles; I can remove them later for painting. I just put them on the model here to line up the chassis and make sure all four wheels touch the ground. Moving on, I decided it was time to move forward on more models; especially those awaiting paint and/or clearcoat. Here they are in no particular order: Clearcoat first: The Diamond T Wrecker got cleared for decals: The little V-100 got cleared for decals: The Italian Trattore truck got cleared for decals: And the Centurion got cleared for decals: After all this, I shot a basecoat of Olive Drab ANA color on the Italian Centauro. This was the closest thing I could see that matched pics showing this vehicle in Italian Olive. Good enough for me as I haven't the time or inclination to try and mix that color: Since I was already painting, I pulled out the two Syrian Hell Cannons and finished up the painting on them. On the larger one I first dry-brushed a rust color over the gun and frame itself, then drybrushed some dull metallic color mixed with a bit of rust on the wheel hubs. On the smaller gun, I completed a rough three-tone camo pattern; then painted the tires and the wheel hubs afterward. The tires on the smaller on are still a bit wet in these pics: Technically, these two are done already. I still need to complete the rounds of ammo that came with them so I'm not calling them done yet. Finally, after all that painting; it was time to build something again. The Austratt turret was calling my name, or rather screaming at me; so out it came. Someone wanted to see the size of this turret in 1/72 scale so here's a shot of the upper shell next to a ruler. This is six and a half inches long from front to back: The first thing I did was to build the base... all two parts of it. Man, was that ever tough! Yeah...no it wasn't: The guns then had to be assembled since they were molded in halves. They give you parts for four guns, even though this only has three in the turret: I made those as seamless as possible; I'll know how successful I was when I paint them. I also built all four in case I screwed one up or something. After the base dried, I dry fit to see how well the turret base plate fit in the base: Like a glove! Smooth operation of the traverse too! Of course I had to try it with the upper turret shell on too: Now, earlier a friend had mentioned that the holes in the trunnions needed to be reduced so that the guns will remain in whatever position I wanted to pose them in. Otherwise they would just remain fully depressed. He made one suggestion, but another friend and fellow IPMS club member mentioned another idea that I decided to try. I added some thin strips of styrene inside the loops so that the holes would tighten up: It worked! The guns stay where I want them to! Here is the whole turret fully assembled. Now it's ready for paint: After that, I can start on the two 128mm twin AA guns that also come in this kit. Well, that's all I have for this tour. I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment and thanks all for stopping in!
  21. Beautiful work Ron! That is incredible!
  22. If it were, I'd win Best Of with my 1500+ finished models! LOLOL! Tha's a joke people. Don't take me seriously, my wife sure doesn't.
  23. The master at work!. Great job as always. Regards Christopher
  24. Love the build Ron. Paint scheme is my favorite. The rigging lines kick the entire build up a notch. Congrats! Regards Christopher.
  25. The Airfix 1/48th scale Blenheim is another in a growing line of new kits from Airfix that reflect a high level of detail and sophistication that are proving highly popular with modelers. Molded in slightly soft, light grey plastic, this first Blenheim out of the gate represents the Mk.1F night fighter adaptation of the standard medium RAF bomber. A separate tree of parts is provided to assemble the ventral 4-gun pack that provided the forward punch for this fighter, plus various radar antenna. The gun pack is attached directly over the closed bomb bay, with a single part provided to represent the closed bay doors. It's obvious from the extra parts included on the main parts trees - large and small bombs, a full bomb bay, as well as doors for an open bay - that a standard bomber version is in the works. As it is, a Mk.1 bomber version can be built from the included parts. All you need are the appropriate decals. read more View the full article
  26. The vehicle: The T-72 series was the most produced post WW2 tank. It is designed to have a low silhouette and smaller hull than most modern tanks. The crew is only three soldiers, with ammunition loading being done automatically. Due to the cramped crew positions, the maximum height of a T-72 soldier is 5 feet 9 inches. The T-72 gun is a 125 mm capable of firing HEAT and APFSDS rounds, as well as ATGMs. There are 40 different countries who have significant numbers of T-72s. In spite of an arms embargo, Iraq had 1000 T-72s in 1990. In 1996, this number had reduced to 375 The Kit: read more View the full article
  27. The PC 10 was Model Master Green Drab. The linen was also Model Master, but i can't remember it's name. 'Course, Model Master Enamels are now out of production, but you can still find some on the interweb.
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