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  2. LOL...looks great and love the markings Dave
  3. OK, more news. Dave Lockhart is getting the inputs from the Regions, and when it's all ironed out, there will be an announcement in the Journal.
  4. 1320Wayne

    F 18 VFA-146

    Oops, this is the second time I've posted a completed build in the wrong area.
  5. 1320Wayne

    F 18 VFA-146

    Yeah, another completed aircraft build. I've said this before but I'll say it again so that everyone knows my abilities. I'm primarily a car builder. Been around cars/race cars my entire life so I know where everything goes. So, when it comes to building and detailing it pretty much comes natural. Aircraft, however, a whole different scenario. I have to do research for every build and hope that I get it right, or relatively close to right. The technical aspects of building aircraft are totally different than car/truck subjects. I am in total awe of so many aircraft builders and their abilities to get the finishes/weathering just right. So, with the disclaimer out of the way here is my latest build. F-18 VFA-146 Blue Diamonds using a Revell kit along with Twobobs decals. I'm trying to add the appropriate paint details and still trying to get the whole weathering techniques down. Still a ways off on that. All that aside I am happy with the results and think it looks good on the shelf.
  6. All: In the January E- board meeting minutes: We added 31 new members in November. We had 3911 active members as of the V31J6 (Nov/Dec) Journal mailing. Dave
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  8. My vote goes to the guys and gals of San Marcos for all their hard work this year!
  9. We have just been informed by the Rio that we are now officially SOLD-OUT of all 2,400 room-nights. As a courtesy, they will honor the $89.00 discounted room rate for a few more days for weekdays ONLY! We will be reaching out to other resorts in the area to see if we can secure a discounted room rate for those that missed out. Thanks
  10. We have just been informed by the Rio that we are now officially SOLD-OUT of all 2,400 room-nights. As a courtesy, they will honor the $89.00 discounted room rate for a few more days for weekdays ONLY! We will be reaching out to other resorts in the area to see if we can secure a discounted room rate for those that missed out. Thanks
  11. Hello Was this question ever answered by an IPMS USA management member, regarding IPMS Membership Numbers? I am also Interested in USA membership quantity. Regards Bill D
  12. I used to subscribe to the old Military Modeler magazine. Sometime in the mid 90s, it merged with their sister publication Scale Modeler with Military Modeler as a smaller subtitle. That continued for a short time until the subtitle went away and it just became Scale Modeler for a while. Then the balance of my subscription was filled with some sort of hot rod magazine.
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  14. I have nothing on the HH-3F aft ramp gunner’s position.
  15. Review Author: Floyd S. Werner Jr. Brengun The new engine was added to the F-16 beginning with the Block 30. This engine was the General Electric F110-GE engine. Two versions were used on the F-16, the GE-100 on the Block 30 and 40. The Block 50 fitted the GE-129 model. They are virtually identical externally. This is set for the Tamiya F-16 kit, in particular the Aggressor and CJ kit, Packaged in a sturdy cardboard box are three high quality grey resin pieces which in themselves are packaged in a resealable plastic bag. There is a small instruction sheet that tells you what you need to replace. There are no blemishes anywhere on any of the resin pieces. The detail is phenomenal throughout. Starting at the back, the exhaust itself which is the most visible part of the set, has flawless detail for the petals and the connecting ring. The detail on the inside is even nicer. Compared to the kit part, which has no detail, the resin piece is beautiful. One thing I noticed was that the resin exhaust appears slightly longer than the kit part. I do not know which one is correct. The afterburner portion of the kit is a single piece that keys into the exhaust. There is minute detail along the inside that the kit part does not even attempt to show. The final piece is a beautifully rendered afterburner flame ring. There is detail that is not included on the kit parts that is quite noticeable even though it is pretty far in there. The kit part just hints at some detail, while the resin piece looks like a miniature flame ring. Removing the parts from the casting blocks is easy enough. The cut lines are very well shown. The instructions show where to cut. The three parts are keyed to each other to ensure the proper orientation. All this set needs is careful painting to make it work perfectly. Test fitting of the parts indicated perfect fit. Exquisitie detail that is significantly better than the kit parts make this set worth buying. I'm impressed with the detail throughout the set. Adding this will add significant detail to your model. Highly recommended Thanks to Brengun and IPMS/USA for the review copy. You can obtain yours directly at www.brengun.cz or your local hobby shop or online retailer. View the full article
  16. Review Author: Floyd S. Werner Jr. Brengun The Tamiya F-16 series of kits are phenomenal renditions of the real airplane. There are multiple boxings. This particular set is designed to replicate the exhaust of the Pratt and Whitney F-100 Exhaust used on the Block 42 and Block 52 aircraft. They are externally very similar. The Block 42 has the -200 version and the Block 52 uses the -229. Packaged in a sturdy cardboard box are two pieces of light grey resin inside of a resealable plastic sleeve. The two parts are perfectly cast with no blemishes anywhere. The detail on both pieces is remarkable. The exhaust nozzle is a gem. It includes beautiful detail inside and out. Compared to the kit parts which only hints at the detail, the resin exhaust is perfect. There are beautiful exhaust petals and actuators. The other piece is the afterburner liner. The kit liner is nothing more than a smooth surface. The real thing and the resin one has exquisite detail. I screwed up slightly when I removed the afterburner liner from the casting block and damaged the cone shape middle piece. I will have to replace that. So just take care removing the piece from the casting block. It was totally my fault. The pieces are keyed to each other so you can't mess up. Just careful painting is all that is needed to bring this set to life. Beautiful detail inside and out, which is a significant improvement over the kit parts, makes this set an essential upgrade. The difference will be quite noticeable. Highly recommended Thanks to Brengun and IPMS/USA for the review copy. You can obtain yours directly at www.brengun.cz or your local hobby shop or online retailer. View the full article
  17. Review Author: Floyd S. Werner Jr. Brengun The Tamiya Mosquito is a beautiful kit but it does have one drawback, it can't be built into a two-stage version. The Airfix kit is the only way to get a two-stage Mosquito out of the box, but they are hard to find and not as easy to build as the Tamiya kit. A few other conversions have been done but they are long out of production. So if you want the build one of the high altitude variants, such as the FB Mk. IX, Mk. XVI, NF XV, or PR Mk.34 or any of the later variants you'll need this resin set. Packaged in a sturdy cardboard box with eight resin pieces, two upper engine nacelles, two lower nacelles and four exhaust stacks. Also included is a fret of photo etch to make the intake screens. The parts are protected in a resealable bag. The resin is light grey and absolutely flawless. Test fitting the resin upper and lower cowling proved that the fit was perfect. And that is without even removing the pour blocks. A single fret of brass allows you to build the tropical variant by adding the intake and side vents. This is a relatively easy conversion. The engines are handed so don't get them confused. You simply need to remove the kit cowlings and then mate the new nacelles in their place. All the cuts are on panel lines for easy removal. This conversion is easy, perfectly molded, and allows you to do new variants of the Mossie. The ease of the conversion and ease of building the Tamiya kit makes this a winner. The best part is the price is relatively inexpensive as well. If you want to do a late variant, this is the easiest way to do it. Another great conversion from Brengun. Highly recommended Thanks to Brengun and IPMS/USA for the review copy. You can obtain yours directly at www.brengun.cz or your local hobby shop or online retailer. View the full article
  18. If you have added an image to the gallery (Ben T. V.), please also upload the file with the information listed below!!! Eric
  19. Am also researching a 1/72 HH-3F and would like to do it with the aft ramp open and a gunner's position there. That means I've gotta at least suggest some interior detail. Do either of you guys know any decent pix of that area, especially the gunner's position and the internal fuselage structure adjacent to it? Ditto on the Revell vs. Whirly': Gonna dance with the girl I brang. NMUSAF has a great photo spread of their restored HH-3 Jolly Green, including cockpit-360 views, but it doesn't appear to have an aft ramp-gunner set-up. Suggestions appreciated.
  20. I’ve purchased from Whirlybird in the past with no issues. As far as the Special Hobby TH-55 is concerned, you’re probably gonna hafta go to eBay. I know of no US dealer of Whirlybird’s products.
  21. Ed, I brought your post to the attention of the E Board. They are working on the awards, and the awards will probably be announced in the near future. The plan is to also recognize them at the Vegas Convention. I'm not speaking for the E Board, just passing on news.
  22. Very nice, and you didn't have to stretch sprue! Interesting how the camo wraps around on the fuselage, but not the wings. Thanks for sharing! Gil
  23. Not to speak for the e-board, but the DLC and regional coordinators had a Zoom meeting last week that helped firm up the candidates. So draw from that what you will. 🙂
  24. I am modeling US military helicopters in 1/72. I have almost all of my models, but I am having difficulties with finding two models. One is the Hughes TH-55 Osage, of which Special Hobby made a model in the late 90s. The other is the USCG Sikorsky HH-3F Pelican. Whirlybird from UK makes a pricey resin kit, so I am trying to convert a Revell USAF HH-3E Jolly Green Giant to an HH-3F. I have found conversion kits from Hawkeye Models in Australia, Air-Graphics in UK, and Model Alliance. I have not found sources to get these other than the manufacturers, which are expensive to buy and ship, and take long waits to get. Does anyone know of a US dealer which carries these kind of kits? I would also like to buy Whirlybird's USCG Sikorsky HH-52A Seaguard but would prefer it from a US dealer for similar reasons.
  25. Interested to see your Reply from the E Board. Regards Bill
  26. Review Author: Dave Morrissette Osprey Publishing Osprey is renowned for their concise histories of the rarer conflicts around the globe. This edition covering "Armies of the Great northern War:1700-1720) is just such an edition, covering the Great Northern War which was fought in the Baltic region and ranged all the way from Norway to southern Ukraine. In the end, it led to the destruction of the Swedish Empire acquisitions in the war of 1618-48 as well as transformation of Russia under Peter the Great. The book is 48 pages in the standard Osprey size and is illustrated with color plates, maps and text describing all the combatants and battles. Chapters included are: Introduction Chronology The Russian Army The Swedish Army The Saxon Army The Polish and Lithuanian Armies The Danish and Norwegian Armies The Hanoverian Armies The Prussian Army The Holstein Army Cossack, Tatars and Danubian Principalities Select Bibliography Plate Comments Index From a history perspective the chronology, with a map from 1700 to 1720, details the skirmishes of the conflict as well as highlighted historical points and people. The remainder of the book covers each individual army, the number of combatants, their composition, and other details. For example, looking at the section on the Hanoverian Army, it starts with a discussion of the history of the duchies involved and their combining to the Duchy of Hanover. It follows with a breakdown of the regiments and battalions supplied and type of troops they were such as Dragoons, line infantry etc. to give the reader a feel for the size of the fighting force. This general format is repeated for each army. Each group is represented in smaller pictures but also in wonderful full color plates with a commentary section in the back describing each soldier and his uniform. The soldiers are numbered by plat to avoid confusion. I included four of these plates as examples. The artwork is stunning and great reference for figure painters. Whether you are history buff, figure painter or just looking for a good read, this book has you covered and is most definitely recommended. My thanks to Osprey Publishing for the opportunity to review it! View the full article
  27. Review Author: Will Kuhrt Scale Aircraft Conversions Thank you to Phil and Bill for all that you do managing and providing review opportunities! Recommended kit: Any 1/35 Academy AH-1Z Reviewer's Comments: This landing skid set from SAC is a direct replacement for the kit parts. The white metal casting is superb as is usual for SAC. The kit consists of five parts: two main skids, one tail skid, and two skid braces. Instructions are not provided, but they are not required since the parts are intended to be direct replacements for the kit parts. The parts are very nicely detailed, and clean. There are no mold seams visible, and no sanding or filing was required. Prior to painting it is recommended to wash the parts with a mild detergent solution to remove any remaining mold release. I would recommend using a gel-type of CA adhesive to bond the parts together. This landing gear set is highly recommended for its excellent quality and simple installation. It will absolutely provide a more robust base for your AH-1Z model. Thank you for SAC for the honor to review the fantastic accessory and thank you to IPMS for the opportunity. View the full article
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