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  2. Roktman

    Hannibal of Carthage

    The second bust I picked up with Vlad was Hannibal. He comes from Black Heart Models and is very well done - no bubbles and only the faintest of a seamline. While I would have thought that Hannibal was on Middle Eastern decent (I don't know why) the sculpt is made to looks distinctly African. So that's the way we're going to go. WIP can be see at my page. Here's where I decided to leave well enuff alone. Thanks for looking and CC are always welcome.
  3. ghodges

    2020 and beyond

    Got ya...and you had me at "Embassy Suites".....😉 GIL
  4. noelsmith


    Auto World, Scranton, PA! Remember their thick annual catalogue full of all the latest kits and bits at he time along with tips on building and painting inside. I think I can remember a line from the catalogue "Who's Rich Morgan? Who cares? You might!' OK! who was Rich Morgan then?
  5. I just had a chat with Matthew about Scale Motorsport and have some news. It seems I incorrectly said the business was closing. The business is definitely for sale and he is working very hard to see that it stays around under new owners. He wants the Scale Motorsport traditions and name to continue. They are still open for business and selling product. I will continue to buy their product as I feel it is the best available and encourage others to do the same. For the auto building fraternity, it is an important source of parts and I am hoping it stays around for a long time. My apologies for any confusion my prior posts may have caused.
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  7. noelsmith

    BBC Filming War Of The Worlds in UK

    The Tom Cruse movie was visually good and enjoyable enough but unfortunately bore no resemblance whatsoever to to H.G Wells book. Wrong period! Wrong country! Spielberg missed a great opportunity to do the story justice when making this film if he had made it 'in period' in the Edwardian era. Hopefully the BBC will at long last do the story justice on screen with this 3 parter! Rusty, you can bet on it being available in the States in 2019. My guess is that it will be shown on one of your prime network stations. Most likely it will be released on DVD shortly after. Probably that will be the best way to view it not being constantly interrupted by ads.
  8. Already pre-ordered, with the light kit. Have TOS Enterprise as well, with all the Tena Controls lighting stuff. It's on my top-10 to start next. Main issue with these are where to display them. My preference would be the mantle in the family room, but for some reason my wife doesn't care for that idea . . .
  9. Hanson

    BBC Filming War Of The Worlds in UK

    The last one - Tom Cruise movie - had some decent effects; the ferry scene in particular was great. But the never-ending, shrill screaming by the girl was really grating. At about 1/4 way in, I was ready to let the aliens have her. Both of the kids were really, really unlikeable.
  10. EFGrune

    2020 and beyond

    SanMarcos is located midway between Austin, TX and SanAntonio. Its location as a convention site for us makes economic sense. It is a short drive to either of these cities and the museums/facilities they offer. Fredericksburg, TX and the Museum of the Pacific War/Nimitz Museum is a short drive. Houston (NASA, USS Texas) is a bit more. The IPMS chapters in Texas have committed their assistance in putting on the show. SanMarcos has an Embassy Suites based convention center, for your better half there are several outlet malls nearby Air access via either Austin/Bergstom airport or SanAntonio International
  11. EFGrune

    3-D printed models prohibited?

    The subject of 3D printed models was discussed during the NCC meeting at last year's convention. Examples of 2017 state-of-the-art models and details were shown. Both during the NCC meeting and afterward, the opinions of various modelers who are familiar with 3D technology were solicited. The general consensus of opinion was that since the process of making a 3D model does not typically employ the "manual skills" of modelbuilding (cutting, sanding, glueing, etc) they are not scratchbuilt models, and may not be entered in scratchbuilt categories. 3D printed detail parts may be used. They are considered to be just like resin, photoetch, or other such material. A conversion using 3D printed parts is considered to be a commercial conversion as opposed to a scratchbuilt conversion. A totally 3D printed model may be entered in the appropriate category. 3D kits were present at last year's Nationals, in the ship and spacecraft categories (of which I am aware). Ed Grune, Head Ship Judge IPMS-USA National Competition Committee
  12. Ron Bell

    3-D printed models prohibited?

    I think the "rub" is that if it is a home-brewed 3-D model, how do you enter it because it can't be a scratch built and it isn't a commercially available kit. I don't think we have many of these yet, but they may start to crop up more and more. I'd suggest you contact either or both the National Head Judge, Mark Persichetti at NCC@ipmsusa.org, or the Phoenix contest chairman. Jim Clark, at contestchair@ipmsusanationals2018.org for a more definitive answer.
  13. WarthoMKL

    Can anyone help PIN Badges

    Thanks to all who have helped I now have the 2014 and 2015 pin. Still in need of Columbia S Carolina in 2016 and Omaha Nebraska last year if anyone has them in the back of draw unwanted
  14. ghodges

    1/48 F-20A Tigershark (Freedom Models)

    I'll add my kudos to Dukes! I also agree that it's too bad it never saw production. Congrats on a sharp looking Tigershark! GIL
  15. ghodges

    Vindicator by Accu Mini

    Great looking Vindicator! Yet another I've yet to get to in the stash.....Congrats on getting to yours! GIL
  16. ghodges

    3-D printed models prohibited?

    Not sure where your question lies.... If it's a complete KIT (as in ALL parts provided for a the model), 3D printed examples are not permitted to be entered; just like die casts or flying models. Personally, I support this rule addition since we're an organization that promotes the BUILDING of models from kits; not the simple painting nor remarking of fully assembled models from others. This is also in compliance with the rule that demands that all of the work on any model entry be entirely our OWN. Thus, a scratchbuilt model must be entirely our own work (except for tires, props, guns, etc. as noted in the rules); which would rule out a 3D printed example. Personally, I do not think that a modeler who loads some scale plans into a computer, translates that to a 3D printer and prints the model (even if done entirely by themselves) is doing what WE do: assemble, paint, and finish plastic model KITS. Nor does it involve or call for all of the skills needed to scratchbuild a model as demonstrated by the competition who does not 3D print. If it's a CONVERSION set (be it one or more pieces needed to change a KIT), then 3D printed parts ARE allowable, and are considered to be like pe or (more closely) resin cast parts used in a conversion. The second part in your citing merely defines a conversion using a parameter of complexity and the degree of work needed to complete it. So, adding a entirely new wing to a plane (whether 3D printed or cast in resin) might constitute a conversion and go in the conversion category. But, adding more detailed "featherless" exhaust cones (3D printed or resin cast) to an F-15 model would not be enough work nor a significant change to the model and thus could still be entered in the F-15's regular competition category. Hope this helps and I haven't misunderstood your question. GIL
  17. ghodges

    2020 and beyond

    Who/where is the "San Marco TX" club? There's no TX chapter listed under that name, nor does any of the TX chapters list a San Marcos as their home town.... The only "San" club seems to be IPMS Alamo Squadron in San Antonio. GIL
  18. AoA (Angle of Attack) decals: Continuing their focus on Vietnam War subjects. We sincerely appreciate AoA sending IPMS/USA their latest release for review (and thanks also to IPMS USA Reviewer corps leadership for sending this sheet my way). This decal set includes stenciling for two aircraft, so you can get two, maybe three marking options out of your investment if you are careful. The modeler is up front provided options to build at least two of 14 different O-2 aircraft. read more View the full article
  19. KurtLaughlin

    3-D printed models prohibited?

    I got the new Journal yesterday and noted the rule change that (essentially) says that 3-D printed models cannot be entered as scratchbuilt models. However, rule I.4 says "Pre-Production Examples. "Test Shot" or pre-production examples of kits not yet commercially available may not be entered in any national competition for awards" and Rule II.4 says that "Simple conversions may be entered in regular categories. More extensive conversions, however, must be entered in the appropriate conversion category." So, a 3-D printed model is not scratchbuilt, it's not an extensive conversion, it's not a simple conversion, and it's not a "commercially available" kit, so how is it allowed to be entered? KL
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  21. ralph4hand

    2020 and beyond

    I have always enjoyed the Bid presentations, making my selection, and then hearing the winner announced at the Banquet. 😀 The suspense is fun!
  22. Nice score Mark. While I dig the Batmobile (eh, the resin figures should be no problem) 😉 I dig the ambulance. I'm drawn to the "not the usual" kits. For me Whats Old is New Again! Yesterday was a hot one in the ol' hobby den despite the AC going. It was so hot in fact that the parchment paper I use on the wet palette was drying up before my eyes. I gave up painting for the day. To still get something done up there, it hit me that I had a box of garage kits in a crawl space up here, and I'm sure the heat is no good for them. I decided to pull them out. Well, it turns out that I did not have 1 box, but 3 !! A few of the kits I only had the vaguest memory of, and most I didn't remember at all. 😮 In the end my stash grew my 1/3! I'm going to have to build faster.
  23. midnightmodeler

    Collection Sale

    I am currently in the process of selling off portion of my collecti9on that I have realized I am never going to build. That and my A/C failed and I have to fiance a repair bill now, lol. Please follow the link below to a pricelist and photos. Prices do not include S/H which will be determined upon order. No price is carved in stone so make offer. I am offered discounts for multi-items sold and am offering a lot price of $500.00 for entire collection + shipping. Price list and Photos here: https://imgur.com/a/qq4xJWy
  24. Rusty White

    BBC Filming War Of The Worlds in UK

    IT"S ABOUT TIME!!! I have been hoping for any studio to tell the HG Wells story as it was published. I just hope we can see it here.
  25. Tony Buttler was born in 1956 and joined High Duty Alloys in Redditch in 1974 as a metallurgist. For nearly 20 years he was closely involved in the testing of aluminum and titanium airframe and engine components for many of the world's most important airplanes. It was during this timeframe that his interest in military aircraft grew into a passion. Since 1995, Tony has been a freelance aviation historian, and is well known for his Secret Projects series of hardbound books with Crecy Publishing. He has also written many titles for the Warpaint series of monographs as well as many articles for most of the popular historical aviation magazines. read more View the full article
  26. Ready for Christmas viewing the BBC are filming War of the Worlds, true to the book based in Edwardian England. What a refreshing change from all the Americanized versions made for Cinema and TV down the years!
  27. The F-4 Phantom needs no introduction, and has been a modeling staple for decades. The F-4J version used by the USN (and USMC) featured upgraded AWG-10 radar, J79-GE-10 engines, slatted tail surfaces and drooped ailerons. It saw combat in Vietnam and continued to remain in the USN/USMC line up for years. Like the F-4B, the F-4J saw combat over Vietnam and would continue in service for quite a few years. After later upgrades the F-4J was then re-designated as the F-4S. read more View the full article
  28. Last week
  29. History: In the Summer of 1944, things were not going well for the Japanese. The Americans were approaching Japan, and from the Japanese viewpoint, an invasion of the homeland was not too far away. Conventional weaponry seemed to be ineffective. Due to the fact that Japan was far behind the U.S. in industrial development, existing air and naval forces were being used up far beyond Japan's ability to replace equipment and personnel. The leaders still thought they could win, but it was obvious to many military and naval people that something radical was needed. read more View the full article
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