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  2. Ron Bell

    Some stats pleae

    Your right, My bad. Mean is the arithmetic average, mode the most frequent response and median is as you say.
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  4. Nick Filippone

    Some stats pleae

    The median is the number in the middle of an ordered list of numbers such that half of the numbers are below it and half are above. Just sayin'. Nick Filippone
  5. RumonYa

    Detailing sets of Metallic Details

    In order not to flood, I will add here: Landing gears for aircraft model SR-71 Blackbird in scale 1/72 - $28.00 Set contains 25 resin parts, photoetching board (40*21 mm). Opened jet nozzles for aircraft model F-15 (Revell, Great Wall Hobby) in scale 1/48 - $25.00 Set contains 44 resin parts, photoetched parts (49*25 mm). Jet nozzles with external flaps for aircraft model F-15 (Revell, Great Wall Hobby) in scale 1/48 - $25.00 Set contains 10 resin parts, photoetched parts (49*25 mm). C-5B Galaxy. Engines (1/144, Roden) - $26.00 C-5B Galaxy. Tail (1/144, Roden) - $3.20 Sets contain resin and photoetched parts. Lighthouse of Brier Island in scale 1/144 - $56.00 Kit contains 7 resin parts, photoetching board (52*137 mm), film, LED, switch, wires and battery with sell to build 1 model. Detailing set for aircraft model Airbus A350 (Revell) in scale 1/144 - $8.00 Set contains 2 photoetching boards (29*71 and 17*37 mm) for detailing the exterior of the aircraft. Detailing set for helicopter model AH-64 Apache LongBow (1/72) - $22.00 AH-64 Apache. Tail support (1/72) - $3.60 AH-64 Apache. Exhaust Pipes (1/72) - $5.40 AH-64 Apache. LongBow Radar (1/72) - $7.20 AGM-114 Hellfire (1/72) - $9.00 Sets contain resin and photoetched parts.
  6. Peter

    1/72 Bridge Diorama

    Due to the nature of my design, which includes wiring under the bridge, three items have to be installed at the same time. That is, the towers, road base, and traffic lights. Took me awhile to find a solution that won't split the wood when drilling it. Making the traffic lights. Building the road and footpath base. Drilled countless holes for railing posts. Routed the wiring to go under the table. Installed towers, road, and lights.
  7. Marek J. Murawski has authored over 100 books with Kagero, primarily in the form of aircraft monographs, squadron histories, and air battles. Marek Rys has authored and illustrated many books with Kagero, primarily in the form of aircraft monographs, squadron histories, and air battles. Mark does have a hardcover book coming out in November 2018 from Mushroom Model Publications in their Spotlight On series, "On the Fly". read more View the full article
  8. PeteJ

    Some stats pleae

    Ron, That sounds about right except the mathematician in me has to point something out. The "mean" is the total number of models divided by the number of modelers. The mode is the number that occurs most frequently. There is also a median, but we won't go into that. I will grant you that there are probably few modelers who remember this.😉
  9. Wow Mark! That’s some score. And ooh the B- Wing? I’m jealous! I have one on preorder from CultTVMan, but who knows when that’ll show. Good to know about the missle set too. I’m building Fantastic Plastic’s Avatar AT-99 and it’s TERRIBLE! Casting like you’d expect from an early 90s garage kit. Anyway the missiles were so bad I started scratching my own. After one, I was like no way. I’m just gonna buy some. Should have the AT99 in SciFi forum later this week. 😉
  10. Ron Bell

    Some stats pleae

    Actually, if you did a full analysis of the numbers, I'd bet you'd find the mean, being the most often seen, number of entries per modeler would be more like 2-3. It's those guys that bring tubs full of entries that skew the numbers.
  11. PeteJ

    Some stats pleae

    Really? That low, eh? It would also be fun to see who came from where. By state would be interesting if you can't do by city.
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  13. IPMSUpdates

    New Review: Junkers Ju 87 Stuka

    Martin Derry has worked extensively in the field of aviation publishing. He is the the author of British Military Aviation: 1960s in Colour (2007); Hornet and Sea Hornet: De Havilland's Ultimate Piston-engined Fighter (2010); Hawker Hurricane and Sea Hurricane (2015); Avro Lancaster (2015); Avro Shackleton (2016); English Electric Lightning (2017) and the forthcoming Gloster Meteor (2018). Neil Robinson is a respected aviation historian and author, who has worked on a number of related projects over the years. He is the author of RAF Trainers 1918-1945: Camouflage and Markings (2012), and Air War Over the Falklands (2012). Hawker Hurricane and Sea Hurricane (2015); Avro Lancaster (2015); Avro Shackleton (2016); English Electric Lightning (2017) and the forthcoming Gloster Meteor (2018). read more View the full article
  14. Ron Bell

    Some stats pleae

    That's an average of 6.4 models per entrant. When we get the final registration count, we can also see what percentage of those who attend the convention actually enter the contest. When I did it for our last show I think it was somewhere around 20-25%.
  15. Some nice stuff there Mark. I also picked up the Comic Con version of the B-wing from USAGundamstore but the pilot looks a little short for a B-wing pilot. Will have to do a bit more research. Today I stopped at Hobby Lobby to see what they had left on the clearance kits. Just two in the store, one I already grabbed and a car I wasn't interested in but I did help a couple of clerks sell and airbrush with compressor to a lady who wants to use it for her art. I could definitely tell the young ladies were out of their league so made a comment and then ended up basically taking over the sale. Next I hit Barnes & Noble and picked up the latest issue of Airfix Model World. Then I hit MRS Hobbies and found the new Revell PT 109 kit, the new Joker and a piece of power armor that I have odd plans for. So a good day out.
  16. ghodges

    Finding The Correct Paint

    Do yourself a favor....and do NOT try to be too exact. You'll save yourself a LOT of headaches and simply find paints that are indeed in the "ballpark", even if their FS# doesn't match the instructions in the kit. Most of the common paints are available from any number of manufacturers in enamel or acrylic. Keep in mind that the actual "color" as seen in daylight would vary according to how it was mixed and applied, by its age and degree of exposure to the elements, and what those elements were. OD Green faded considerably differently on planes in North Africa versus the Pacific versus here in the states. There's "depot fresh" paint jobs and then well worn paint jobs depending on time in the field. You can call up period color pics of any group of subjects and find variations in the finishes from one to the next sitting immediately beside one another! This is not to say that there aren't any standards. People have expectations, which appears to be your chief worry in trying to get it "right". My advice is NOT to be so worried. Most paint lines are in the ball park and you can then make adjustments as you see fit to make them match what YOU think looks right. Anyone who tries to tell you you're wrong is actually admitting they don't really know what they're talking about! Lastly, if you're truly concerned, then find a picture of your subject and copy it to the best of your ability. Someone may question your result, but you won't be so far off that you can't show that pic to validate your finish. Since you say you're new to the hobby, my advice is not to stress out too much over being so precise. If it says "OD green", or "Brown-Violet #81"; then find that paint and use it without worrying whether or not that manufacturer got it exactly correct. After all....it'll be the same paint (for the most part) most every other modeler uses! Hope this helps! GIL
  17. Just reminds me of the old sayings: "where there's a will, there's a way"; and "necessity is the mother of invention". It's nice that we do have better ways and materials these days to reproduce markings that aren't available. It's also nice to know that there are "old school" methods we can fall back on if and when needed. Thanks for the reminder! GIL
  18. Mark Deliduka

    Some stats pleae

    Actually that was Phil who mentioned that. But thanks, it'll be interesting to see how many more models were on the SIG and club tables.
  19. That is a good question. Thanks Joe.
  20. This is how it was done prior to the introduction of after-market decals, home computers and graphics software, ALPS printers, and blank decal paper.. From the "Model Talk" column by Geoffrey Norris, RAF Flying Review (International Edition), May 1960, p. 45. "You need: a sticky label like those used for re-addressing envelopes*, some clear varnish (I used Humbrol), and ordinary plastic enamels. Working on the sticky side of the label, coat the approximate area of the transfer with clear varnish and allow to dry. Then trace the design onto the varnish. paint it in, and allow to dry again. Another coat of clear or matt varnish on top of this will help strengthen the transfer, but it is not strictly necessary. Once this is dry you can proceed as with an ordinary transfer. One last word of advice: these transfers need a lot of soaking and do not slide so easily as those bought in kits. But they certainly stick on the model very well indeed." Having done this many tines after discovering this process, I can testify that it does work quite well. My "clear varnish" of choice in those days was Pactra Clear Gloss enamel, Humbrol being somewhat hard to find in the US in the early 1960s. *Note: this is a gummed label with "lickable" or water-activated glue, NOT the pressure-sensitive adhesive variety.
  21. Peter

    1/72 Bridge Diorama

    Built up the top of the tower and added its servicing gangway.
  22. Okay, these are my post Nationals acquisitions from AMPS and IPMS... A couple weeks after the Nationals, our AMPS Meeting happened. It was help at Brookhurst Hobbies. Henry gave us a coupon good for that day only to buy one model, get the next two at 50% off each. These are the models I bought with that deal: Finally, at my IPMS meeting last night, one of my friends and fellow members was selling a number of things to make room for his mother-in-law. I picked up this great set from him to use for basecoats and clearcoats: You can see I already have it connected to a hose. At the end of the night, I won this in the raffle: Okay, that's it. I got a couple more things coming in that I also purchased with the last of my Nationals savings. I'll post them when they come in. Until then, I have a lot of things to start and work on for the interim. Now I need to get back to the 12 models that are inches from being done and get them pushed over the finish line so I can start some of these new jewels. Thanks for looking in. Stay tuned, more to come.
  23. Phil, don't feel bad. It happens. This will be a two parter since these Forums only allow 25 pics per post. I'l start with all the acquisitions I got before and during the Nationals, followed by what I got at AMPS and IPMS OC after the Nationals in the second post. Okay, I finally have some time and peace today to post all these pics of the things I got at the IPMS Nationals, among other things. I've included acquisitions I've gotten before and after the Nationals as well. These will be it for awhile, I am fully tapped out. This will be a long post so hang in there... I'll start with a model that was sent to me sometime before Comicon by someone who wants me to build for him on commission. He asked that I fold the wings: Meanwhile, at the San Diego Comicon I was able to get the Comicon Exclusive B-wing fighter in 1/72 scale from Bandai: I had also picked up a bunch of stuff related the old Firefly TV series but that ain't model related so we'll save that for another Forums........ This is one of the first models I purchased at the Nationals. There was a kid who was holding it and I told him it was a very good model. He would only need to watch out for the delicate suspension parts but it would still be an excellent model for him. He decided to put it back for something a bit more modern and so I bought it after I was sure he didn't want it: I picked these up from Brewer Brothers, I got the whole bunch for only $20.00: These are the models I got from John's Models from Pensacola. He is a great guy and sold me all these for one very good price. This first one has two whole models inside: This one and a couple other "Quick Build" models will go to Hobby Day for some kids to build if they want to; or I'll build it for my game I have stored there at the Hobby Day Hall: This was one of a couple models in this group I really wanted as I haven't got the -m version: This one is actually an ESCI T-62 inside that has been heavily modified but unfinished. That's why there's no roadwheels inside: I'll keep this and build it since there isn't a KV-1C in my collection. I like the camouflage pattern on it: I'm not sure about this one; I'll probably sell it: Overall, not a bad haul from John. The rest of these are models I purchased from various vendors throughout the room... I wanted these because you can't have enough weapons sets: This was one of my "Must Have" models that I was specifically looking for at the Nationals: This was the second "Must Have" model I was specifically looking for as well: Those were the only two "Must Have" models I found that whole time. This next one was unique enough I had to get it: These two were exceptionally pleasant surprises that I found. I was even more thrilled that they were in 1/72 scale! They will look great next to my 1/72 scale Saturn V and my 1/72 scale Space Shuttle with Boosters: These were purchased from Squadron at the Nationals but got shipped to my house since they didn't have them in stock at the Nationals. I still got the Nationals discount for them too. They arrived two weeks after the convention: I plan on making one Russian, and if research shows the Germans had these in service during the re-unification; then the second one will be West German. Finally these are my raffle prizes from the Nationals. Both of these will be going on the sale pile since the Chinese Fighter is 1/48 scale and the Israeli fuel tanks are for a 1/35th scale kit: Anyone want to make an offer for any of those three items above, just message me. I had also picked up a lot of tools and such, but they are all put away and I couldn't remember which ones they are to take pics. So no pics of my tools I bought. Okay, these are all the nationals and pre-Nationals acquisitions. More in the next post...
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  25. nmertes

    GT Resin Seamless Intakes

    Thanks for the reply, Gil. The Hasagawa version indicates that surgery on the intakes is necessary because of the fuselage design. The versions for Academy & ZM are supposed to be almost but not quite drop in replacements. I think the main advantages to me is that they're cast in white resin which means I won't have to paint them and won't have to try to hide seams. Time will tell.
  26. Highlander

    Aradia's Posideon Mini

    The pearl effect on the scales is very nice. I'll have to remember it.
  27. Highlander

    Phantom of The Opera

    I'm not much for the garage kit genre, but you have done a remarkable job with this. Kudos.
  28. Coastal Kits is based in Lancashire, UK, and began marketing their own range of display bases at the end of 2012. Since that time, their business has grown and concentrates almost exclusively on printed display bases for just about any type of model you ever wanted to build in just about any scale. Looking thru the offerings on their website is almost overwhelming there are so many choices, and they will even custom-make bases. The display bases are manufactured from 3mm Foamex board, which feels like a rigid mousepad. The material is basically a waterproof plastic, with a printed display on one side. The pre-printed image is a high-quality image on a laminated, wipeable matt vinyl surface which, according to Coastal Kits will not raise or bubble like it was printed on paper. read more View the full article
  29. The tragedy of the Titanic sinking is legendary and needs no introduction. For those of us who are, or will build the 1/350 Minicraft Titanic kit, this mast set is a cause for celebration! I have personally had this ship kit half built and left for a good number of years. I had already scratch built many items to adorn the bridge, grand staircases, and other areas, as well as acquiring about every brass photo-etch set and even a wooden deck set. When I saw this Mast set show up for review, I had to have it and hopefully kick start my enthusiasm to finish this long drawn out build! Goodness knows how much grief I've gotten over the years from my wife and model buddies about when the Titanic will be finished! Master continues to build on their extensive offerings, and this brass mast set is every bit as spectacular as other Master Model brass and photo-etch sets I've had the pleasure of using. read more View the full article
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