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  2. Thank you for following my wip on this project , it's quite appreciated ! FUJIMI 1/48 WESTLAND WASP and SCOUT (APR 25th ) Today I After repairing an damage detail I I continue adding details on the control panel on both version ! If you like to follow the complete WIP on this project , just follow this link to my personal Goggle page : https://photos.app.goo.gl/VU21aeXKGvcLE2UG6 Hope youl,le enjoy following this project ! Jmarc
  3. I picked this plane up at a thrift store and it doesn't have any markings on it and looks to be pretty old and heavy! I haven't been able to find another one like it and wondering if anyone can shed some light on it for me? Thanks
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  5. Here is the update on the ongoing B-1A HYBRID ..Youl'le notice there is only one image available you can view more of the update picture of the projects on the Google link ! (APR 23th ) .. Today , I continue the work in the side access panels and remove the wings ! If you like to help out on this projet I need these ... : from the REVELL 1/48 B-1 LANCER stenciling for the WHITE prototype aircraft, this was on the decal sheet of the first edition of the B-1 kit.. I'm also seeking the NOSE WINGLETS + LEFT TAIL STABILIZER .. used parts are welcome as long they are useable ! A big thank you for helping out , without your help I won't be able to do a good job on the project !... ..If you like to view more WIP of this project and 2 other 1/48 B-1 bombers ,This is 'PHASE 2' by the way follow this Google link https://goo.gl/photos/QkeSiGZuvcRfG7yV7 Enjoy and it's an 'rendez-vous' next week for more on this particular project..!. Jmarc
  6. First I'd like to thank you for following this WIP, it's quite appreciated ! BANDAI 1/48 MACROSS VF-1S/A AIRCRAFT MODE (APR 22nd )..Today I continue working on the nose electronic and radar section ! If you like to follow the WIP on this project ,Just follow this Google link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/jEtQtXgwPi8L8RVf9 Enjoy !
  7. Thank you for following the 'WIP' on this project ,it's quite appreciated ! (APR 22nd)...The conning tower is done ,now time to start the interior ,Today ,I located the parts for the torpedo compartment ,and started by the crew bunk are ! If you like to see the complete WIP on this project , just follow this Google link : https://photos.app.goo.gl/Yor8v3Q9pGkybXLh6 If you are curious and like to view the other WWII GERMAN sub I have done in 1/48 , just follow this link : https://goo.gl/photos/PM4EWugGVMb8Fzgm9 Enjoy ! jmarc
  8. If you could ascertain what issue those plans were in, there are multiple listings on Ebay for back issues for sale. On the Sky and Telescope web site at the bottom there is a "contact" button. Perhaps if you asked them what issue the plans were in you could find the back issue.
  9. I’m told that some years ago, Sky and Telescope magazine published plans of the Palomar Observatory’s 200-inch Hale telescope for model makers. Does anyone have a copy to share?
  10. These F/A-18E/F/ [F 414] Exhaust Nozzles (for the Meng Kit primarily) are a recent release by the Chinese manufacturer Fab Scale. Fab Scale’s online presence is hard to find with the provided QR codes stating that the site can’t be reached. The same is for the supplier, Warspite Model Company. These are nice drop-fit replacements for the exhaust on the Meng kit and I suspect it would also fit the Hasegawa kit. The sturdy box protects the three pieces, each in their own protective Ziplock pouch. There are no instructions included but since this is a rather simple assembly, it is not detrimental. The box art [line drawings] shows the arrangement of the three parts. I removed the 3D supports with a hobby knife, which was easy, and after a quick clean up the parts were ready for painting. View the full review
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  12. Being 77 years old, but still and active modeler I'd love to get a copy of Richard Marmo's Building the C-46 Commando. I've tried twice with no success. It says you can get it in pdf format but I'll be damned if I can figure out how. I'd like to get a pdf copy but a printed copy of his 89 page work would also be good. Any ideas?
  13. My guess is that the auto modelling clubs will carry on doing their own thing anyway, but having said that the number of categories for auto modellers at the USA Nationals should encourage more memberships in that particular area. It's just that IPMS being a general scale modelling society will never be able to please everyone all the time no matter what. That unfortunately is the nature of the beast, so the rules for each genre modelled will there fore need to be constantly tweaked to suit.
  14. Auto modeling might be bigger overall, but many have split off into their own clubs and competition system. Its something we're been hoping to remedy for a while... E
  15. Your competition auto class definition states that the model has to have a competition number on the entry. I have recently built the late John Cobb's Brooklands Napier Railton and it is blatantly obvious that it is a competition car without having a number slapped on its side. So where do the rules determine if should be placed on the table at the nationals as it is without doubt a competition machine? Your automotive rules are far more comprehensive than over here at Telford each year and I guess that reflects that automotive modelling within IPMS is much bigger generally in the US compared to the UK.
  16. “The History of Science Fiction and Its Toy Figurines” by author Luigi Toiati is a substantial and weighty hardback of 528 glossy pages with 470 pictures (See Photo 1). Although it may feel like one, the author claims in the Forward that it is not an encyclopedia or boring treatise or catalogue, but instead the reader should “consider it a promenade through sci-fi and the toy figurines linked to the subject.” And while the author doesn’t necessarily agree with those science fiction (SF) authorities he cites who trace the origins of the genre back to the ancient times of the Bible, Hinduism, Plato, or Lucian of Samosata (a 2nd-century Syrian satirist and rhetorician), his review of the aforesaid genealogy is extensive and at times tedious. View the full review
  17. MMP was founded in 1996 by Roger Wallsgrove, to publish "Mushroom Model Magazine". This quarterly modelling magazine was developed from "Mushroom Monthly”, a club newsletter which ran from 1985 to 1995, achieving a world-wide reputation for quality articles, fearless and honest reviews, and a great sense of humor.From 1997 the magazine was produced in collaboration with Robert Peczkowski and Artur Juszczak (Stratus), which meant a big leap in print quality and design. MMP expanded into book publication in 1999, and since then we have built up a list of books on aircraft and aviation, naval, military vehicles, and military history. View the full review
  18. Helion is a UK-based company that produces books on many aspects of Military History from the Late Medieval period through to the present day. Helion was established in 1996, and since then they have published over 1,200 books with 100 or more new titles coming out every year. Author, Dr. Stephen Rookes, works for the French Air Force as a researcher and lecturer at the Centre de Recherche de l’Armée de l’air et de l’espace (CREA) in Salon-de-Provence, France. Originally from Devon in the UK, he is now a French national. Stephen Rookes is the author of four books published by Helion, and the author of peer-reviewed articles in English and in French. He specializes in the history of Cuban exiles and takes a particular interest in the CIA's covert operations in Central America and in Africa. View the full review
  19. Overview: Detail & Wonder (D&W) is a new company that specializes in highly detailed 3D printed landing gear. The gear set comes in a sturdy box with parts secured in custom cut foam. A real nice color instruction booklet. There are four 3D printed groups, four cast wheels and six metal rods. Each landing gear section is printed with support and a “cage” protecting the delicate looking gear. The booklet gives details on how to trim the supports and what order to trim the supports. Product details: View the full review
  20. M8A1 US Landing Mat “To quickly build temporary runways, US engineering services built various options for the airfield. Aerodrome steel plates were M8A1 used in the Vietnam War in the second half of the 1960s and early 1970s and were installed by engineering units of the US Army.Plates were connected to each other either staggered or in a row and allowed to build either separate small sites or airfields of impressive size. Most often, such coatings were used in army aviation. Various aircraft could be based on the sites created in this way, for example, combat helicopters AN-1Q Cobra, light attack aircraft, and observation aircraft OV-10A Bronco or O-2 Skymaster. Also on such sites were operated well-known B-26K Counter Invader.” The Build View the full review
  21. Mikromir just released limited serie of 3 kits 72028-1 Hunting Provost T15 British Air Force (limited edition) variant 1 72028-1 British Air Force3965×2765 480 KB 72028-1-11920×445 92.4 KB 72028-2 Hunting Provost T15 Rhodesian, Irish AF (limited edition) variant 2 72028-23965×2765 475 KB 72028-2-11920×515 113 KB 72028-3 Hunting Provost T15 Burma, Malaysianm Muscat, Oman, Iraq, Sudan AF (limited edition) variant 3 72028-31920×1336 201 KB 72028-3-11920×1030 189 KB Plastic 72028-011920×1150 266 KB
  22. The topic about news and model kits from this manufacturer New kit released GMU 72004 Military Truck DIAMOND-T 981 and 45-Ton Trailer, 1/72 720042048×1349 374 KB 72004-11920×1114 238 KB 72004-21920×1101 208 KB 72004-31920×1085 230 KB 72004-41920×830 109 KB 72004-51342×1755 191 KB 72004-61637×2048 487 KB 72004-72048×1216 393 KB 72004-81147×818 160 KB 72004-91147×818 145 KB
  23. Well the model looks perfect and no one would even know otherwise, but it's a shame your hard work on the linkage was defeated by a fall. Stuart
  24. Took a lot of skill to put a polish like that on that old mold! Very nice! Gil
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