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  2. Review Author: Dave Morrissette Academy Models Academy continues its excellent series of DaVinci kits with the G.E.T. Clock. G.E.T. is listed as (G)ear system rotation, (E)scapement mechanism, (T)ourbillon movement. From their web site description, this clock is "Inspired by the principles of Leonardo Da Vinci, the G.E.T. Clock has incorporated the mechanism of the real time pieces. An escapement is a device in a clock or watch that controls the motion of the gear train and transmits the energy from
  3. Review Author: Dave Morrissette PJ Production PJ Productions continues to issue excellent pilots for kits with this latest release, a 1/32nd scale Eurofighter pilot. The kit is simple with three well cast parts- two arms and the body. I removed all three parts with a razor saw and washed the parts in case of mold release. I glued the arms into position and filled the seams with glazing putty and let it dry. The few seams were sanded, and a couple of small pinholes were filled. These were wiped with
  4. Hey guys, hope everyone is well. as shown on the instructions i put two polly caps to accommodate the tail wings. Unfortunately it appears that one of the caps dislodged when i glued the fuselage piece over them. So the tail wing now, of course, just flops in with no support. I could glue the tail wing in place and leave the other side moveable. one other thought i had was to stuff the hole with modeling clay and insert the tail wing into that. If anybody has other thoughts Iā€™d like to hear them. Thanks all in advance, Stuart
  5. Does IPMS USA charge 30 bucks to set up a branch/chapter? Didn't know that. Regarding Covid, I expect that local IPMS meetings and model shows worldwide will bounce back when we all return to some sort of normality.
  6. That is really a question for IPMS/USA and up until yesterday it was still uncertain as to what our attendance may be. What you may find interesting is that we already increased our room allotment twice before, and if we do not make our room allotment IPMS/USA will have to pay for every rooms we didn't fill. As you can imagine that could get expensive, something in the area of ten thousand dollars or more. As with any show, there are usually a few cancellations as you get closer to show date. As of now, the Rio is still honoring the $89.00 room night during the week, with regular p
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  8. First rigging session did not go well. So back off regroup, get some advice, and do it again. Well, attempt 2 went far better than attempt 1. It did not turn out perfect, but I am not gonna put everything else on hold until I do get it perfect. My order of effort was: attach the EZ line to the upper front cabane strut/upper wing junction, cut a slice of tubing and thread the EZ line thru the hole in the slice, attach the EZ line to the front cabane strut/fuselage junction after achieving proper tension, adjust the position of the metal tube slice and position it. Unfortunately, due to the
  9. Adding another of those odd little models to the collection, may I present the Lockheed YF-97, later known as the YF-94C. I've never seen one built, so I decided to give it a shot... For those who might be interested, the build thread for this model is HERE Without further ado, the pics:
  10. Bob, I like to go the Vegas regularly and was online looking at rooms and shows. I know that all the IPMS convention nights have been booked but I noticed that the Rio still has rooms available during the convention at regular rates. Perhaps you might like to contact them and see if they are interested in increasing our allotment.
  11. Nats News Flash - Nevada announced yesterday that ALL Covid-19 restrictions (except masks) will be lifted on June 1st. That includes all social distancing restrictions, the opening of all shows, buffets, concerts, restaurants, pools, churches and above all - CONVENTIONS! As of yesterday we were expecting record breaking attendance levels, with this great news we are only going to see more. I urge everyone to pre-register NOW!
  12. HE'S B-A-C-K....... STILL gonna take notes as I haven't gotten to my B-29s in the last 6yrs either! Gil
  13. Thanks all...I lost count of the people who simply THANKED us for HAVING the show! Jim: I do believe the F-18C is the Kinetic kit....and it's also the only one that comes with wing fold option in the kit that I'm aware of. Gil
  14. Those are some slightly large tail feathers. The plan is to build this up as a bunch of sub assemblies. Sort of like eating an elephant.
  15. Thanks Rusty. The house was a bigger loss than making masks. It was too old to insure, a 1972 mobile home that was my wife's grandparents' place. We have temporary housing but we have to kennel three of our German Shepherds at a friends house. At least my son and I have our service dogs with us. And I don't know how many times I've gone to get something only to realize it's packed away in a shipping container.
  16. Sorry to hear about the masking end of the business. I wish you luck and prosperity with the new Gator's Model Studio. šŸ‘
  17. Hello friends. Just a quick note that Gator's Masks and More is now Gator's Model Studio. I had to get out of the masks business after we lost our house in Hurricane Laura but Gator's Grip Hobby Glue is still available. I also have another couple of products coming on line soon. My new web address is - https://gatorloup.wixsite.com/gators-model-studio Thanks for your continued support! Kenny
  18. Good to hear about modelling shows gradually making a return on your side of the pond. Hopefully IPMS UK Scale Modelworld show will be back on in November! Fingers crossed! We have all lost a lot of shows and branch/chapter meetings over this last year or so. I really miss meeting face to face with fellow modellers, so hopefully some resemblance of normality will soon return albeit probably quite gradually.
  19. There is another USA magazine named Model Car Builder edited and produced by Roy Sorenson. You guys in the States have always been far better served by long lived auto related modelling magazines down the years. So with MCM getting back up and running and Model Car Builder in production even with the loss of Scale Auto you still have two magazines. Not to mention another USA magazine devoted to truck modelling that I believe you have. I looked through the latest Fine Scale Modeler Magazine recently and the 'absorption' of Scale Auto into it comprised of just one article as far as I
  20. Great interview Bob. Lot's of good information. The pertinent section starts at the 1:00 hour mark for those that want to get straight to it.
  21. Check out my interview with the Plastic Model Mojo Podcast and learn what's new with the 2021 National Convention, and check-out all their earlier episodes to help fuel your model mojo. https://www.plasticmodelmojo.com/754676/8298492-plastic-model-mojo-episode-35-countdown-to-vegas-deluxe Bob
  22. Review Author: Chris Gibson ICM Brief History The Douglas A-26 Invader (designated B-26 between 1948 and 1965) is an American twin-engined light bomber and ground attack aircraft. Built by Douglas Aircaft Company during World War II, the Invader also saw service during several major Cold War conflicts. A limited number of highly modified United Sates Air Force aircraft served in Southeast Aisa until 1969. It was a fast aircraft capable of carrying a large bomb load. A range of guns could be fitte
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