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  2. This white metal landing gear set was specifically designed as the replacement for the latest 2019 Eduard model of the Tempest Mk.V. There are now two such kits as single kits and dual kit 'Royal Class' boxing affording the modeler to build several of the Scale Aircraft Conversions (SAC). The SAC gear provides the modeler with a replacement while metal landing gear set, including the main gear and the rear tail strut. One great advantage of the SAC metal gear is their ability to be bent where necessary to more accurately sit on the gear. read more View the full article
  3. If you are a fan of the original WOTW by H.G. Wells, there is a recent novel by Stephen Baxter called The Massacre of Mankind. In this authorized sequel to the original story, the Martians come back for a second go at us fourteen years later...with improved equipment and tactics. We, however, have learned nothing and are woefully unprepared in 1907. Most of the original characters are followed, though aged appropriately. It's a great read Ed
  4. Office Manager running behind due to Nationals and moving. Mine was about 5 weeks old when I emailed her, got a response in day or so and my card a few days after that.
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  6. Academy Model Kits is adding to their 1/144th scale bomber fleet with the addition of a Rockwell B-1B Lancer. Academy's previous foray in 1/144th scale aircraft kits was with a B-47 kit. This B-1B is the sixth, depending on how you count them, 1/144th scale B-1. Lindberg, Minicraft, Panda/Dragon, Monogram, and Revell have all had offerings of this aircraft in this scale. However, Academy's 'Bone' is newly-tooled and molded in multiple colors of plastic so it can be built without the use of paint. The fuselage and other aircraft parts all molded in gray, with the landing gear in white plastic, and the wheels and engine exhaust nozzles in black. (Operational B-1's are overall gunship gray with white wheel wells and ordnance bays.) read more View the full article
  7. Dang Nick....learn the difference between a VALID question and a complaint.....All of us know how well our volunteers do. Gil
  8. This organization, with the exception of Marie, is entirely run by volunteers. And, in fact, an embarrassingly few dedicated volunteers. The word “should” in describing how they carry out their work should be used with greater discretion and consideration. Anyone with access to our website either already knows about the show or, with a little effort and thinking, can find out all their is to know. Every year, a small handful of members arrange the National for the rest of us who, comparatively speaking, just sit on our duffs and enjoy it. It is always a great time. The least we can do is not hassle them with chippy little grousing and whining. Yet, each year, it is repeated with exasperating regularity. Enough already. It is like a broken record of a sour tune - painful to the ears of appreciative members. Nick Filippone
  9. He does have a point though....going on 3 months after the Chattanooga show and it's still on the main page where the 2020 show should be by now....Sure there's plenty of time, but it does beg the question, especially if their website is up and running. GIL
  10. In 2012 Hong Kong models entered their first 1/32 scale model the B25J Mitchell and since that time modelers have been seeing a long line of 1/32 scale kits, multiple B25s, B17E, F and Gs, the Dornier Do 335A and B and the De Havilland Mosquito B Mk. IX/ Mk. XVI and Mk. IV Series II. Now we have the Avro Lancaster B Mk.I which has been reviewed by IPMS member Eric Christianson this year, and of course the Lancaster B Mk.III Dambuster that I am reviewing now. read more View the full article
  11. I recently contacted Takom Models in an attempt to get a replacement part. I started by going to their Facebook page, and contacting them through Messenger. I made contact with someone at that location, and explained my need. The person on the other end replied with an e mail address similar to the main company e mail address. I then sent my request to that address. It's been about 5 days, and I've yet to get a reply. My question is; Has anyone tried to obtain a replacement part from Takom, and what kind of customer service can I expect? Thanks for providing whatever info you can!!! Doug
  12. Hearty thanks to Osprey for sending IPMS USA one more of their first-class reference books to review, and thanks to John and Phil for the opportunity for me to do something different in reviewing... READ ON! I have been asked on numerous occasions about what I like to read. I am so busy building and painting and doing "the day job" that I find it hard to define. I like modeling trade magazines for learning what is the new "Shiny thing" that has come along, and also little frammazamits coming available to budget for. I also read of the world we live in (THE EPOCH TIMES comes to mind) or a foot-thick manual on how to save a marriage (yep, me too). read more View the full article
  13. I see (at least on my computer) that the IPMS home page is promoting the 2019 convention - any ideas when the 2020 convention will move into such a place of prominence? Regards, David Doyle
  14. Daaaaaaammmmmmnnnnnnnn that's nice!
  15. Moving forward on the E-2D conversion, I have finally finished the fuselage modifications. The fuselage was wet sanded and contoured to match the fuselage without the cable trough. The pylon and saucer were painted and clear coated with gloss. I then started the painting the rest of the aircraft. Paint scheme is overall light ghost gray with international orange highlights. The propellers were then assembled, painted, decaled and sealed with a matte finish. The main landing gear doors were painted and decaled as well. I am now working on making the custom decals to represent the “Delta One” aircraft. See all the details and photos from the start at https://davidsscalemodels.com/build-log/1-48-northrop-grumman-e-2d-conversion/
  16. Great Job! On this venerable old chestnut.
  17. Did you email the office manager? She usually replies in less than a day. manager@ipmsusa.org Dave
  18. Sent my renewal submittal Oct.9th- have not received any confirmation or new card-as of today.. sent emails requesting status with no replies. Can someone follow up with this? Thranks. Respectfully...
  19. Hauler-Brengun is well known as a supplier of high-quality aftermarket detail parts for aircraft, as well as other subjects. In this review, we will look at a set of wheel chocks, the packaging, and parts, and take a look at the finished wheel chock. The packaging contains parts for two wheel chocks modeled after those used by the U.S. Navy during World War II. In the images associated with this review, one is labeled as, "Product Packaging". Take a look at that image to see how the product is packaged. The product instructions are placed behind the white sheet inside the baggie. Included with this review is a snapshot of that instruction sheet. It's clear, simple, and easily understood with a quick glance. read more View the full article
  20. This is the fourth of a four-part review of Mission Models Paints. Clear Primer Why Clear Primer? That is the question I asked Jon Tamkin owner of Mission Models Paints at the Chattanooga IPMS Convention. John looked at me for a second and I saw just a slight smile starting to emerge from the side of his mouth as if to say here is a whole new chapter in the Mission Models Paint story. After a conversation with him about the primer, I am inclined to agree with him. What is Clear Primer When I first heard about the Clear Primer, I was thinking to myself the primers I use are to check for defects on the model and can correct them with a little sanding. So how could a clear primer help with that? read more View the full article
  21. I have to applaud anyone who can eliminate a "shelf queen" from their inventory. I have 25 or so and am embarrassed to say so. I love the mine roller! You nailed the weathering, as always, to turn this shelf queen into true royalty! Well done! dt
  22. Beautiful job Gil! Way to go on this old kit!
  23. Looks great, Gil Inside and out nicely done. A great blast from the past. Bill
  24. Absolutely stunning! Fantastic weathering effects.
  25. Well done !, kit brings back memories of days past.
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