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  2. ghodges

    To all the gizmologist- how to wire an aircraft

    I've found that the thing that makes modeler's wiring bundles look the most realistic isn't how they're run, but adding those bundle wrap straps and end connectors. Those little details, along with some sharp painting and washes, are what really make them appear authentic to me. GIL
  3. Mark Deliduka

    Albatross D-V

    Beautiful job Gil! That is sensational! Way to go!
  4. ipmsusa2

    Repair Assistance Needed

    Hi all, I received a phone call from a 78 year old gentleman in Norwich, NY. His grandson damaged a Sopwith Camel model...knocked the top wing off...and he needs it repaired. Wingspan of the model is approximately 15" and was purchased ready built. It is not a kit. It isn't practical for him to ship it to me in Texas for repairs, so I would like to put him together with someone in the Syracuse/Norwich/Binghamton area who would be willing to do the repairs for him. Anyone interested, please reply to my email at tennexican@gmail.com and I will provide the gentleman's name and full contact information.
  5. This is for all the gizmologist out there whe randomly run wires all over an aircraft. This is how real aircraft are wired. All carefully run and orderly. Bundles properly secured and tied. The is a rewire job on a KC-135R
  6. ghodges

    Albatross D-V

    This is the Eduard weekend edition Albatross D-V kit built OOTB with the kit markings. I did this one so I could knock the "mauve scheme" off of my bucket list! I did paint the red trim on the tail instead of trying to use the kit decals there. Ceramic Wonder Wire was used for the rigging. The Eduard Albatross is typical of most all their WWI kits; well detailed as kitted and true to fidelity to scale. Where they fall down in comparison to the "older" biplane kits we grew up with (that were not so nice) is that they're harder to build. The "scale pins" on the cabanes and V struts make it difficult to get positive fit and alignment. They're engineered towards accuracy, not towards being builder friendly, especially to the biplane novice. That said, it makes for an attractive model to put on your shelf when done! Critiques, comments, and questions welcome, as always! GIL
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  8. Jeeves

    P-47D centerline drop tank

    I think when it comes doen to it, in the field when a mission called for a drop tank, it wouldn't matter what they used...if something like the 200 gal was laying around, it would've probably been used in a pinch...
  9. Mark Deliduka

    The Duke's Ten Latest Models. Six Aircraft Here

    Thanks Rick! I hope so! I sure build enough!
  10. Mark Deliduka

    The Duke's Latest Aircraft

    Thanks Richard! I am real happy with this one. You gotta love the color scheme!
  11. Mark Deliduka

    P-47D centerline drop tank

    I'm the same way Gil. I don't care what others think either. While, I might listen to those well-meaning souls who kindly and with friendship will mention something out of place; I will consider it while deciding whether I'll keep it because it looks cool. Ron, I'd love to see yours with the paper belly tank. I say go for it.
  12. Moto: 1/6 or 1/8 or the ever-popular Protar 1/9 scale of modern street bikes, with a distinct preference for Indians (Roadmaster, plox!), KTM & BMW adventure bikes and Triumphs Civil: A real 1/144 CV-880 & 990. The most beautiful airliners to ever grace the skies. The Glencoe rehash is OK, but c'mon, man. Sea: A modern 1/350 N/S Savannah; a selection of modern big-name cruise ships in 1/700 - RC, MSC, Norwegian, etc.; 1/350 modern European river cruise "longboats"
  13. ghodges

    P-47D centerline drop tank

    My thoughts are that would be a cool looking arrangement that's not often seen. My reply to anyone who was stupid enough to say "those tanks were never used on the belly" would be; PROVE IT! If you're truly concerned about it, then go the safe, plain way and hang the flat belly tank that no one will question.... Yeah, my not caring what others think about how I build MY models is showing...... GIL
  14. WildBill50

    Visceral Visions Medusa (rated PG-17)

    SSSimply amazing! SSStunning. Well, you get the idea. She does NOT need scales! Great job. Bill
  15. Blackbird71

    P-47D centerline drop tank

    Hello all. I'm building the Academy P-47D 1/72 bubbletop. Doing "No Guts No Glory" from 78th FG 84 FS. Microscale sheet 72-886. Thinking of arming it with 2-500lb bombs on the wings and a paper drop tank on the centerline. On my attachment, I mean the 200 gal belly tank. I know you don't see a lot of bubbletop D's with the centerline paper tank. Does anyone think this is incorrect? thanks
  16. Tru-Color Paint was formed in 2008 by Rick Galazzo and Scott Cohen, both of whom come from extensive backgrounds in formulating paint on the commercial scale. They set out on their own to develop this paint line of solvent based paint by reformulating the old Accupaint formulation to flow better and give a more glossy appearance after drying. They currently offer over 600 colors offered with more to follow. Sets and single bottles are available and include lines for railroad, automotive, and military aircraft and armament lines. The specific set I tested was specifically for armored subjects painted olive drab from the years 1939-1956 and include the following colors in 1 oz. bottles: read more View the full article
  17. Christmas came early this year for me when I received the email that this beastie was available for review. I am incredibly thankful to Kinetic Models for providing this kit for review and to the review corps higher-ups for trusting someone brand new to the group for having faith in me to not only build this thing, but in a timely manner to boot. It is a re-kitting of the Vintage Fighter Series kit released in 2008. I won't say the ride was completely smooth...but it was a fun ride regardless. read more View the full article
  18. sprueguy

    Miss Pumpkin Witch: WIP

    Another fantastic work.....
  19. Thanks, Mike Moore, but I've already booked the rooms I need at the Day's Inn. I just wanted everyone else to understand what I was told when I called.
  20. Roktman

    Miss Pumpkin Witch: WIP

    After every build I usually clean up around the desk, and I notice this little mini which had fallen on the floor and got covered by a box. She's Miss Pumpkin Witch, from The Predastore. Since Halloween is right around the corner I decided to move this model to the front of the line. The 1/35 mini is part of the pin-up limited edition series. Mine was number 18 of 200. The model comes in 3 parts - the body/pumpkin, the arm with the knife, and the hat. As usual it's starts with a two tone priming - And then a base coat. What you're seeing here are the stocks before trying a smoky color. That ended up not working and decided to just take it easy and make a very pale purple stockings - Here we have a few highlights on the pumpkin, skin and dress. I also started detailing her face. WOW it's tiny! Thanks for looking.
  21. RGronovius

    Jeep Grand Cherokee

    Looks good. I have this kit somewhere. I remember seeing the old Fujimi set, comes with a Thule cargo carrier. Always wished they made the old Sears X-Cargo white top/silver bottom carrier. I still have one from my minivan days.
  22. Osprey's newest addition to the New Vanguard series tackles one of the revolutions in naval construction and warfare - the ironclad. In one of the slimmer editions of this series, this volume follows the tried and true formula of the series. Using a mix of original artwork and contemporary illustrations, the author examines the origins, armor, ordnance, propulsion and crew accommodations on early British Ironclads. Unfortunately, if you are looking for service histories of the ships of the Black Battlefleet, they are not included in the narrative. That is the only disappointment in this volume. read more View the full article
  23. THE KIT The kit consists of five light grey styrene sprues and one clear unit. Many parts, especially on Sprue D, are listed as not to be used. Some bombs and racks are also provided on Sprue G, but there is no reference in the instructions as to which variants carried them. More good fodder for the spares box. The parts are well molded with very little flash, although the window openings required a little bit of trimming. Concerning the window arrangement, there is apparently another version of this kit with a straight row of rectangular windows, but this one had four square and four round windows, plus some oddly shaped windows by the cockpit, and, of course, the pilot's windshield. There is adequate interior detail, including a complete cockpit, some rear cargo compartment detail, including radios, a seat, and several cameras. There is even a machine gun mounted in a ventral position. I can't imagine why this was installed, but I included it in my model read more View the full article
  24. The latest journal of Cross & Cockade International - Autumn 2018, features a front cover photograph of Jean Chaput in front of his Nieuport 11, N940. This color 1916 photograph was based on the Autochrome technology developed by the brothers Auguste and Louis Lumiere. The inside rear cover features color illustrations by Juanita Franzl of Lt. Dawson's and Lt N. E. Williams' Ship's Camels. The outside rear cover features color illustrations by David Mechin of Jean Chaput's aircraft. If you check out the web site link above, you can get additional sample pics of the current issue. read more View the full article
  25. IPMSUpdates

    New Review: P.Z.L. 23 KARAS

    HISTORY The PZL P-23 Karas was one of the most important combat aircraft in the inventory of the Polish Military Aviation prior to the outbreak of World War II. Designed as a three place light bomber and reconnaissance type in the early thirties, and powered by the Polish-built Bristol Pegasus radial engine, the p-23 was placed in production in time to be available during the German invasion in 1939. Numerous units were equipped with the P-23A and P-23B versions, and these operated in the light bomber and reconnaissance role during the time that Poland was defending itself against the Germans. Later, when the Russians issued their "stab in the back" invasion, most of the surviving P-23's were flown to Romania, where some of them soldiered on until the end of the war. A few were also exported to Bulgaria before the war, and these were redesignated P-43A due to a change in engines. read more View the full article
  26. Scale Aircraft Conversions (SAC) produces white metal replacement parts for kits in a variety of scales. Some of their landing gear sets are for a variety of kits and some sets are designed for a specific model. The white metal sets are designed to support the weight of a specific model without warping that can be seen with kit styrene landing gear. The parts are for the Airfix Me-262 are well cast and had no flash or other area that needed to be sanded. I bent one of the struts when removing from the sprue but could straighten it out easily. I had to put heavier weight in the front of the jet than anticipated so it would not be a tail sitter and the SAC landing gear stood up to the weight very well. When gluing the landing gear to the aircraft I used CA and the parts fit perfectly without any modifications to the join areas. read more View the full article
  27. This part 2 of a three-part review of Mission Models paints. Part 3 will be Metallics The Clear Coats Shortly after releasing their second round of paint colors Mission Models released three clear coat products to protect the paint once it has been applied to a model. The Clear coatings are Flat Clear, Semi-Gloss Clear and Gloss Clear. read more View the full article
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