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  2. Mark, you got some good stuff there! I’d be with you on the paints, but all the other goodies are great scores. Made a run down to Andy’s Hobby HQ today and found this kit for a good price, so I could not say no… then I got these supplies…and for anyone in the area, Andy’s is now carrying Gunze’s Mr Color and Mr Hobby paint lines…. Between those and AK Real Color like I have here, my acrylic needs are now covered! And a nice restock on Value Gear too!
  3. I hear ya David. Over on another website many years ago, a few of us members started a “Monogram Mafia” after getting tired of the constant bashing those kits would take from some folks. As we both know, they are not unbuildable junk. Now some do take more modeling skills than others, most were cutting edge in model molding when they were first released.
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  5. Sometimes everything falls into place. Nikon D80 with 300mm f:4.0 ED AF. Thirteen years ago this week.
  6. Thank Carlos. Monogram kits are excellent value. I have a B-24J that I've been working on intermittently for a while now. Eventually I'll have to completely.
  7. A really nice job on a nice old kit. The cockpit detail in this kit blew me away the first time I built one back in the mid 70's and did again when I built one a few years ago.
  8. Very sharp & clean build! Nicely done! I think that Monogram did a great job in 1974 on the old girl.
  9. I dIsagree Nick. Here I pointed out a particular point as proof that the oft vaunted AMPS system is no less flawed than the free range IPMS system. I also showed that the IPMS system does not pigeon hole the model as does the numeric systems. And that those who complain IPMS is too harsh or critical would probably do worse in a numerical judging system. I think that is very much a distinction WITH a difference. And at this point, no one has shown that I am wrong. Worrying about why we have a contest is somewhat pointless. Obviously, plenty of our members as well as other groups want
  10. Here's is Monograms version of the Do335. First issued in 1974 this kit has re-issued many times. I built out of the box but worked on getting the seams around the upper nose and engine panels. I took my time with it and tried to make as clean a model as I could
  11. It wasn’t I who asked “ why do we feel the need to compete in the first place?” So that is where the thread went off topic. But so what! This discussion takes place annually. For me, participation is merely a rhetorical exercise and an opportunity to brush up on one’s grammar and spelling skills- usually ( but not always) with tongue firmly implanted in cheek. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with either judging system, other than the fact that both are implemented by flawed human beings. This thread has been dissecting a distinction without a difference. Nick
  12. If you don’t play, you can’t win. It applies in Vegas and model contests. Nick, you are off topic now. This was about judging systems Not whether we should have contests or not. AMPS pigeon holes the model. IPMS does not. When it comes to picking winners or losers, AMPS certainly does by through its regimentation. You always stand a chance at winning at an IPMS contest. Dak
  13. I assumed someone would point out, correctly, that Van Gogh cut off his ear over a failed romance. But this only emphasizes again how competition and winning and losing is innate in the human condition- in this case, Van Gogh played the game of love and lost. But then, as the poet said, ‘it is better to have entered the model contest and lost, than never to have entered at all’ - Not!!! Nick
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  15. One last update – The client presented it to his Father. Afterwards he left this comment on my blog: “Thank you so much for all your hard work and effort on this. My father was incredibly surprised and even more excited to receive his plane. He immediately noticed the antenna you added and many of the other details you so expertly crafted into this. We spent the entire weekend talking about his time in the Navy, the squadron, and of course the plane itself. You helped make this a very special Father’s day. “ It was an honor to build this for a fellow veteran and having a Father and son to
  16. Strike a nerve, did we Nick? I can’t speak for your Senior year creation, but I agree, art critics can be fickle as well as model judges. Well duh, of course some are better at some things than others. Just because you can do an airplane model very well doesn’t mean you can do cars well. Me, I’m a renaissance modeler and do many things. (How well is for others to decide 😉) But my point was and is that AMPS judging is not superior to the IPMS method, just different. Also, that it is a myth that IPMS picks winners and losers any more than AMPS. The models are awarded for a spe
  17. Oh, but you do see competition at the Louvre. The “winners” have their “entries” hanging on it's walls. The losers are waiting tables at some sidewalk bistro across the street. And if you think our judges or AMPs judges are capricious, inconsistent, arbitrary and inconsiderate, how much better are that vaunted body of good judgement - Art Critics? Good grief, some of the “winners” in the Louvre, Toulouse- Latrec ( spelling?) for example, didn’t pick up their “trophies” until they were almost dead or even later. At least our winners get their recognition before the show ends. And when was the l
  18. This week I will cover the detailing of the interior of the HU-16A Albatross. The first thing I did was scratch built the doors for the aft bulkhead. I then used styrene square rods and began lying in the internal framework. Once the framework was installed I painted it with interior green and added some scratch built equipment with wire for cables. Near the entry door on the reference photos there was a yellow safety strap. I used some cloth tape and scratch built one. I then assembled the entry door parts and added hinges (photo etch extras) so the door can be mounted in the open position.
  19. Beautifully done! That really looks awesome! I agree, brilliant idea adding some weight to this to improve the 'sit'.
  20. Yeah, I'm glad I never fell into that trap of trying to get every possible aftermarket set to 'accurize' everything. I kust revel in the thrill of building ... and finishing... models! Nice flight of Swallows David! I love 'em!
  21. Thanks Phil. The differences are exceedingly minor; I think the biggest ones are the weapons station on top. Some other minor external details too, but I won't know completely until I build them. Yes, the Type B comes with the troops and even a 120mm mortar and gunner in the kit. That is most of the reason I picked it up.
  22. When does voting end for the E-Board candidates? I haven't found a date on the website. Thank you.
  23. Review Author: Frank Landrus Schiffer Publishing David Doyle's book on the Ford M8 and M20 is one of the latest entries in the 'Legends of Warfare' series with entries in Ground, Naval, and Aviation. The Legends of Warfare series has expanded rapidly since its 2017 debut in the market with now over 100 titles released. This hard cover series covers a wide variety of monographs at a good price point. After many years of being published in enthusiast publications focused on military vehicle restora
  24. Nick, Did you have any luck? Valeriia just shipped a replacement sprue for one of our Reviewers. She sent it June 3rd and he got it today. Hoping they helped you out.
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