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MiniCON 2022 (Re-Scheduled)


Event details

MiniCON 2022 (Re-Scheduled)

6400 Johnson Pond Road, Fuquay-Varina, NC, 27526

The event will feature a swap meet, so bring kits you want to sell or trade and pick a parkingspot.  There is NO CHARGE for the swap meet, so come on out and set up your tailgate table!

NOTE: If you’re planning on selling your wares, beforewarned that it’s both first-come, first-served, AND all vendors andtailgaters will have to set up outside, so plan accordingly.  Eagle Squadron will not be liable for lost or stolen goods, merchandise, models ordamage caused by contestants or Mother Nature!Once Again, We’re Working With Limited SpaceWith Limited Categories.

Like last year, this event will be small in scope.  Because of the limited space we have available for contest entries, we have reduced the overall number of main categories, but we have introduced more sub-categories to the aircraft, armor, andautomotive sections!  Registration Details

$15 per entrant, for the first 5 models.  Then it’s $2 for each additional model with only 1 model per category.

We believe that this limitation will help us to work within a smaller space, plus, it helps avoid sweeps in any category.

Despite the smaller venue and categories, MiniCon 2022 will follow judging guidelines and regulations as described in the IPMS/USA competition handbook available online at www.ipmsusa.org. Categories  have been set up to matchIPMS guidelines where possible. The head judge reserves the right to split. A No Sweeps rule is in effect. A unique winner will be selected within each category for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards. The contest is open toall scale models except those winning a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place finish at the IPMS Nationals or a 1st place finish at an IPMS Regional contest.


Registration 9:00am to Noon.



1A Biplanes / Rigged, all scales1B Single/ Multi engine prop 1/72 and smaller1C Single / Multiengine prop 1/48 and larger1D Single / Multi engine jet 1/72 and smaller1E Single/ Multi engine jet 1/48 and larger1F Rotary wing all scales1G Civilian all scales1H Out of box


2A Closed Top AFV 1/352B Closed Top AFV 1/48 and smaller2C Open top AFV 1/352D Open top AFV 1/48 and smaller2E Wheeled soft skin all scales2F Artillery all scales2G Out of box


3A Oar and sail, all scales3B Powered 1/350 and larger3C Powered 1/351 and smaller3D Subs, all scales3E Out of box

Vehicles (Non-military)

4A Showroom stock4B Street rods4C Slammers/curbside4D Competition all4E Motorcycles all4F Trucks all4G Out of box

Real Space/Sci-Fi/Fantasy

5A Real Space, all types, all scales5B Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Robots5C Gundam, all types, all scales


6A  Foot or Mounted, all types, all scales6B Animals


7 All subjects**all dioramas, regardless of subject matter are limited to 12″ x 12″


8 All types, all scales


9 All types, all scales

*Additional categories may be created at the event at the discretion of the contest committee; head judge reserves the right to create category splits


Region 12 - The Carolinas

IPMS Eagle Squadron

Ron Verburg



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