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  2. Roden 1/72 Rolls Royce armored car

    Second picture is the dash board that is completely invisible when you close it all up.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Roden 1/72 Rolls Royce armored car

    Hi, Ron, Nice work on making a not-so-nice kit shine. I love the hand crank feature on an armored car. The driver in a combat situation pops the clutch and stalls the engine. Then, with bullets and shells flying all around, the poor sod has to climb out from behind the armor plates to run around the front and turn that crank to get it running again. This is the weakest part of the weapon's design, to be followed by bullets through the rubber tires (or don't enemy shooters ever figure this out?). What am I looking at in the second picture? This escapes me. Ed
  5. Roden 1/72 Rolls Royce armored car

    Very nice job Ron!
  6. Yep. We will have some pics of the winning entries on the club's website in the next day or so.
  7. That sounds awesome! Any pictures? Dave
  8. Two More Tanks from the Duke

    I thought they were wheelie bars. Shows what I know. Ed
  9. Tamiya Jagdtiger in 1/48

    Looks great David! Nice work! I second Gil's suggestion for4 using Silly Putty; I use it all the time to mask my 1/72 scale armor and I get some pretty awesome three-tone camo patterns out of it.
  10. The Duke's First Aircraft for 2018

    Thanks for the fantastic replies guys! They are most appreciated! Gil, yes, the F-102 is the Meng kit. I had gotten it as a raffle prize if I recall. Bill, I agree, I wish they had included the truckload of ordinance that is supposed to go underneath that mud hen. I had always wanted to do an F-102 in Vietnam camo, every since seeing one in a photo. I do look forward to seeing yours done too. Bring it forward man! Larry, I agree. I love the Eagle and thanks for your service on these birds. They are indeed fantastic jets! Thanks again for all the great replies guys!
  11. Two More Tanks from the Duke

    Thanks Gil! Yes, the Japanese tanks are very tiny indeed which made the track assembly a tricky proposition. The two spades on the back of the one were unditching spades, used like the rear spades on FT-17 tanks. They were supposed to help this tank traverse trenches and other holes in the ground.
  12. Looking good Robin! I like it!
  13. Roden 1/72 Rolls Royce armored car

    I like it Ron! What comes across to me is that your finish makes it look "heavy". I'm not sure if it's the rivets, the thickness of the plating, or your metallic highlighting; but it strikes me as showing how they took a basic vehicle of the time and added very heavy armor plating and a turret to a pretty standard chassis. Must have been horribly overloaded and prone to breakage! My only suggestion would be to add something to show "scale" and just how small these models are, and just how delicate your work actually is. Nice build! GIL
  14. Roden 1/72 Rolls Royce armored car

    Thiis is a nice kit, but needs close attention to fit and seams. I replaced the fighting compartment doors with thinner sheet stock, cut out the turrent hatches and made replacements from sheet stock and thinned the radiator doors and detailed their inside. Added interior as well, which like most a/c models can't be seen. Irish flag is from paper and sharpie markers. DSCN4855 by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/156489113@N02/
  15. Last week
  16. From what I saw on the tables you had a lot of new builds. I got there late and only had time to make one pass through in contest area. One thing that I really liked was that people could watch the models being judged. I know you guys had no other choice but it let others see what goes on behind a closed door.
  17. ModelFiesta 37/Region 6 Convention was a record breaker. 817 entries.... 144 vendor tables.... making it the largest Region 6 Convention and Contest on record. Spectacular work on the contest tables, thanks to all who volunteered to judge, and thanks to the contestants, some of whom came from Mexico, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Maryland, and from across the Lone Star State.

    The "general" word on the early Fw-190s by Eduard versus their other kits of the later A-5/6/8 is that they're less gimmicky and easier to build. The earlier KITS has open wing root gun bays and multi part engine cowlings and gun cowlings that were difficult to make fit well if you decided to close them up. My understanding is that the newer kits of the A-3/4 don't have those issues, or fewer of them. GIL
  19. IJN cockpit colors

    I couldn't find anything for the word "Shindenkai"....did you mean the Hasagawa N1K1 SHIDEN Kai(George)? The low wing, late war, single seat fighter? The Aotake blue-green Nick referred to was actually a primer color used in most spaces where crew/pilot weren't present (wheel wells, bomb bays, etc.). Most Japanese crew spaces, much like ours, were over painted in a green or tan interior color. Here's a link to some N1K1 George images including a nice color pic of a cockpit build: https://www.google.com/search?q=hasegawa+1/32+shinden+kai&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi2uZ6cxrLZAhUk6IMKHS9nAYoQsAQIMA&biw=1583&bih=748#imgrc=yq8hx4o5Hrp-6M: Hope this helps! GIL
  20. The new PT-109 kit

    Guys, here are shots of the sprues: https://i.imgur.com/iigcNOP.jpg[/img] https://i.imgur.com/2oaQIvT.jpg[/img] https://i.imgur.com/OfXsnsA.jpg[/img] https://i.imgur.com/KU6BNHw.jpg[/img] https://i.imgur.com/kAesO2i.jpg[/img] https://i.imgur.com/6LOgAaL.jpg[/img] https://i.imgur.com/5jQlp6L.jpg[/img] https://i.imgur.com/M0UnpaM.jpg[/img] https://i.imgur.com/E0GIeXY.jpg[/img] https://i.imgur.com/1y8soT4.jpg[/img] https://i.imgur.com/LhYVLUn.jpg[/img] https://i.imgur.com/7F9xkOm.jpg[/img] https://i.imgur.com/Ezflr4R.jpg[/img] https://i.imgur.com/jyOPsy9.jpg[/img] https://i.imgur.com/2oaQIvT.jpg[/img] Tim
  21. Congrats on another super show Ron! Blizzcon has become an R-4 tradition thanks to the hard work the club has put into it over the last 35+yrs (WOW, that's a l-o-n-g tradition!). So glad to hear that things went so well and the weather cooperated! We had Marie here at Jaxcon and from I heard she signed up 3-4 people for IPMS. I know the Journals that she and Mike put on the tables all disappeared! Looking forward to seeing pics of your show! GIL
  22. Hello friends These are my first steps in the world of Warhammer, I decided on this model that I found very original. Here you can follow step by step the assembly of the model in an easy way and explained in the best possible way. https://youtu.be/KSm93OYm7f8 Greetings and I hope you like it
  23. History This Limited Edition kit from Hasegawa allows the modeler to produce an interesting diorama related to the Akeno Flying School as it existed in December of 1943. The Akeno Flying School was located on the island of Honshu, south of Nagoya and east of Osaka. It was called the Supreme Flight Training School for the Imperial Japanese Army. Lots of photos of aircraft that were used during training at Akeno include many fighters from the Ki-27 to the Ki-100. By December, 1943, Japan was seriously in need of new pilots. A series of conflicts with opponents across the area of operations had ground down the Japanese Army Air Service and replacements were desperately needed from schools like Akeno. This limited edition kit combo features two aircraft, a Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa and a Ki-44 Shoki, plus a TX40 Fuel Truck. Also included are several figures and a small four wheeled push cart. read more View the full article
  24. True to its name, Blizzcon in Columbus, Ohio had snow falling in the afternoon. Hardly a blizzard as none of it stuck, but it was snow. We wound up with 622 entries, up quite a bit from the last few years and a full vendor's room. Don't know about photos as our regular photog was filling in for our regular guy who runs our silent auction. We also signed up 5 new national members using this program: http://www.ipmsusa.org/member_services/membership_recruitment.shtml Contact our office manager and she can send you some extra Journals to use for samples and brochures to hand out. Print off the forms and sign and sign them up at the show. If every show in the US recruited 3-5 members, imagine the spike in membership! All it takes is one guy sitting at a table for a few hours. Don't know how it could get any easier.
  25. Tamiya Jagdtiger in 1/48

    Despite any trials and tribulations, that came out quite striking! Have you tried using silly putty for masking like that on tanks (or ships)? It goes over bumps and lumps easily and is much easier to apply and remove than liquid masks. Congrats on a great looking build! GIL
  26. IJN cockpit colors

    Perhaps Japanese Interior Blue Green? And wasn't the Shindenkai a pusher fighter?
  27. IJN cockpit colors

    I'm starting Hasagawa's SHINDENKAI bomber and want to get the interior colors correct given the large cockpit windows and nose gun glass.
  28. The Duke's First Aircraft for 2018

    I like your Lakenheath F-15, I was a crew chief for 20 years in the Air Force working F-15's. They are a fantastic jet! Larry B
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