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  2. MRechlicz

    Airport to Hotel

    I was told by the hotel that the yellow cab ride was a contracted $17.00. Mike
  3. I heard today from one etailer who already collects sales tax for sales to customers in Virginia and Maryland but is NOT going to continue sales to other states because of the anticipated problems in dealing with the paperwork and requirements of the states that have not heretofore collected sales taxes.. And this is before those states have even started to develop procedures for collecting those taxes! I suspect he's not the first.
  4. Yesterday
  5. During the earlier stages of WW2, the German military demonstrated a new approach to warfare never really encountered before - the airborne assault force. In hotly contested battles in places such as Norway, Denmark and Belgium, they proved the effectiveness of a shock force that could appear virtually anywhere at virtually any time. It wasn't that long before the Allies took note and created their own versions of this elite force. Two units in the United States - the 82nd and 101st became the first large-scale units to develop the tactics and weapons necessary to serve as effective combat units in areas where they were likely to be surrounded and outnumbered by the enemy with little chance of immediate reinforcement. read more View the full article
  6. Skip

    Airport to Hotel

    Might anyone be able to add costs of the several options? Thx, Skip
  7. IPMSUpdates

    New Review: Tankcraft T-34

    Pen and Sword has started a new series of publications related to Armored Fighting Vehicles (TankCraft Series) and this book is the fifth installment in the series. It covers one of the best WWII-era tanks: The Soviet T-34. The book is broken down in the following chapters. Introduction Development and Design The T-34 in detail Camouflage and Markings Model Showcase Modelling Products Into Service and into Action Enter the T-34/85 The T-34 in Action after the Second World War The first 3 chapters tell the story of the T-34, going back to the origins of the design in the Christie Tank and its design evolution, culminating on the 3rd chapter where the tank is described from the mechanical, defensive, offensive and even living conditions point of view. read more View the full article
  8. Very cool and exotic! Do you have a pic from the side all closed up? GIL
  9. Roktman

    Hannibal of Carthage

    Thanks for the compliment and the opinion. My original thought is along the same lines you mentioned, but I felt the nature of the sculpt had me going a different direction. I may take another look at the bust a short ways down the road.
  10. Wolfman63

    Trumpeter 1/48 Vampire FB MK 9

    They are part of the Eduard photo-etch set. The set has detail parts for the cockpit, landing gear bays, external panels, and flaps.
  11. My best collection, I show here for sharing with you all guys here.
  12. ghodges

    Trumpeter 1/48 Vampire FB MK 9

    Very sharp progress! Those gear bays are a nice touch. Are they kit parts, or did you get some aftermarket for this? GIL
  13. And in support, I stand firmly with Nick, like the tower of Jello we are.....😉 GIL
  14. Last week
  15. Wolfman63

    Trumpeter 1/48 Vampire FB MK 9

    As the build progresses I have completed the cockpit and did some detailing of the landing gear bays and struts on the 1/48 scale Trumpeter Vampire. So far I am really enjoying this model. Dry fitting the fuselage looks like a very good fit. You can see all the build photos at https://davidsscalemodels.com/build-log/1-48-vampire-fb-mk-9/
  16. Rusty White

    3-D printed models prohibited?

    I really think the NCC is on the right proactive track. Let's not attempt to fix a problem until it arises.
  17. BryanKrueger

    JTNCA Walker

    This is a limited run garage kit from a little known series Junk Tank Rock. If you are not familiar , JTR - it's an obscure series of garage resin kits and were only available from a one day event called Wonder Festival held in Japan. This is a very limited run garage kit from the 2008-09 time frame. Maybe less than 100 were ever kitted. The designs only exist as kits; there was never an anime or manga but the line has had influence far beyond it's limited run. You know those wasteland airplane/cars you see online and at model shows? That was started with this series. The figure is from Evolution miniatures slightly modified to fit the opening. I acquired this kit as part of an estate sale from a fellow MaK fan in Australia that passed away earlier this year. I never mat Daniel but have known him online for years. His presence will be missed in the Mak community. This one's for you Dan!
  18. BryanKrueger

    MaK 1/20 Super Jerry

    Thank you Kevin!
  19. Eric Aitala

    Chapter Meeting Calendar

    Take a look at the current chapter page at: https://calendar.ipmsusa3.org/chapter/ipmswest-michigan If you see any other information that need to be updated or added (chapter logo, contact info, etc.), send it to me at webmaster@ipmsusa.org See http://calendar.ipmsusa3.org/chapter/ipmsspartanburg-scale-modelers for a Chapter page with a lot of info on it. E
  20. EJS

    Chapter Meeting Calendar

    Nice. How can I update meetings for West Mi IPMS? EJ
  21. This is the last straw! Henceforth, I will no longer buy stuff for my hobby on line, anywhere. ..........NOT!!!! LOL!!!
  22. Will be interesting especially with the wide variety of state sales taxes Dave
  23. Eric Aitala

    Chapter Meeting Calendar

    Would anyone out there be interested in a Chapter Meeting Calendar? https://calendar.ipmsusa3.org/chapter-meetings Eric
  24. I have been being charged sales tax on most of my out of State mail orders for quite some time and some even charge my State's sales tax (9.9) when the supplier is not even in my State.
  25. The Supreme Court today has ruled that ALL states may charge sales taxes on out-of-state online retailers and other remote sellers. Up to now, sales taxes could be charged only if the seller had a physical presence within the state where the customer resides.
  26. JJModels

    VII Contest El soldadito de pavía – Spain

    thank you very much for the comments, in a few weeks I will show another contest that I visited recently. greeting friends
  27. JJModels

    Paint Rack Multi-brand

    thank you very much for your comment friend
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